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    A free press is a prerequisite for democracy, and objective and incisive reporting can only help low income people, redlined and excluded communities. Inner City Press/Community on the Move, as its name connotes, is also engaged in journalism, in use of the Freedom of Information Act, and has an understanding of the time and other constraints reporters are under. This page is intended to help (or, where applicable, bring balance to) journalists’ reporting.  

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June 12, 2024, NY Post, "How an insurance agent got entangled in Bob Menendez bribery scheme," by Isabel Vincent, "Judge Sidney Stein denied a request to introduce evidence about Uribe’s visits to strip clubs and credit card debt from 2010, according to Inner City Press,"

June 11, 2024, Tiempo (Honduras), "They postpone the Sentencing of Tigre Bonilla," "reporting Mattthew Russell Lee of the Inner City Press chain,"

June 7, 2024, The Crypto Times, "NY Attorney Charges Evolved Apes NFT Creators with Fraud," by Brian Mutembei, "scheme to defraud victims into purchasing digital artwork,"

June 6, 2024, El Tiempo (Honduras), "Piden aplazar sentencia de "El Tigre" Bonilla Luego de cuatro meses de haberse declarado culpable el exdirector de la Policía Nacional, Juan Carlos "El Tigre" Bonilla, el sistema..."Matthew Russell Lee of Inner City Press,"

June 5, 2024, CoinTelegraph, "Top promoter in Forcount ‘Ponzi’ pleads guilty to wire fraud conspiracy," "'Tacuri will be sentenced on Sept. 24, 2024 by Judge Analisa Torres, who is familiar with matters related to the cryptocurrency industry,' source: Inner City Press,"

May 30, 2024, The Times (UK), "Jury thanked for their service," "Judge Juan Merchan tells the jury they are free to discuss the case with anyone they want. “The choice is yours,” he says, according to Matthew Russell Lee of Inner City Press,"

May 28, 2024, Noticias En Le Mira, "El Nini of the Sinaloa Cartel faces 10 charges after extradition to the USA," "Inner City Press: @SDNYLIVE this morning the presentment after extradition from Mexico of Nestor Isidro Perez Salas, "El Nini," who headed security for the sons of ex-Sinaloa Cartel kingpin Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman,"

May 20, 2024, Raw Story, "Judge admonishes Trump lawyer in early Monday skirmish," by Tom Boggioni, "Matthew Russell Lee of Inner City Press added more context, reporting, "Justice Merchan: You could have come to me for an earlier ruling - just relax - I'll let you know at the pre-charge conference,"

May 17, 2024, New Jersey Globe, "Senator on Trial: Day Five," by David Wildstein, "Inner City Press’ Matthew Russell Lee summed up Day Five this way: “Today, mostly beef liver, but the gold bars will return,"

May 15, 2024, Crypto News, "Former FTX Executive Ryan Salame Seeks 18-Month Sentence," by Ruholamin Haqshanas, "CRYPTO CRIMINALS: After SBF Sentenced to 25 Years, Now FTX's Ryan Salame Asks for 18 Months,"

May 13, 2024, Raw Story, "'Michael Cohen admits he lied for Trump," by Sarah K. Burris, "Inner City Press reporter Matthew Russell Lee tweeted that the conversation quickly turned to asking about Trump running for president,"

May 9, 2024, El Tiempo (Honduras), "El periodista Matthew Russell Lee, del medio de comunicación Inner City Press, dio a conocer la determinación del togado estadounidense,"

May 7, 2024, Raw Story, "Prosecutor lays guidelines for Stormy Daniels testimony," by Brad Reed, "As reported by Inner City Press's Matthew Russell Lee, prosecutor Susan Hoffinger informed Judge Juan Merchan on Tuesday that her team would ask Daniels about "the conversation [Trump and Daniels] had in the hotel,"

