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    A free press is a prerequisite for democracy, and objective and incisive reporting can only help low income people, redlined and excluded communities. Inner City Press/Community on the Move, as its name connotes, is also engaged in journalism, in use of the Freedom of Information Act, and has an understanding of the time and other constraints reporters are under. This page is intended to help (or, where applicable, bring balance to) journalists’ reporting.  

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May 9, 2023, The Independent (UK), "Trump furiously repeats false claim he’s never met E Jean Carroll as his lawyer confirms plans to appeal liable verdict “I have absolutely no idea who this woman is,” Trump claimed, again  Gustaf Kilander," "The jury also found Mr Trump liable for wanton disregard, according to Inner City Press,"

May 9, 2023, "Donald Trump found liable for sexual abuse in E Jean Carroll trial," by Bevan Hurley, “I suggest you not identify yourselves,” he told the jury just before they left the courtroom, according to Inner City Press,"

May 8, 2023, Raw Story, "Trump attorney blames victim in closing: Carroll 'abused system' and didn't suffer 'real rape,'", by David Edwards, "Ms. Carroll has abused the system," Tacopina said, according to Inner City Press correspondent Mathew Russell Lee,"

May 8, 2023, Washington Examiner, "Joe Tacopina: E. Jean Carroll twisted people's feelings of 'hate' toward Trump," by Rachel Schilke, "Tacopina worked through various pieces of evidence including footage from Trump's deposition that he gave in October. The footage was released on May 5 after Inner City Press wrote a letter to U.S. District Judge Lewis Kaplan asking for the deposition and other evidence to be available to the public,"

May 8, 2023, Wonkette, "Trump Lawyers Try To Limit Damages By Keeping Their Client Far Away From Carroll Jury," by Liz Dye, "the two sides presented closing arguments, live tweeted by Inner City Press's Matthew Russell Lee,"

May 5, 2023, Spiel Times, "Exploring Ed Sheeran’s plagiarism lawsuit as he wins copyright case," by Bias Sinha Sarkar, "Inner City Press aims to live tweet the arguments,"

May 4, 2023, Daily Kos, "PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN---DAY834," "allow Mr. Trump up to 10 pm Sunday to make a motion to testify," 

May 3, 2023, The Independent UK), "‘Lisa, you’re not going to believe what happened,'" by Gustaf Kilander, "Describing the moment that Ms Carroll called her about the alleged assault by Mr Trump, Ms Birnhbach said the call came between 6pm and 7pm and that she was feeding her children, aged three and seven, at the time of the call, according to Inner City Press,"

April 28, 2023, Trump Lawyer Channels Client In Gross Cross Examination Of E. Jean Carroll Liz Dye, "Tacopina: In your road trip, you kept a list of most hideous men- was it satire? Carroll: It was dead serious. But it had lighter moment. Men who performed something I could not perform," Inner City Press,

April 27, 2023, The Independent (UK), "E Jean Carroll snaps back at Trump lawyer Joe Tacopina," by Gustaf Kilander & Bevan Hurley"Even old movies like The Fountainhead portrayed rape on screen,” Ms Carroll said, according to Inner City Press,"

April 27, 2023, Raw Story, "Kellyanne Conway's husband convinced me to sue Trump: E. Jean Carroll," by David Edwards, "Matthew Russell Lee of Inner City Press was in the courtroom for Carroll's testimony. 'What did you sue Donald Trump for?' counsel for the plaintiff asked, according to Lee. 'Defamation,' Carroll replied,"

April 26, 2023, The Independent (UK), "Trump trial: E Jean Carroll fights tears," "Ms Birnbach has written a story about Mr Trump and Mar-a-Lago, a bombshell,” she said before Joe Tacopina objected, according to Inner City Press,"

April 25, 2023, Washington Examiner, "Donald Trump trial: Judge asks jurors if they attended Trump rally or 'follow' E. Jean Carroll," by Kaelan Deese, "Inner City Press shared remarks from the untelevised trial,"

April 25, 2023, Spiel Times, "Did Ed Sheeran rip off ‘Thinking Out Loud’ from a Marvin Gaye song?" by Bias Sinha Sarkar, "Ben Crump has filed his notice of appearance,"

April 24, 2023, Law & Crime, "Ed Sheeran copyright lawsuit over Marvin Gaye classic," "Inner City Press reported that a jury had been selected by Monday afternoon,"

