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    A free press is a prerequisite for democracy, and objective and incisive reporting can only help low income people, redlined and excluded communities. Inner City Press/Community on the Move, as its name connotes, is also engaged in journalism, in use of the Freedom of Information Act, and has an understanding of the time and other constraints reporters are under. This page is intended to help (or, where applicable, bring balance to) journalists’ reporting.  

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Feb 20, 2024, CoinTelegraph, "Alex Mashinsky waives right to ‘conflict-free representation’ after concerns about lawyers," By Turner Wright, "“This is my first time in a court,” said Mashinsky, according to Inner City Press. "I assume SBF’s sentencing will be completed before my trial. But we cannot know,"

Feb 20, 2024, Once Noticias (Honduras), "Trial of former president Juan Orlando Hernández," "Journalist Matthew Russell Lee, better known on social networks as  Inner City Press , will take minute by minute of what happened in NY, in the trial of the century of former president Hernández Alvarado,"

Feb 15, 2024, Independent (UK) / YahooNews, "Trump judge sets hush money trial date as bid to dismiss case denied," "'I spoke with Judge Chutkan, as you know there are a lot of moving parts. So at this point, I can tell you we will plan for jury selection on March 25,' Judge Merchan said, according to Inner City Press,"

Feb 8, 2024, Diario El País Honduras, "JOH's defense is denied postponement of the trial and application of a questionnaire to the jury,"

Feb 6, 2024, Once Noticias (Honduras) “El Tigre” Bonilla se declara culpable en Nueva York - Once Noticias De acuerdo al periodista, Matthew Russel Lee, de Inner City Press, miró a los abogados de “El Tigre” Bonilla, que estaban en la Corte,"

Feb 6, 2024, BizPac Review, "70 NYC Housing Authority workers hauled away in cuffs for massive pay-to-play corruption scheme," "complaints against employees who were accused of taking bribes from the contractors in order to secure NYCHA contracts, according to Inner City Press,"

Jan 31, 2024, NY Post, "Last of NYC hate-crime trio sentenced to 3 years in prison for 2021 antisemitic beating," by Steve Janoski, "'I got texts from my friends the other night … that protesters were marching on the Upper East Side and took over 87th and 2nd and were standing for 20 minutes,” Borgen said on a video posted to X by Inner City Press.  “Why aren’t they being arrested? They’re breaking the law openly,” Borgen said. “Mayor Adams, Governor Hochul, my congressman Jerry Nadler, who blocked my number even though I never spoke to him — where are you guys? What are you doing? I don’t understand,'" 
Jan 25, 2024, New Republic, "Judge Absolutely Kneecaps Trump’s Testimony in E. Jean Carroll Trial," by Ellie Quinlan Houghtaling, "Mr. Trump may not make any argument against this,” Kaplan warned Habba, according to Inner City Press,"

Jan 25, 2024, CoinTelegraph, "OneCoin lawyer sentenced to 10 years in prison," by Turner Wright, "According to reporting from Inner City Press on Jan. 25, Judge Edgardo Ramos sentenced Mark Scott to 10 years behind bars,"

Jan 24, 2024, New York Times, "F.B.I. ‘Ransacked’ My Home and Broke Down Doors, Menendez Says," "investigation remains ongoing,” the prosecutors wrote in the letter, which came in response to a request by The New York Times and Inner City Press, a website that features legal news, to disclose certain information shielded from public view,"

Jan 24, 2024, HCN (Honduras), "They ask Judge Castel to make public JOH's sworn statement where he details not having funds," by J. Castillo, "The journalist Inner City Press presented a motion to the confidential room to open an affidavit on the arguments that determined that the former president of Honduras, Juan Orlando Hernández, was declared eligible to have a lawyer funded by the US taxpayer,"