May 6, 2024, The Daily Dot, "Judge in hush money case says he’ll throw Trump in jail if he breaks gag order again," by Marlon Ettinger, "Going forward, the court will have to consider jail, Merchan said, according to reporting from Inner City Press. “I have a job to do, to compel respect for the dignity of the court. If I need to, I will.,'" 29, 2024, Bitcoin News, "Samourai Wallet Co-Founder Keonne Rodriguez Pleads Not Guilty, Released on $1M Bail," by Jamie Redman,"This development was initially reported by Matthew Russell Lee of the Inner City Press,"

April 29, 2024, BeInCrypto, "Samourai Case: One Founder Released as US Pursues Extradition of the Other," by Lynn Wang, "Defendant is to have no contact with his co-defendant, directly or indirectly, except in the presence of counsel,” Inner City Press reports,"

April 27, 2024, Newsweek,"Donald Trump Trial Suddenly Erupts in Shouting," "Matthew Russell Lee of the Inner City Press reported on X, formerly Twitter, that at one point during the trial on Thursday, Trump's lawyer brought up text messages between Dylan Howard, the former editor-in-chief of the National Inquirer and an unknown relative,"

April 25, 2024, Yahoo News, "Trump defense argues 'checkbook journalism' is 'standard operating procedure,' by Katie Mather , " Inner City Press · Apr 25, 2024 @innercitypress · Follow Replying to @innercitypress Trump's lawyer Bove: All the way back in 1998, you let President Trump know about a negative story, about Marla Maples? Pecker: I did,"

April 23, 2024, Raw Story, "'Judge buries Trump lawyer's spin on gag order violations," by Brad Reed,"As reported by Inner City Press' Matthew Russell Lee, Merchan appeared to lose his patience when Blanche tried to argue that Trump simply promoting an article that attacked witness Michael Cohen didn't run afoul of the gag order because Trump was simply passing along something said by someone else,"
April 18, 2024, Bitcoin News, "Mango Markets Exploiter Convicted in Multi-Million Dollar Crypto Fraud Case," "During the trial, reports by the Inner City Press noted Eisenberg’s defense contended that his actions were legally permissible under the then-existing protocols of Mango Markets,"

April 17, 2024, Newsweek, "Donald Trump's Mad About How Jury Selection Is Going So Far," by Matthew Impelli, "Matthew Russell Lee of the Inner City Press detailed a conversation on X, formerly Twitter, between Blanche and Judge Merchan about the possible juror,"

April 17, 2024, Indy100, "Trump was forced to look at memes of himself in court and hated them," by Becca Monaghan,"'There’s an image of Barack Obama, then your client, and it says, 'I don’t think this is what they meant by Orange is the new Black,'" Inner City Press reported the judge telling Trump’s lawyer about one post shared by a prospective juror's husband,"

April 16, 2024, Raw Story, "Judge snaps as Trump mutters at juror: 'I will not have anyone intimidated' Story by David Edwards, ""I will not have anyone intimidated in this courtroom — tell [your] client," the judge said, according to Matthew Russell Lee of Inner City Press,"

April 16, 2024, Daily Dot, "Trump forced to sit through review of prospective jurors anti-Trump memes," by Marlon Ettinger, "There’s an image of Barack Obama, then your client, and it says, ‘I don’t think this is what they meant by Orange is the new Black,’” Inner City Press reported the judge telling Trump’s lawyer about one post shared by a prospective juror’s husband,"

April 15, 2024, Raw Story, "Prosecutor wants Trump held in contempt of court for violating gag order," by David Edwards,  "It's not consciousness of guilt," Matthew Russell Lee of Inner City Press reported,"

April 15, 2024, Newsweek, "Donald Trump May Miss Barron's Graduation," by Natalie Venegas, "But, according to Inner City Press in a tweet on X, formerly Twitter, Merchan explained he could not rule at this time as it would depend on whether the trial was running on schedule,"

April 12, 2023, Financial Times, "BlackRock Buidls back better," by Philip Stafford, "The trial of Avraham Eisenberg, a cryptocurrency trader... continues. The indefatigable Matthew Russell Lee, at @innercitypress, has been tweeting every move,"