April 21, 2023, Protos, "Bitfinex wants restitution as victim of Crypto Capital Corp," Inner City Press reported, "Fowler's lawyer: I need a week, because this bears on punishment. Mr Engel is a lawyer - AUSA: He's the trustee,"

April 14, 2023, Logistics Observer (Poland), "Former Polar Air Cargo executives arrested and charged with fraud! Officers said "widespread corruption" cost Polar Air Cargo $52 million," by Karol Kazmierczak, "Pat Lau with a massive scheme to defraud Polar Air Cargo Worldwide, a cargo airline, of tens of millions of dollars and honest services,"

April 12, 2023, Neue Rottweiler Zeitung, "OneCoin: Ignatova's ex-lover Greenwood faces up to 60 years in prison Judge Ramos Denies Defense Attorney's Motion / Money Laundering of More Than $700M in US," by Martin Himmelheber, "Greenwood was ushered into the courtroom by US Marshalls. He wore glasses, his hair in a ponytail, and orange prisoner's overalls, according to court reporter Matthew Russell Lee,"

March 28, 2023, BeinCrypto, "Sam Bankman-Fried Bribed Chinese Officials to Unfreeze Alameda Funds, Prosecutors Allege," by David Thomas, "Prosecutors filing the bribery charges against SBF were criticized by Inner City Press for not amending Bankman-Fried’s bail release conditions,"

March 23, 2023: International Monetary Fund transcript Q&A on Tunisia: "Ms. Kozack: "I now have a question from Matthew Lee. Matthew, good morning over to you.  Inner City Press:  I wanted to ask about Tunisia. Yesterday in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and Secretary Blinken commented,"

March 16, 2023, Jewish Telegraphic Agency, "Former Jewish Press editor charged with interfering with law enforcement during Jan. 6 Capitol riot," by Ron Kampeas, " Inner City Press, which covers the federal courts in New York City, reported that Resnick was due to appear in court on Thursday,"

March 7, 2023, Lexology, "Takeaways from the Hermès Litigation over MetaBirkins NFTs," "In the Hermès case, the Inner City Press reported that the jury submitted a question to the Judge asking 'when Hermès applied for a digital trademark,'" &

Feb 28, 2023,, "SBF Inner Circle Shrinks as Former FTX Engineer Pleads Guilty to Fraud Charges," by David Thomas, "Singh charging document on Inner City Press,"

Feb 21, 2023, El Pais (Spain), "Judge bars public from court in NYC bike path terror trial," "Matthew Russell Lee of the Inner City Press noted that the presence of the media was “particularly important in capital cases," & &

Feb 17, 2023, Cryptonomist, "FTX: crypto news regarding SBF’s bail conditions," by Alessia Pannone, "A motion to open the documents was first requested by Inner City Press on 3 January,"

Feb 16, 2023,, "Prosecutors move to limit Sam Bankman-Fried’s device and internet use, but stop short of demanding jail time," by Marco Quiroz-Gutierrez," "“We have to move beyond the Whac-A-Mole approach,” Roos said during the hearing, according to Inner City Press reporter Matthew Russell Lee. “We need a clear rule about defendant’s use of devices and the internet,"

Feb 15, 2023, EthereumWorldNews, "Unsealed Docs Reveal Stanford Director and Ex-Dean As Co-Signers Of SBF’s Bond," "According to an update by Inner City Press, Judge Kaplan ordered the names in the bond to be unredacted, The lawyers had indicated that they would appeal against the unsealing motion filed by Inner City Press on 3 January 2023.   As per unsealed documents published by Inner City Press, the co-signers were Andreas Paepcke and Larry Kramer,"

Feb 15, 2023, Watcher.Guru, "Co-Signers of FTX’s Sam Bankman-Fried’s $250 Million Bail Have Been Revealed," by Joshua Ramos, "A motion to unseal the documents was first requested by Inner City Press on Jan. 3. Subsequently, the judge presiding over the case, Kaplan, has redacted the previously concealed identities of the bail co-signers,"

Feb 15, 2023,, "Secret names revealed who signed Bankman-Fried's bailOpening of the documents was first requested by Inner City Press on January 3. Later, Judge Kaplan, who presided over the case, redacted the previously hidden identities of the bail co-signers,"

Feb 14, 2023, Neue Rottweiler Zeitung, "Ignatova's lover, Gilbert Armenta, awaits his verdict," by Martin Himmelheber, "The New York reporter Matthew Russel Lee had protested against a first draft of the defense attorney's paper in which many passages had been blacked out. Most of it is readable now. Only passages on Armenta's medical condition, which could endanger his safety and on his cooperation with the authorities, remained blacked out, according to his lawyers,"

Feb 11, 2023, The Sports Grail, "Who is Talia Ray daughter of Larry Ray, her mother and where is she now," by Vanshika Sharma, "Where is Talia Ray? Why has she not been charged?"