Jan 18, 2024, Salon, "Judge calls out Trump lawyer for flunking 'Evidence 101,'" by Tatyana Tandanpolie, "sustained objections from Carroll's attorneys, according to journalist Matthew Russell Lee," 18, 2024, Talking Points Memo, "Trump Lawyer Takes An Absolute Drubbing By The Judge," by David Kurtz, "I don’t usually like to clutter up Morning Memo with numerous tweets from the same thread, but these are so good (thanks to the work of Matthew Russell Lee),"

Jan 17, 2023, DailyDot, "Trump’s lawyer roasted for trying to force mistrial over deleted emails," by Marlon Ettinger, "you deleted them until trial?” Habba asked Carroll, who was explaining how she deleted many messages because she has “an old computer,” reported Inner City Press,"

Jan 17, 2024, Patch, "Trump Trial Gives Long-Lost UES Haunt A Shout-Out," by Peter Senzamici, "Habba questioned Carroll on where she was able to sit up front at Elaine's and if she saw Mario Puzo there, Inner City Press posted.  I saw Woody Allen, Carroll replied, and sat at the fourth table back, where Elaine chose, Inner City Press wrote,"

Jan 17, 2023, Newsweek, "Judge Kaplan Threatens to Throw Trump Out of Courtroom," by Andrew Stanton, "Kaplan asked Trump to speak more quietly to his attorneys after one of Carroll's lawyers raised concerns about Trump speaking loudly in front of the jury, according to Matthew Russell Lee, known as Inner City Press, on X,"

Jan 17, 2024, BoingBoing, "Trump lawyer moves to disqualify Judge Kaplan in courtroom, by Carla Sinclair, "I understand there is an application," the judge said when Trump and his lawyers returned from a break, as reported by Inner City Press. "We move for recusal," Trump attorney Michael Madaio responded,"

Jan 17, 2024, Independent (UK), "E Jean Carroll takes stand in Trump defamation trial," by Oliver O'Connell,Joe Sommerlad and Gustaf Kilander, "Habba: I don't like to be spoken to that way. Please refrain. I am asking for an adjournment for a funeral,"

Jan 16, 2024, Above the Law, "Trump And His Lawyers In Chaos Mode As Second Carroll Defamation Trial Begins," by Liz Dye, "Habba: Then Mr. Trump, it would depend if the other two testify.  I see you think it's funny -- Judge Kaplan: It's not funny,"

Jan 16, 2024, Raw Story, "Trump's prospective jurors admit to being election deniers at defamation trial," by David Edwards, "Anyone back on the left gone to a rally for Mr. Trump?" Kaplan asked. Juror number 68 answered in the affirmative, according to Inner City Press,"

Jan 16, 2024, YahooNews, "Trump attends court for second E Jean Carroll defamation trial: Live updates Oliver O'Connell,Joe Sommerlad and Gustaf Kilander, "[Trump, Carroll and their lawyers all standing and waiting as prospects file into the jury box,"

Jan 16, 2024, The Independent (UK), "Who is E Jean Carroll?" by Bevan Hurley, "jury also found Mr Trump liable for wonton disregard, according to Inner City Press,

Jan 12, 2024, CoinDesk, "Do Kwon Tries to Delay SEC’s Terraform Trial so He Can Attend," by Sam Reynolds, "In a filing first spotted by Inner City Press, his counsel said that extradition proceedings in the country are not going as quickly as planned," 2, 2024, ABA Journal, "BigLaw firm's motion was copied 'nearly verbatim,' boutique firm alleges in copyright lawsuit by Debra Cassens Weiss, “Defendants did not even rewrite their own introduction,” according to the suit, filed in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York.  Publications with coverage include Above the Law and the Inner City Press,"

Jan 1, 2024, World Tribune, "No second trial for SBF," "Crypto Crimes: SBF No Second Trial, by Matthew Russell Lee, Inner City Press, Dec 30, 2023,"

Dec 30, 2023, US Sun, "CRYPTO CON Who is Ray Trapani and where is he now?" by  Alexandra Chomik, "According to Inner City Press, Trapani was formally charged on four counts,"