April 9, 2024, Decrypt, "US Has No Authority to Prosecute DeFi Trades, Says Lawyer for Mango Markets Hacker," by Sander Lutz, "“They will try to tell you USDC is a commodity, even if MNGO is not,” Talkin said today, according to reports from Inner City Press. 'But it is not,'"

April 9, 2024, The Block, "Avraham Eisenberg 'executed a winning trading strategy,' says his defense lawyer," by MK Manoylov, "the prosecution still claims that what Eisenberg did, from alleged market manipulation to stealing funds, was fraudulent, reports from Inner City Press,"

April 1, 2024, Trading View, "Bankman-Fried Worked on Math, Was Not a Predator: Lawyer, " "According to the speech posted by Inner City Press on social media platform X (formerly known as Twitter), Mukasey said that Bankman-Fried did not want to 'inflict pain on anyone in any way,'"

April 1, 2024, "FBI arrests murdered Manhattan art dealer’s estranged husband, claims he is ‘flight risk,'" by Isabel Vincent, "Garcia Carrera appeared in Manhattan federal court the same day to face charges of lying on a passport application, according to court documents and Inner City Press, whose reporter, Matthew Russell Lee, was in court at the time,"

March 28, 2024, Banking Dive, "FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried gets 25 years in prison," by Gabrielle Saulsbery, "Kaplan was unswayed by the defense’s loss calculation, according to Inner City Press, which tweeted from the courtroom Thursday and throughout the trial,"

March 28, 2024, The Verge, "Sam Bankman-Fried sentenced to 25 years for FTX fraud," "As Inner City Press notes, not only did the prosecution bring up Bankman-Fried’s “f*ck regulators” DM sent to Vox reporter Kelsey Piper during the trial, the judge hasn’t forgotten either,"

March 28, 2024, TechCrunch, "Sam Bankman-Fried gets 25 years in prison for fraud and money-laundering at FTX," by Jacquelyn Melinek, ""When not lying, he was evasive, hair splitting, trying to get the prosecutors to rephrase questions for him," Kaplan said on Thursday, according to Inner City Press,"

March 26, 2023, CoinTelegraph, "‘Less flashy’ Mashinsky set for less jail time than SBF: Inner City Press, X Hall of Flame," by Ciaran Lyons,

March 21, 2024, NY Daily News, "Brent Sikkema's estranged husband arrested in NYC," by Mri Assuncao, "They argued he could flee to Cuba, according to Inner City Press, which first reported the arrest,"

March 21, 2024, Daily Beast, "Estranged Hubby of Art Exec Murdered in Brazil Is Arrested in NYC," by Josh Fiallo, "Daniel Sikkema faces a charge of passport fraud, reported the Inner City Press, who first noted the arrest,"

March 21, 2024, ArtNet, "The Ex-Husband of Gallerist Brent Sikkema Is Arrested in New York," by Adam Schrader, "Carrera’s arrest was first reported by Inner City Press, which was present when he appeared in court and revealed that Carrera claimed he needed the passports for his son to go on a trip to Italy with his soccer team,"

March 21, 2024, Hugo Gloss (Brazil), "Brent Sikkema Case, Ex-Husband of Gallerist Killed in Rio is Arrested in US," by Sally Borges, "According to Inner City Press, the judge responsible ordered Daniel's release,"

March 9, 2024, La Tribuna (Honduras), "Chronicler of the trial publishes book after ruling," "The journalist Matthew Russel Lee, one of the chroniclers of the trial against the former president, Juan Orlando Hernández, published a book about the case immediately after the verdict,"

March 8, 2024, "Narco Drama, the new book by American journalist Matthew Russell Lee about the JOH trial," by J. Castillo, "Journalist Matthew Russell Lee of the Inner City Press chain published the book "Narco Drama" that details everything related to the trial of former president Juan Orlando Hernández," 

March 8, 2024, El Heraldo (Honduras), "Renato Stabile requested to reopen his DEA agent file after receiving an email from Ana García," "According to information from journalist Matthew Russell Lee, of the international agency, Inner City Press, yesterday Thursday -March 7- around 5:50 pm, Stabile addressed judge Kevin Castel in the side bar to make an argument,"

March 7, 2024, RawStory, "Jared Kushner subpoenaed by ex-Trump staffer in pregnancy discrimination case," by Sarah K. Burris, "Matthew Russell Lee from Inner City Press published the subpoena online. It demands Kushner appear before the court in New York on March 27, and bring with him documents "regarding, discussing, and/or concerning Jason Miller, December 2016-July 2020"

March 5, 2024, Sokalinfo (Ukraine), "Konstantin Ignatov Receives Time Served for OneCoin Fraud," "As reported by Matt Lee of Inner City Press, Ignatov will also be subject to two years of supervised release and $118,000 in forfeiture,"

Feb 28, 2024, Radio HRN, "'Tony Hernández wanted $100,000 for the JOH government', reveals Devis Rivera," by Ivana Torres, "Here is the Tony Hernandez at Denny's in Tegucigalpa video that Inner City Press previously uploaded,"

Feb 27, 2024, CNBC, "Fraudster who peddled fake pre-IPO Airbnb stock falsely claimed to represent Egypt's Mansour family," by Rohan Goswami, "Inner City Press, a news outlet that covers the Southern District of New York, first reported that Rafiq had been detained in January, following his extradition from Singapore," &

Feb 26, 2024, La Tribuna (Honduras), "DEA agent testifies in trial against JOH in New York," "Hearing details via Inner City Press," 20, 2024, CoinTelegraph, "Alex Mashinsky waives right to ‘conflict-free representation’ after concerns about lawyers," By Turner Wright, "“This is my first time in a court,” said Mashinsky, according to Inner City Press. "I assume SBF’s sentencing will be completed before my trial. But we cannot know,"

Feb 20, 2024, Once Noticias (Honduras), "Trial of former president Juan Orlando Hernández," "Journalist Matthew Russell Lee, better known on social networks as  Inner City Press , will take minute by minute of what happened in NY, in the trial of the century of former president Hernández Alvarado,"

Feb 15, 2024, Independent (UK) / YahooNews, "Trump judge sets hush money trial date as bid to dismiss case denied," "'I spoke with Judge Chutkan, as you know there are a lot of moving parts. So at this point, I can tell you we will plan for jury selection on March 25,' Judge Merchan said, according to Inner City Press,"

Feb 8, 2024, Diario El País Honduras, "JOH's defense is denied postponement of the trial and application of a questionnaire to the jury,"

Feb 6, 2024, Once Noticias (Honduras) “El Tigre” Bonilla se declara culpable en Nueva York - Once Noticias De acuerdo al periodista, Matthew Russel Lee, de Inner City Press, miró a los abogados de “El Tigre” Bonilla, que estaban en la Corte,"

Feb 6, 2024, BizPac Review, "70 NYC Housing Authority workers hauled away in cuffs for massive pay-to-play corruption scheme," "complaints against employees who were accused of taking bribes from the contractors in order to secure NYCHA contracts, according to Inner City Press,"

Jan 31, 2024, NY Post, "Last of NYC hate-crime trio sentenced to 3 years in prison for 2021 antisemitic beating," by Steve Janoski, "'I got texts from my friends the other night … that protesters were marching on the Upper East Side and took over 87th and 2nd and were standing for 20 minutes,” Borgen said on a video posted to X by Inner City Press.  “Why aren’t they being arrested? They’re breaking the law openly,” Borgen said. “Mayor Adams, Governor Hochul, my congressman Jerry Nadler, who blocked my number even though I never spoke to him — where are you guys? What are you doing? I don’t understand,'" 
Jan 25, 2024, New Republic, "Judge Absolutely Kneecaps Trump’s Testimony in E. Jean Carroll Trial," by Ellie Quinlan Houghtaling, "Mr. Trump may not make any argument against this,” Kaplan warned Habba, according to Inner City Press,"

Jan 25, 2024, CoinTelegraph, "OneCoin lawyer sentenced to 10 years in prison," by Turner Wright, "According to reporting from Inner City Press on Jan. 25, Judge Edgardo Ramos sentenced Mark Scott to 10 years behind bars,"

Jan 24, 2024, New York Times, "F.B.I. ‘Ransacked’ My Home and Broke Down Doors, Menendez Says," "investigation remains ongoing,” the prosecutors wrote in the letter, which came in response to a request by The New York Times and Inner City Press, a website that features legal news, to disclose certain information shielded from public view,"

Jan 24, 2024, HCN (Honduras), "They ask Judge Castel to make public JOH's sworn statement where he details not having funds," by J. Castillo, "The journalist Inner City Press presented a motion to the confidential room to open an affidavit on the arguments that determined that the former president of Honduras, Juan Orlando Hernández, was declared eligible to have a lawyer funded by the US taxpayer,"

Jan 18, 2024, Salon, "Judge calls out Trump lawyer for flunking 'Evidence 101,'" by Tatyana Tandanpolie, "sustained objections from Carroll's attorneys, according to journalist Matthew Russell Lee," 18, 2024, Talking Points Memo, "Trump Lawyer Takes An Absolute Drubbing By The Judge," by David Kurtz, "I don’t usually like to clutter up Morning Memo with numerous tweets from the same thread, but these are so good (thanks to the work of Matthew Russell Lee),"

Jan 17, 2023, DailyDot, "Trump’s lawyer roasted for trying to force mistrial over deleted emails," by Marlon Ettinger, "you deleted them until trial?” Habba asked Carroll, who was explaining how she deleted many messages because she has “an old computer,” reported Inner City Press,"

Jan 17, 2024, Patch, "Trump Trial Gives Long-Lost UES Haunt A Shout-Out," by Peter Senzamici, "Habba questioned Carroll on where she was able to sit up front at Elaine's and if she saw Mario Puzo there, Inner City Press posted.  I saw Woody Allen, Carroll replied, and sat at the fourth table back, where Elaine chose, Inner City Press wrote,"

Jan 17, 2023, Newsweek, "Judge Kaplan Threatens to Throw Trump Out of Courtroom," by Andrew Stanton, "Kaplan asked Trump to speak more quietly to his attorneys after one of Carroll's lawyers raised concerns about Trump speaking loudly in front of the jury, according to Matthew Russell Lee, known as Inner City Press, on X,"

Jan 17, 2024, BoingBoing, "Trump lawyer moves to disqualify Judge Kaplan in courtroom, by Carla Sinclair, "I understand there is an application," the judge said when Trump and his lawyers returned from a break, as reported by Inner City Press. "We move for recusal," Trump attorney Michael Madaio responded,"

Jan 17, 2024, Independent (UK), "E Jean Carroll takes stand in Trump defamation trial," by Oliver O'Connell,Joe Sommerlad and Gustaf Kilander, "Habba: I don't like to be spoken to that way. Please refrain. I am asking for an adjournment for a funeral,"

Jan 16, 2024, Above the Law, "Trump And His Lawyers In Chaos Mode As Second Carroll Defamation Trial Begins," by Liz Dye, "Habba: Then Mr. Trump, it would depend if the other two testify.  I see you think it's funny -- Judge Kaplan: It's not funny,"

Jan 16, 2024, Raw Story, "Trump's prospective jurors admit to being election deniers at defamation trial," by David Edwards, "Anyone back on the left gone to a rally for Mr. Trump?" Kaplan asked. Juror number 68 answered in the affirmative, according to Inner City Press,"

Jan 16, 2024, YahooNews, "Trump attends court for second E Jean Carroll defamation trial: Live updates Oliver O'Connell,Joe Sommerlad and Gustaf Kilander, "[Trump, Carroll and their lawyers all standing and waiting as prospects file into the jury box,"

Jan 16, 2024, The Independent (UK), "Who is E Jean Carroll?" by Bevan Hurley, "jury also found Mr Trump liable for wonton disregard, according to Inner City Press,