Feb 9, 2023, BlockWorks, "NFTs Are Not Art: Judge Sides With Fashion Giant Hermès in MetaBirkins Case French design brand Hermes had accused Rothschild of violating trademarks on its popular Birkin bags by issuing the MetaBirkins NFTs," by Shalini   Nagarajan, "Mason Rothschild’s lawyer said his client could have charged more for the MetaBirkins, per Inner City Press,"

Feb 8, 2023,, "EminiFX CEO Eddy Alexandre Set to Plead Guilty to Role in Alleged $59M Ponzi," by Cheyenne Ligon, "records show that Alexandre will change his plea in a new hearing set for Friday afternoon. Inner City Press first reported the news,"

Feb 8, 2023, Once Noticias (Honduras), "They offer up to $5 million for information leading to the arrest of 'El Porky,'" ' information was confirmed this Wednesday (02/08/2023) by the journalist, Matthew Russell Lee,  better known on social networks as Inner City Press,"

Feb 6, 2023,, "The Slovenian athlete pleaded guilty in New York custody," "Luka Klasinc, Slovenian former figure skater charged with bank fraud and identity theft after attempting to defraud the SBA of $1.5 million. Inner City Press was the only media (or civilian) there,"

Jan 31, 2023,, "Court Orders Unsealing Names of Non-Parent Sureties Who Put Up Bail for Samuel Bankman-Fried," by Eugene Volokh, "The names will be unsealed by Feb. 7 at 5 pm, unless an appeal is filed.  Congratulations to Jeremy A. Chase and Alexandra Settelmayer (Davis Wright Tremaine LLP), and Dana R. Green (N.Y. Times), who represented the movants, and Matthew Russell Lee (Inner City Press), who represented himself as movant,"

Jan 12, 2023, Financial Times Alphaville, "SBF Is A Blogger Now," by Alexandra Scaggs, "the statement Caroline Ellison made with her guilty plea last month. It isn’t up on PACER yet, but the folks who cover SDNY for Inner City Press have tweeted out photos of the transcript,"

Jan 12, 2023, CNN, "Sam Bankman-Fried speaks out for the first time since his arrest," by Allison Morrow, "On Wednesday, the New York Times filed its own letter asking the judge to unredact the names from the bonds. Inner City Press also filed a separate letter. The judge has given Bankman-Fried until January 19 to respond to the requests,"

Jan 12, 2023, Business Insider, "Who are the 2 people who helped bail out Sam Bankman-Fried" by Jacob Shamsian, the independent journalist Matthew Russell Lee at Inner City Press previously filed letters asking Kaplan to unseal the names,"

Jan 11, 2023, CNN, "FTX lawyers say they have recovered $5 billion in assets," by Allison Morrow, "Judge Lewis Kaplan initially agreed to redact the names but said he would give any interested parties until Thursday to request their unsealing. Inner City Press, a local news outlet, also asked the judge to make the names public," &

Jan 10, 2022, Diario La Tribuna, "Minuto a minuto: Así se desarrolló la audiencia de Juan Orlando Hernández en Nueva Yor,k," Desarrollo de la audiencia vía Inner City Press,"

Jan 3, 2023, BankingDive, "Bankman-Fried pleads not guilty on criminal charges related to FTX downfall," by Gabrielle Saulsbery,

Jan 4, 2023, Jurist, "FTX CEO Bankman-Fried pleads not guilty in criminal fraud case," "Bankman-Fried also requested on Tuesday that his bail be modified to ensure that his bail suretors’ identities are redacted. The motion was challenged by news organization Inner City Press. The organization maintains that the public has a right to know the identities of the suretors, especially given that 'funds are missing, and elected officials and campaigns received campaign contributions,'"