Dec 29, 2023,, "DOJ Halts Second Trial Against FTX's Bankman Fried, Citing Sufficiency of Initial Evidence and ‘Public Interest,'" prosecutors have decided against pursuing a second trial against Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF). Matthew Russell Lee of the Inner City Press disclosed the update on X, posting a snapshot of the DOJ’s letter and also distributing it on his Patreon,"

Dec 29, 2023, BusinessInsider, "Michael Cohen used Google's AI to research legal cases to cite in his appeal. The AI hallucinated them," Grace Eliza Goodwin, "Cohen fed Bard's hallucinated results to his lawyer at the time, David Schwartz, who included three of them in his November 29 filing without checking that the cases were actually legit, according to the court papers.  The Friday legal filing was first reported by Inner City Press' Matthew Russell Lee,"

Dec 20, 2023, Paradigm (Honduras), "Judge Castel issues a CIPA order that allows the US to summarize classified information in the trial against Juan Orlando Hernández," "Matthe
w Russell Lee, on his site Inner City Press, reports on the topic and defines it as NARCO SECRETS: In the case of Juan Orlando Hernández in Honduras, and confirms that the judge allows the US to summarize, but not give classified information,"

Dec 18, El Diario NY, "Trevor Milton: Fundador de Nikola es condenado a cuatro años por fraude de valores," Inner City Press asked him if he thought Judge Ramos was fair (apparently, yes) and about forfeiture of Utah ranch (he called it complicated),"

Dec 18, 2023, New York Post, "Nikola founder Trevor Milton gets four years in prison for $600M fraud By Social Links forAriel Zilber, "'It is called Hell,' he said in comments first reported by independent journalist Matthew Russell Lee of Inner City Press,"

Dec 18, 2023, TechCrunch, "Nikola founder Trevor Milton sentenced to 4 years for securities fraud," by Rebecca Bellan, "'I stepped down because my wife was suffering life threatening sickness,' he said in his statement, which reporter Matthew Russell Lee of Inner City Press shared on social media post X,"

Dec 18, 2023, YahooFinance, "Nikola founder Trevor Milton gets 4 years in prison for fraud," by Alexis Keenan, "During Monday's hearing government lawyers and lawyers for Milton argued over the extent of loss sustained by Nikola investors, Inner City Press reported," &

Dec 14, 2023, CoinTelegraph, "Security engineer pleads guilty to Nirvana Finance exploit," by Derek Andersen, "guilty plea of Shakeeb Ahmed, for hacking Nirvana Finance and another - he has two Paul Hastings lawyers, and three in the gallery,"

Dec 14, 2023, Decrypt, Did Michael Cohen Let AI Write His Legal Briefs?" by Jason Nelson, "“It seems Michael Cohen's lawyer or his AI cited non-existent cases in his bid to end supervised release early on, which Inner City Press has been reporting, as it did on an earlier SDNY misuse of AI case,” journalist and author Matthew Lee wrote,"

Dec 5, 2023, Cryptopolitan, "Terraform Labs and Do Kwon lawyers strengthen defense in SEC lawsuit," "the legal teams for Terraform Labs and Do Kwon accused the SEC of making misleading statements about the company’s founder, Do Kwon. Court transcripts provided by Inner City Press reveal these allegation,"

Dec 1, 2023, CoinTelegraph, "Terraform Labs and SEC lawyers spar over whistleblower in court: Report," by Turner Wright, "According to a transcript of court events provided by Inner City Press on Nov. 30, the SEC reiterated its claims that Terra and Kwon “committed fraud” using the LUNA token, citing sealed evidence provided by an unnamed whistleblower,"

Nov 30, 2023, Jurist, "US prosecutors connect Venezuela military and oil company to drug trafficking in federal trial," by Sonja Rzepski, "With certain court documents sealed, Matthew Russell Lee of Inner City Press had access to the courtroom on Monday. Orense, alias 'El Gordo,' has pleaded not guilty,"

Nov 24, 2023, ForkLog, "Details of Sam Bankman-Fried's Life in Prison," "SBF's lawyers argued that the FTX founder was forced to subsist on bread, peanut butter and water due to a lack of vegan options in prison, as live-reported by Inner City Press,"

Nov 3, 2023, Australia Business Digest, "Jury Finds Sam Bankman-Fried Guilty of Fraud in Manhattan Criminal Trial," by Michael Crowhal, "The verdict was first reported by Inner City Press,"

Nov 2, 2023, Fortune, "Why the real star of Sam Bankman-Fried’s trial is a one-man news operation called Inner City Press," by Leo Schwartz,

Nov 2. 2023, Forbes, "Sam Bankman-Fried’s Final Hours In Court," by Nina Bambysheva, "He went on Good Morning America for the same reason he sent a confident tweet thread. Don't fall for it. You. Know. Better,” U.S. Assistant Attorney Danielle Sassoon pleaded to the jury in a rebuttal to closing arguments on Thursday morning, according to an Inner City Press report,"

Nov 1, 2023, Yahoo Finance, "SBF examined over 'cozy relationship' with Bahamian government in fraud trail," by Zoltan Vardai, "Davis and his wife received tickets to a Miami Heat basketball game at the then-FTX Arena (now called the Kaseya Center), according to a live blog of the trial from court reporting organization Inner City Press,"

Oct 27, 2023, YahooFinance, "Take two: Sam Bankman-Fried testifies, for real this time," By Kari McMahon, "Judge Kaplan ruled that the lawyers could only use this defense on the matter of data protection policies, according to a live blog of the trial from court reporting organization Inner City Press,"

Oct 25, 2023, The Verge, "Sam Bankman-Fried will testify in his fraud trial," by Emma Roth, "'We’re going to put on three witnesses — then our client,' Cohen said during the call, according to the Inner City Press,"

Oct 19, 2023, Yahoo Finance, "Prosecution winds up case against Bankman-Fried ahead of six-day pause in trial," by Kari McMahon,The defense, if they choose to do so, are expected to start presenting their case on the afternoon of Oct. 26, according to a live blog of the trial from court reporting organization Inner City Press,"

Oct 18, 2023, Int'l Business Times, "SBF Trial Update: Nishad Singh Purchased $3.7M House Despite Knowing FTX Used Customers' Funds," by Nica Osorio, "AUSA: Our witnesses might run out Thursday before the end of the day. We propose ending early; we anticipate closing the next Thursday (after six days off),"

Oct 16, 2023, The Block, "SBF trial hears testimony that FTX deals with celebrities and influencers climbed to over $1 billion: Inner City Press," by MK Manoylov, "Nishad Singh read out a list of deals from a spreadsheet in court at Sam Bankman-Fried's criminal trial on Monday that showed funds given to celebrities and influencers climbed well over $1 billion, Inner City Press reported,"

Oct 12, 2023, Int'l Business Times, "Caroline Ellison Second-Day Testimony Includes Chinese Bribes And Thai Sex Workers," by Nica Osorio, from Inner City Press, "AUSA: Did you speak in coded terms? Ellison: Yes. When we gave a large bribe to China - our accounts were frozen in a money laundering investigation,"

Oct 12, 2023, Buzzfeed, "Caroline Ellison testimony: SBF bribed Chinese officials for $150M to unfreeze funds," from InnerCityPress, "AUSA: How much was frozen in China? Ellison: $1 billion. Sam wanted to find ways to address it. AUSA: How were they unfrozen? Ellison: Alameda paid a bribe to Chinese government officials SBF: Objection, move to strike. Judge Kaplan: I will strike that,"

Oct 11, 2023,  "Alameda's $150M Bribery Bombshell: Thai Sex Workers and Sam Trabucco's Disappearance Fuels Mystery,", "Ma managed to thaw the funds. Court coverage was broadcast by Inner City Press reporter Matthew Russell Lee,"
Oct 6, 2023, CoinTelegraph, "Sam Bankman-Fried ordered ‘special privileges’ for Alameda account on FTX — Gary Wang," by Turner Wright, "According to reports from Inner City Press, Wang returned to a New York courtroom on Oct. 6 and testified that Alameda’s account on FTX was the only one authorized to trade more than it had available,"

Oct 4, 2023, The Verge, "Dogecoin shows up in court," by Sarah Jeong, "Per Matthew Russell Lee of Inner City Press, a witness in the ongoing Sam Bankman-Fried trial had to spell out 'D-O-G-E' in response to a question from a prosecutor. It doesn’t look like there were any follow-up questions about a cryptocurrency based on a meme. It’s probably for the best,"

Oct 4, 2023, Yahoo News, "Sam Bankman-Fried committed ‘massive fraud,’ says prosecutor in opening statements," by Kari McMahon, "Prosecutors allege that Bankman-Fried committed “​​a massive fraud” in an opening statement made to the jury, according to Inner City Press, a court reporting organization which was live blogging the trial from the Manhattan courtroom,"

Oct 4, 2023, CoinTelegraph, "Cocoa broker testifies to Bitcoin holdings on FTX in Sam Bankman-Fried trial," by Turner Wright, "According to an Oct. 4 X (formerly Twitter) thread by Inner City Press, the assistant United States attorneys presented testimony from a London-based cocoa broker named Marc-Antoine Julliard, who used FTX for crypto trading,"

Oct 3, 2023, Decrypt, "SBF Jurors Recused Themselves Because They Lost Money in Crypto," by Ryan Ozawa," "one juror claimed he wasn’t sure he could remain unbiased in a crypto-related case. “I've felt negatively about it since I learned about it,” he said, as summarized by Inner City Press on Tuesday,"

Oct 3, 2023, BeInCrypto, "Plea Offers Were Never on the Table for Sam Bankman-Fried," by Ciaran Lyons, "Inner City Press provided coverage of the exchange between Judge Kaplan and the legal representatives of Bankman-Fried [in] a thread of posts on X (formerly Twitter), Inner City Press provided the transcribed dialogue of what exactly was going on in the courtroom for the first date of SBF’s trial,"

Oct 3, 2023, CryptoSlate, "Prosecutors say plea deal was never considered for Sam Bankman-Fried," "live-tweeted by Inner City Press, Assistant U.S. Attorney Nick Roos said on behalf of the government, 'We raised the issue early if there should be plea discussions. The answer was no, so there have been no plea offers,'"

Sept 30, 2023, CoinDesk, "FTX Customers, Investors Will Testify Against Sam Bankman-Fried, DOJ Says," by Nikhilesh De, Inner City Press first reported on the letter about a Ukrainian witness,"

Sept 18, 2023, CoinTelegraph, "Lawyer who laundered $400M from OneCoin scam denied new trial: Report," by Tom Mitchelhill, "money launderer Mark Scott's motion denied. How many years?"

Sept 14, 2023, CoinTelegraph, Former Celsius exec pleads guilty to criminal charges," by Turner Wright, , "CRYPTO CRIMES: #Celsius' Mashinsky Co-Defendant Pleads Guilty Now Cohen-Pavon To Be Sentenced Dec 11,"

Sept 12, 2023, Express (Sweden), "Sebastian Greenwood is sentenced to 20 years," by Leif Brannström, "'Sebastian Greenwood targeted inexperienced people,' federal prosecutor Nick Folly said in court, according to Inner City Press reporter Matthew Russell Lee,

Sept 8, 2023, International Business Times, "First FTX Whistleblower Pleads Guilty To Federal Criminal Charges," by Nica Osorio, "Ryan Salame pleaded guilty to the campaign finance charges that DOJ dropped as to Sam Bankman-Fried, Inner City Press shouted question on his way out of court,"