Jan 4, 2023, Int'l Business Times, "FTX Debacle Endangers Sam Bankman-Fried Loved Ones, Lawyers Claim," by Nica Osorio, "Bankman-Fried arraignment in SDNY. For his $250 million bond, he now wants names of co-signers to be withheld from the public,"

Jan 3, 2023, Axios, "Sam Bankman-Fried pleads not guilty in charges stemming from FTX collapse," by Kia Kokalitcheva & Crystal Kim,"The judge approved prosecutors' request that Bankman-Fried be prohibited from accessing or transferring any assets from FTX and Alameda, per Inner City Press,"

Dec 23, 2022, Decrypt, "Judge in SBF Case Recuses Herself Over Husband’s Firm’s Past Work for FTX Bankman-Fried will be assigned a new judge in his criminal trial after the initial judge disclosed a “possible conflict," by Sander Lutz, "Now in #FTX criminal case, a new judge will be selected - Judge Abrams has recused herself due to role of Davis Polk law firm where her husband works. So, who's next?"

Dec 23, CoinTelegraph, "Former Alameda CEO confirms firm borrowed billions from FTX customer deposits as part of plea deal," by Turner Wright, "OK - on #FTX / Alameda, here now the unsealed guilty plea transcript of Caroline Ellison,"

Dec 23, 2022, Technical Ripon, "Former Alameda CEO confirms company borrowed billions from FTX customer deposits as part of plea deal," by Kathleen Givan, "on #FTX / Alameda, here is now the unsealed transcript of Caroline Ellison’s IOU – it was kept in secret and only picked up today when Bankman-Fried was released on $250 million bail. - Inner City Press (@innercitypress),"

Dec 23, 2022, ABM Crypto, "Alameda could borrow unlimited amount of customer funds from FTX," "Ellison admitted in court that she was aware that her actions were not only wrong but also illegal. The court transcript, posted by Inner City Press, read,"

Dec 23, 2022, States Top Leading News, "Caroline Ellison’s Testimony Claims FTX Boss SBF Directed Her to Co-Mingle Customer Funds Since 2019," by Alexander Graham," "Following the unsealing of Caroline Ellison’s plea deal, Inner City Press reporter Matthew Russell Lee published a tweet storm that featured screenshots of Ellison’s unsealed guilty plea transcript. Russell Lee said that the plea arraignment was “held in secret, and not docketed until today, once Bankman-Fried was freed on $250 [million] bond" and

Dec 23, 2022, Crypto Times, "SBF Sent to Palo Alto House on $250 Million Bail Bond Judge Gorenstein ordered Sam Bankman-Fried to surrender his passport and SBF will not be allowed to spend more than $1,000 on anything other than legal fees," by Vismaya V, "According to the court reporter, Matthew Russell Lee of Inner City Press who was live tweeting on the hearing, Magistrate Judge Gabriel W. Gorenstein started reading the two counts of wire fraud,"

Dec 22, 2022, Yahoo Finance, "Sam Bankman-Fried may be ‘in a position to name names’ in FTX fraud: Former prosecutor," "according to the Inner City Press that was in the courtroom, the terms of the bail required this. First, Bankman-Fried will be required to be on home detention at his parents' home in Palo Alto,"

Dec 22, 2022, Decrypt, "Sam Bankman-Fried Released to Parents' Palo Alto Home on $250 Million Bond," by Mat Di Salvo, "He would be allowed to await trial at his parents house in Palo Alto, California, according to court reporter Matthew Russell Lee of Inner City Press,"

Dec 22, 2022, CoinDesk, "Caroline Ellison Plea Agreement: $250,000 Bail, Surrender of Travel Documents, Forfeiture of Assets," by Sam Reynolds, "The plea agreement was first obtained by New York's Inner City Press, a publication that covers court proceedings in the city's federal court,"

Dec 22, 2022, CryptoTVPlus, "Former Alameda CEO and FTX Co-founder pleads guilty," "But the plea agreement, as first obtained from the New York Inner City Press, states if Ellison cooperates with the authorized investigation, her prosecution might be made light,"

Dec 17, 2022, Neue Rottweiler Zeitung,  "OneCoin: Sebastian Greenwood pleads guilty Crypto Queen's Lover Ruja Ignatova in Court: "OneCoin Was Worthless, It Was Wrong" by Martin Himmelheber, "New York court reporter Matthew Russell Lee was first at Friday's on-site hearing as the only media representative in court, then a vlog,"

Dec 17, 2022, Ripples Nigeria, "BUSINESSOneCoin: How Bitcoin-killer scammed investors of $4bn, founders plead guilty, "according to founder of investigative journalism-oriented publication, Inner City Press, Matthew Russell Lee, the Cryptoqueen has protection,"

Dec. 16, 2022, Insurance NewsNet, "In Slip and Fall Fraud Trial of Konstantine Closing on Five Cases from Homeless Shelter, " "Inner City Press has been covering the case, "

Dec 16, 2022, "Inside Jen Shah's Decision To Skip The RHOSLC Reunion,", "per Inner City Press,"

Dec. 15, 2022, People, "'RHOSLC' 's Jen Shah Says She Was Hospitalized After Suicide Attempt amid Legal Troubles," "'I am so sorry,' the reality star said, per a tweet from Inner City Press's Matthew Russell Lee,"

Nov 21, 2022, BloodHorse, "Former Trainer Tannuzzo Sentenced to 27 Months," by Dick Downey, "The sentence has not been posted on the court's online docket, but a report posted on Twitter about the 27-month term by Matthew Russell Lee for Inner City Press corroborated a report from a source who declined to be named. Lee wrote that he was in the courtroom when the sentence was announced,"

Nov 21, 2022, Paulick Report, "Michael Tannuzzo, a New York-based trainer who pleaded guilty in July to one count of drug adulteration and misbranding, on Monday was sentenced to 27 months in prison by U.S. District Court Judge Mary Kay Vyskocil, according to Matthew Russell Lee writing for Inner City Press, an online publication that covers activities at the Southern District of New York courthouse,"

Nov 19, 2022, Yahoo News, "In a lawsuit between Ghislaine Maxwell and Virginia Giuffre, judge unseals names of anonymous 'John Does,'' by Insider Inc., "un-redacted the names of hedge fund manager Glenn Dubin and his wife Eva Dubin, longstanding friends of Epstein's, and their butler Ronald Rizzo, according to Inner City Press,"

Nov 15, 2022, Criterio (Honduras, "The nightmare of Juan Orlando Hernández begins in New York," by Marcia Perdomo, "Inner City Press journalist Matthew Lee reported that the Assistant United States Attorney (AUSA) claimed to have produced five discovery productions, recordings of meetings with co-conspirators, and electronic extractions. As well as drug ledgers,"

Nov. 15, 2022, Radio HRN (Honduras), "Judge Kevin Castel sets a date for the start of the trial against former president Juan Orlando Hernández," by Marilin Pastrana, "Inner City Press reported through the social network Twitter in real time what happens in the hearing against Hernández. 'Judge Castel: Trial is scheduled for April 2023. Let me know from the defense: I will set a date for the government's disclosure of the government's impeachment request and a date for the final pre-trial conference. Any movement?' posted the journalist,"

Nov 8, 2022, Rolling Stone via YahooNews, "Epstein Survivor Says Accusation Against Alan Dershowitz May Have Been 'Mistake,'", by Miles Klee, "In Virginia Giuffre Case Against Alan Dershowitz Dismissal Sought and 3 Agreed Statements Issued - Inner City Press story & Patreon with statements,"

Nov 7, 2022, Azerbaijan24, "Inner City Press: UNESCO is collapsing due to corruption and fraud... As reported by Azerbaijan 24, the American public organization Inner City Press revealed an alarming situation at UNESCO,"

Nov 2, 2022, Al Bawaba, "Former UN employee jailed for sexual assaults in Iraq, Egypt, US," "Victim 20 says Karim Elkorany 'pretended to show compassion toward vulnerable Iraqis when he started working for the UN.' Note: not a single UN Correspondent has come to cover this UN rape case,"

Nov 1, 2022, (Montenegro), "US ATTORNEY'S OFFICE: Gogić can escape to Montenegro, cocaine was loaded with ship cranes," "unsealed indictment against Goran Gogic of Montenegro, former boxer, for transporting $1 *billion* of cocaine from Colombia to Europe via USA. He was arrested last night, Inner City Press reported,"

Oct 31, 2022, Kurir (Serbia), "MONTENEGRO BOXER ARRESTED IN AMERICA FOR 22 TONS OF COCAINE! The value of the drug is estimated at more than a BILLION dollars," "He was arrested last night, Inner City Press reported,"

Oct 28, 2022,  Wydarzenia Interia (Poland), "A former UN employee drugged and raped women to 2019," by Mateusz Stelmaszczyk, "Former UN employee sentenced to 15 years in prison, by Inner City Press,",nId,6376130

Oct 20,, "Kevin Spacey's Fate in Sexual Assault Lawsuit Revealed," by Ashley Turner, "Kevin Spacey's lawyer Jen Keller says Spacey 'deeply grateful' to jury,"

October 14, 2022, Transport Topics, "Nikola Founder Trevor Milton Guilty of Defrauding Investors," "Trevor Milton, founder of hydrogen vehicle co NKLA has just been found guilty on 3 of 4 counts (1 of 2 securities fraud charges). Inner City Press has covered and has published a booklet about the trial, tweeted verdict here,"

Oct 14, 2022, Zerohedge, "Nikola Founder Trevor Milton Found Guilty Of Defrauding Investors After Jury Deliberates For Less Than A Day Tyler Durden's Photo," by Tyler Durden,  "Inner City Press had been following the trial and reported shortly after 4pm EST that "Trevor Milton, founder of hydrogen vehicle company Nikola has just been found guilty on 3 of 4 counts (1 of 2 securities fraud charges)."  They live Tweeted the verdict as it happened,"

Oct 8, 2022, Rakyat Post (Malaysia), "Malaysian ‘Datuk Seri’ Sanctioned By The US For Organized Crime And Wildlife Trafficking Teo and Malaysian company Sunrise Greenland have been sanctioned by the US for the trafficking of endangered and threatened wildlife," by Fernando Fong, "In 2019, he was accused of smuggling about 73kg of horns worth almost $725,472, per Inner City Press,"

Oct 7, 2022, Daily Mail (UK), "Real Housewives Of Salt Lake City star Jen Shah's sentencing postponed in her federal fraud case," "'We used interstate telephones and emails,' the reality star said in court, as reported by Matthew Russell Lee of Inner City Press. 'I knew many of the purchasers were over the age of 55. I am so sorry.'

Oct 7, 2022, NY Post / Page Six, "RHOSLC star Jen Shah’s sentencing postponed in fraud case," by Sophia Melissa Caraballo Piñeiro and Bernie Zilio, "“We used interstate telephones and emails. I knew many of the purchasers were over the age of 55. I am so sorry,” the reality star said in court, according to Matthew Russell Lee of Inner City Press,"

Sept 28, 2022, S&P Global, "Rare condition in CBTX-Allegiance deal approval signals increased scrutiny ahead," by Zoe Sagalow, "Matthew Lee, executive director of Inner City Press and Fair Finance Watch, voiced concerns about each respective company's volume of mortgage loans to African-American borrowers...Lee said in an interview. 'How is this improvement going to be enforced? How is it going to be measured? What kind of standing does the community have to say they did it or they didn't do it?'"

Sept 25, 2022, Lowyat (Malaysia), "Prime Minister Mail sabotaged at UN, given faulty water bottle, "Ismail Sabri Yaakob speech does not mention theft from Malaysian people by UAE sovereign wealth fund - and UN groups to which Jho Lo gave money - but just as he got going, water bottle fail,"

Sept 20, 2022, The Deep Dive, "Nikola CEO: 'Trevor Milton Was Prone To Exaggeration,'' "Russell, due to retire by January 1, also read excerpts from a 2020 email thread among Milton, then-director Jeff Ubben, and current chairman Steve Girsky. In it, the parties called out the fact that Milton’s father was a sitting director at the time Nikola was about to go public, Inner City Press reported,"

Sept 19, 2022, HCH (Honduras), "For April 2023, the trial of the extradited former president Juan Orlando Hernández is postponed," by M. Torres, "Juan Orlando Hernandez Trial Is Now Pushed To April 24, 2023 After In Salguero Case Ardon Motions Withdrawn [El juicio de Juan Orlando Hernández ahora se pospone hasta el 24 de abril de 2023] --Inner City Press,"

Sept 15, 2022, IMF Press Briefing, Inner City Press / Matthew Russell Lee questions on Zambia, Ghana and Suriname (and Rice) let me take Matthew because I just took Reuters. Matthew?  Lee: Since we last met this, the IMF announced its program in Zambia," etc: