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    A free press is a prerequisite for democracy, and objective and incisive reporting can only help low income people, redlined and excluded communities. Inner City Press/Community on the Move, as its name connotes, is also engaged in journalism, in use of the Freedom of Information Act, and has an understanding of the time and other constraints reporters are under. This page is intended to help (or, where applicable, bring balance to) journalists’ reporting.  

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July 31, 2022, New York Sun, "Man With Loaded AK-47 Seized by NYPD After Lurking Near Brooklyn Home of Iranian Dissident," "First reported on Friday by the website Inner City Press,"

July 29, 2022, International Business Times (Singapore), "Who is Seth Andrew? Former Barack Obama Advisor Jailed for Stealing $218,000 from a Charter School Network," by Anshu Seth, "PUBLIC POLICY, PRIVATE GAIN: For Robbing From Democracy Prep Charter School, Former Obama Adviser Seth Andrew Gets Year and a Day in Prison, PPP Loan Still Unexplained,"

July 28, 2022, Brattleboro Reformer, 'Seth Andrew sentenced to prison for 366 days," by Bob Audette, "“He was a Congressional page and went to Harvard graduate school of education,' said Judge John P. Cronan, as reported by Matthew Russell Lee for Inner City Press. 'There is a need for deterrence.,'"

July 27, 2022, Hip Hop DX, "R. KELLY’S EX-MANAGER PLEADS GUILTY TO STALKING VICTIM WHO SUED DISGRACED SINGER," by Michael Saponara, "After Donnell Russell pled guilty to harassing Jane Doe, with 33 month plea deal, Inner City Press asked him and counsel some questions outside EDNY,"

July 14, 2022, International Business Times, "Who is Joshua Schulte? CIA Engineer Who Leaked Cyber Tools and Source Code to WikiLeaks Convicted," by Prabhat Ranjan Mishra, "VERDICT VLOG: Just after Joshua Schulte found guilty of all nine counts in Wikileaks CIA Vault 7 trial, stand up outside SDNY  courthouse, after uploaded 154 page book,"

July 14, 2022, Computing (UK), "Ex-CIA engineer convicted of massive Vault7 data leak that exposed agency secrets on WikiLeaks," by Dev Kundaliyaclock, "in re-trial of Joshua Schulte, there is a verdict, Inner City Press has covered it,"

July 13, 2022, The Verge, "Ex-CIA engineer convicted for sending classified hacking tools and info to WikiLeaks," by Richard Lawler, "On Wednesday, a jury in New York convicted ex-Central Intelligence Agency engineer Joshua Schulte on all nine charges he faced (as first reported by @InnerCityPress),"

July 13, 2022, ShadowProof, "Jury Finds Former CIA Programmer Guilty of Leaking CIA Hacking Materials To WikiLeaks," by Kevin Gosztola, "Matthew Russell Lee, who publishes to an independent site called Inner City Press, covered the trials—and all hearings in between,"

July 13, 2022, Epoch Times, "Former Software Engineer Convicted in Largest Leak of Classified Info in CIA History The Epoch Times Assistant U.S. Attorney Michael Lockard said on July 7 during closing arguments, according to Inner City Press: “On April 20, 2016, Joshua Schulte,"

July 13, Tweek Town, "Ex-CIA engineer sent classified hacking tools, info to WikiLeaks," by Anthony Garreffa, "In re-trial of Joshua Schulte, there is a verdict,,,  booklet soon,"

July 11, 2022, La Razon (Spain), "The fall of Carlos Orense Azocar, the narco linked to Chavismo and a member of the Cartel de los Soles," "The person involved was assigned a public defense attorney, by virtue of declaring himself financially bankrupt, reported Inner City Press,"

July 11, 2022, The Daily Beast, "They Believe He Confessed to Rapes in His Rap Lyrics," by  Eamon Levesque, "Independent court reporter Matthew Russell Lee was the only person to cover his trial. He published an anonymous letter from another former girlfriend of Margolies,"

July 11, 2022, Yahoo News, "Jen Shah 'Accepts Full Responsibility' for Fraud," by Dory Jackson, "Yes, your Honor," said Shah, per a Twitter thread from Inner City Press' Matthew Russell Lee. "And you've agreed to forfeit $6 million, and restitution of $9 million?" Judge Stein asked,"

July 11, 2022, Deseret News, ‘Real Housewives’ star Jen Shah changes plea to guilty in telemarketing case The 48-year-old reality TV star changed her plea," by Gitanjali Poonia, "Matthew Russell Lee, for Inner City Press, reported via Twitter that Shah changed her plea to guilty,"

July 11, 2022, NY Post / Page Six, "Why ‘RHOSLC’ star Jen Shah entered last-minute guilty plea in fraud case," by Caroline Blair and Evan Real, "We used interstate telephones and emails,” she responded when asked what she did wrong, according to Matthew Russell Lee of Inner City Press. “I knew many of the purchasers were over the age of 55. I am so sorry," 

July 11, 2022, People, "Jen Shah Agrees Not to Appeal If Sentence Is 14 Years or Less," by Dory Jackson and Dave Quinn, "Judge Sidney H. Stein asked the 48-year-old reality star whether she agreed not to appeal if she is sentenced to "168 months' prison or fewer" — an amount that equates to 14 years.  "Yes, your Honor," said Shah, per a Twitter thread from Inner City Press' Matthew Russell Lee,"

July 11, 2022, The Rod Ryan Show, "She Claimed Innocence All Season, NOW Real Housewife Jen Shah Pleads Guilty," by Tessa Barrera, "@innercitypress  Judge Stein: If there were a trial, you could see and hear all the witnesses against you and your attorney could cross examine them. Do you understand those rights?  Shah: Yes, your Honor,"

July 11, 2022, TV Grapevine, "RHOSLC Star Jen Shah Pleads Guilty, Still Plans to Film Show," by Sammi Turano, "Inner Press City posted the news on a lengthy Twitter thread as the news broke,"

July 11, 2022, No Filter (podcast) with Zack Peter, "Jen Shah Pleads Guilty, Live in NYC with Court Reporter Matthew Russell Lee," YouTube:

July 6, 2022, Shadowproof, Interview with Matthew Russell Lee of Inner City Press, "Second Espionage Act Trial Against Alleged WikiLeaks Source Heads To Closing Argument,"

June 28, 2022, Patch, "Ghislaine Maxwell Sentenced To 20 Years In NYC Federal Court: Reports, by Matt Troutman, "Her conduct was heinous and predatory," Nathan said, according to Matthew Russell Lee, an Inner City Press reporter,"

June 28, 2022, Plainsmen Post, "Ghislaine Maxwell sentencing: Judge calls socialite’s crimes ‘extensive’ as victims appear in court," by George Holan, "“We don’t know if there will be any money left,” Maxwell’s lawyer said, according to Inner City Press,"

June 28, 2022, Independent Journal Review, "Judge Announces Ghislaine Maxwell's Sentence, " by Richard Moorhead, The Western Journal, "Maxwell: I believe Jeffrey Epstein fooled all of those in his orbit. His victims considered him a mentor, friend, lover. Jeffrey Epstein should have stood before you. In 2005. In 2009. And again in 2019. But today it is for me to be sentenced,"

June 24, 2022, IMF Q&A with Kristalina Georgieva, "Matthew Lee, come on in please.  Q: Thank you. Matthew Lee, Inner City Press. on the Federal Reserve and transparency... there's some large bank mergers pending on which hearings have been scheduled," Video:

June 23, 2002, Cambio 16 (Spain), "Sexual exploitation and harassment happens every day in UN offices and corridors," by Mariela Leon, "UN Bans Inner City Press Reporting on Whistleblowers as BBC Lets Guterres Off Hook By Theft of Audio- Here it is as exclusively reported by Inner City Press which then got thrown out of the UN with no recourse, here's how Inner City Press 1st published it:,"

June 16, 2022, The New Yorker, "The Surreal Case of a C.I.A. Hacker’s Revenge," by Patrick Radden Keefe, "Matthew Russell Lee, an independent journalist who covered the first trial, recently filed an objection to the government’s motion to seal the courtroom during testimony from C.I.A. officers, but it appears that that condition will again apply."

June 9, 2020, IMF press conference, "Spokesperson: I’m going to turn to questions in the room; and I’m seeing Matthew Lee, online. Matthew, in New York, do you want to come in?  Matthew Russell Lee: I’m sure you’re following closely things in Sri Lanka, and I know that the Prime Minister Ranil spoke to the Managing Director, but he has to expedite the program; and I wanted to know where things stand,"

June 2, 2022, Law & Crime, "Judge Sentences Michael Avenatti to Four Years in Prison: ‘Blind Ambition’ Preceded ‘Despicable’ Betrayal of Stormy Daniels," "After the trial, Avenatti told Inner City Press that his father, “Bill,” was instructed to cover broken hotdogs with mustard to sell them.  “In fact, the defendant’s father, William John Avenatti, was an executive for Anheuser-Busch,"

June 2, 2022, Boing Boing, "Michael Avenatti sentenced to 4 years in prison for stealing from client Stormy Daniels," by Rob Beschizza,  "He will serve some of the sentence concurrently with the 30 months imposed in the Nike case: Judge Furman, quoted by Matthew Russell Lee,"

May 25, 2022, Fox News, "Pro poker player arrested on fraud, money laundering charges in connection to alleged sports betting scheme," by David Aaro, " according to a two-count indictment unsealed in United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York, - Inner City Press,"

May 11, 2022, Criterio (Honduras), "With a lawyer paid with money from Americans, "Tigre" Bonilla appears at the first hearing," "Journalist Matthew Russell Lee, one of the first to be in the room, stated that “El Tigre” Bonilla submitted a financial affidavit alleging that he did not have enough funds to pay for a private attorney, for which he was assigned an identified public defender,"

May 11, 2022, Radio Honduras, "Date set for next hearing of 'Tigre' Bonilla, accused of drug trafficking in the United States," "The journalist Matthew Russell Lee, from the  Inner City Press , reported minute by minute on the process of the presentation of the former Police Director through the Twitter social network,"

May 10, 2022, Tiempo (Honduras), "JOH Pleads Not Guilty," "The Inner City Press journalist has shared through his Twitter account,"

April 25, 2022, La Tribuna (Honduras), "Former President Hernández appears with the number 91441-054 in MDC jail in Brooklyn," "The Inner City Press site, which covered the trials of Tony Hernández and Giovanny Fuentes Ramírez, published that former President Juan Orlando Hernández (JOH), appeared in the database of the US Bureau of Prisons as located in the Center Metropolitan Detention Facility (MDC) in Brooklyn,"

April 25, 2022, La Prensa (Honduras),  "US Includes Juan Orlando Hernandez in the Prisoner Database," "'Joshua Shulte and Ghislaine Maxwell are also in the MDC,' wrote Matthew Russell Lee of the Inner City Press,"

April 23, 2022, El Heraldo (Honduras), "Would JOH be receiving special treatment in New York?," "to the Inner City Press site , to a certain extent yes. According to the news site, usually the first thing a defendant turns in under arrest is his jacket, to be replaced by beige prison clothes. However, the fact that the former president still wore the blue jacket , with which he traveled, in his first hearing on Friday, suggests that he would be treated differently, they consider in Inner City Press,"

April 22, 2022, Once Noticia (Honduras), "The arraignment of former President Juan Orlando Hernández will be on May 10," by Elizabeth Reyes,  "Matthew Russell Lee , known on social networks as the Inner City Press , was in charge of reporting on this same appearance minute by minute, describing everything that was happening, including the fact that the charges will be read to him on May 10,"

April 22, Criterio (Honduras), "Defense will request the release of Juan Orlando Hernández on bail," "Hernández Alvarado participated in the same jacket with which he left Honduras, and used an interpreter to communicate, according to Inner City Press journalist Matthew Russell Lee, who witnessed the hearing from the courtroom,"

April 21, Minval (Azerbaijan), "New Scandal at UNESCO: Kassianides Spent Public Money on His Boss's Cruise," "According to the materials of the European media, in particular, Inner City Press, Mr. Kassianides, using funds intended for the cultural sector, paid for his boss' luxurious cruise,"

April 14, 2022, Big News Network, "2 UN staff members fired, 1 disciplined for sexual misconduct in Israel," "A video, first published in June 2020 by Inner City Press, went viral on social media. The video shows a woman in a red dress straddling a man in the back seat of a clearly marked UN vehicle in a busy street in Tel Aviv, Israel,"

April 12, 2022, The Daily Beast, "Crypto Enthusiast Sentenced to 5 Years for North Korea Trip," by Jose Pagliery, "So many court files were kept sealed that journalist Matthew Russell Lee, who runs the publication Inner City Press, asked the judge to reconsider in a letter that noted, 'The sealings and withholding here are unacceptable, and go beyond those requested even in the Central Intelligence Agency trial' of accused Wikileaks leaker Joshua Adam Schulte,"

April 12, 2022, City & State, "Lt. Gov. Brian Benjamin arrested Prosecutors say he was involved in a bribery conspiracy as a state senator," by Zach Williams and Rebecca C. Lewis, "Benjamin pleaded not guilty at a court appearance Tuesday afternoon where he posted a $250,000 bond that restricts his travel, according to Inner City Press,"

April 12, 2022, The Block, "Ethereum dev Virgil Griffith sentenced to 63 months for North Korean crypto expedition," by Kollen Post, "Inner City Press broke the news on April 12,"

April 12, 2022, Radio Free Asia, "US court sentences Griffith to 63 months in prison for violating sanctions against North Korea, Kim So-young, "Matthew Russell Lee, a reporter for 'Inner City Press ' , who covered the trial on this day , reported the trial situation through the social networking service Twitter. Griffith, who was given the opportunity to speak, said, 'I learned the value of sanctions while watching Ukraine-related sanctions,'"

April 12, 2022, PAYMNT, "Crypto Developer Gets 5-Year Sentence for Helping N. Korea Skirt Sanctions," "the assistant U.S. attorney representing the Department of Justice made to Castel, saying “Especially amid the Ukraine war, this sentence should send a message about not undermining sanctions regimes,” New York court watcher Inner City Press reported,"

April 12, 2022,, "Developer Virgil Griffith Sentenced to 5+ Years in US Prison for Violating North Korean Sanctions," by Kevin Helms, "Inner City Press quoted Judge Castel as saying Tuesday: “Some says Mr. Griffith is being persecuted for promoting crypto. But that’s not what this case is about. He pled guilty the day before trial. It was an intentional violation of sanctions, which are intended to avoid military conflict,"

April 12, 2022, Bitcoinist, "Ethereum Developer Gets 5 Years In Prison For Teaching North Korea Skirt Sanctions Using Crypto," by Jet Encila, "According to the Inner City Press, Judge Castel stated on Tuesday: 'Virgil Griffith has no ideology. He’ll play off both sides, as long as he is at the center. I sentence him to 63 months in prison and a fine of $100,000,'"

April 12, 2022, CryptoNoticias, "5 years in prison for Ethereum developer who gave talks in North Korea," by Fernando Clementín, "The entire process was tweeted in real time by the Inner City Press,"

April 12, 2022, iHodl, "Ex-Ethereum Dev Virgil Griffith Gets 5+ Years in Prison for North Korea Trip," by Denis Omelchenko," Former Ethereum developer, Virgil Griffith, was sentenced to 63 months in prison and fined $100,000 over a trip to North Korea in 2019 where he gave a talk at a cryptocurrency conference in Pyongyang, Inner City Press reported on Twitter,"

April 5, 2022, Greenwire, "Alleged Rhino Horn Smuggler Pleads Guilty After Years in Jail," by Michael Doyle, "The guilty plea was first reported by New York City's Inner City Press and took place without the fanfare that accompanied the June 2019 announcement of the original indictment naming Kromah and three other defendants."

March 2, 2022, Neue Rottweiler Zeitung, "OneCoin: US court sentences Pike to suspended sentence Mark Scott's Close Associate Receives Mild Sentence / Other One-Coin Accuses Wait, "New York court reporter Matthew Russell Lee was in the courtroom , reporting,"

Feb 15, 2022, CoinPost (Japan), "Bitfinex crypto asset hacking case, bail decision of suspect and his wife split," by Naoko Kouda, "as reported by Inner City Press,"

Feb 14, 2022,, "How could authorities find the Bitfinex hackers?" by Lennard Merten, "They still have more than 20,000 bitcoins that authorities have been unable to confiscate, Inner City Press reported,"

Feb 9, 2022, The Block, "US government seizes $3.6 billion in bitcoin tied to 2016 hack of crypto exchange Bitfinex," by Michael McSweeney, "According to Inner City Press, Lichtenstein was granted a $5 million bond and Morgan was granted a $3 million bond.   Both Lichtenstein and Morgan remain under detention,"

Feb 9, 2022, CoinOtaku (Japan), "U.S. Department of Justice seizes 415 billion yen worth of BTC," "SDNY Mag Court has been reopened; the stage is set for the presentment of Ilya “Dutch” Lichtenstein & his wife, Heather Morgan,"

Feb 9, 2022, ForkLog, "Those involved in the stolen assets from Bitfinex were not released on bail of $ 8 million," "According to Matthew Russell Lee of the Inner City Press, the detainees could be flown to Washington where their case is being considered,"

Feb 9, 2022, CryptoNews, "Bitfinex Hack: Meet the Self-Proclaimed 'Serial Entrepreneur' Couple Charged Over Laundering Bitcoin," by Ruholamin Haqshanas, "Source: Inner City Press / Twitter,"

Feb 9, 2022, CoinDesk, "Judge Stops Release of Bitfinex Hack Laundering Suspects," by Cheyenne Ligon & Eli Tan, "Inner City Press first reported the news late Tuesday. Howell's order will delay the couple's release at least until her court can review the initial order,"

Feb 8, 2022, El Libertador (Honduras), "Judge Castel Gives Same Sentence to Tony As to Geovanny," "De acuerdo con el portal Inner City Press, "

Feb 8, 2022, Radio Honduras, "Honduran drug trafficker Geovanny Fuentes sentenced to life in prison plus 30 years in New York," By Marilin Pastrana, "The Inner City Press media reported through the Twitter social network in real time what is happening in the sentencing trial against the Honduran,"

February 8, 2022, Above The Law, "Lawyer Accused In January 6th Riots Is STILL Representing Clients," by Kathryn Rubino, "Inner City Press quoted Calhoun that 'My law practice is over - no one is going to hire someone for a serious felony case someone who might be going to jail,'"

Jan 14, 2022, Axios, "Martin Shkreli ordered to return $64 million in drug profits," by Kierra Frazier, Matthew Russell Lee of Inner City Press published Judge Cote' Order,

Jan 8, 2022, Criterio (Honduras), "Sentence for drug trafficking of Geovanny Fuentes in New York suspended again," "According to what was reported by the Inner City Press site, the rescheduling request would have been made by the US authorities,"

Jan 7, 2022, Daily Sisa (South Korea), "Shinhan Bank's US corporation gets caught up in a 'litigation' with a former employee," by Kim Tae-soo, "Inner City Press, national media reported on Shinhan Bank America in NY Southern District Court, the Depositary Employee Protection Remedy has been filed,"

Jan 4, 2022, Yahoo / The Independent, "The judge in Prince Andrew's case lashes out at the former US president," by Nathan Place, "'We don't know what the conduct was,' attorney Andrew Brettler said, according to Inner City Press,"

Jan 2, 2022, 21st Century Newswire, "Episode #402 – ‘Maximum Maxwell’ with guest Matthew Russell Lee,"

Dec. 28, 2021, The Sun (UK), "Judge in Jeffrey Epstein ‘madam’s’ case warns Omicron could disrupt deliberations," "Inner City Press reported, 'Now in the case docket, Maxwell's lawyers' letter to Judge Nathan asking for 'additional instructions to correct apparent errors in the jury's understanding of Counts Two and Four,' So far, no US Attorney's Office response in the docket,"

Dec 27, 2021, OK! News, "Letter From Ghislaine Maxwell's Pal Begging Judge To Reduce Bond Based On ‘Philanthropic’ Work Resurfaces Hours Before Jury Resumes Deliberations," by Carly Silva, "According to Inner City Press, a 'pro-Ghislaine letter,' docketted under Judge Alison Nathan, revealed an attempt to get Maxwell's bond reduced on the basis of 'philanthropic' work that 'took her to the UN,'"

Dec 27, TrueAnon podcast, "Ghislaine Maxwell Trial: Day 16," by Brace Belden and Liz Franczak, "Matt of Inner City Press sleuthed it, Ole Judge Alison Nathan went to DC for 3 days,"

Dec 22, 2021, New York / Intelligencer, "Ghislaine Maxwell Will Spend Her 60th Birthday in Jail
by Choire Sicha, "Lee is the force behind Inner City Press [covering the courts and] about his ban from the United Nations. Lee also sometimes posts in a more literary format, as “Kurt,” presumably Kurt Wheelock, the protagonist of Lee’s novella about a journalist 'who was thrown out of the United Nations' and who meets a lawyer named Matthew Randall Long, who works 'from an office above the Ali Baba fruit stand in Chatham Square.' And Lee naturally has a Soundcloud, which features court coverage songs like 'Lev Parnas Trial Severance Blues.'"

Dec 21, 2021, The Independent (UK), "Ghislaine Maxwell trial verdict - live: Jury finishes day two of deliberation after closings targeted Epstein," "Ms Maxwell’s defence presented its closing argument with a 129-slide deck concluding with the words: “NOT GUILTY ON ALL COUNTS.”  The deck was shielded from the public gallery on Monday but was later released by the court.  Read it in full below via Inner City Press,"

Dec 20, 2021, The Independent (UK), "Ghislaine Maxwell trial - live: Jury begins deliberation after closing arguments," "The Inner City Press has a thorough thread of the closing statement,"

Dec 18, 2021, Republik (Argentina), Citibank sued employees in Argentina, for which it sued SDNY and earned $ 10K per day," by Modesto Santana, "Citibank is sued by Alejandro de Nevares, one of its employees in Argentina, it is reported by Inner City Press,"

Dec 17, 2021, Telegraph (UK), Ghislaine Maxwell Trial, "Judge Nathan has just returned to the chamber, according to Inner City Press who are live-tweeting proceedings, and has been told by Assistant US Attorney Maurene Comey that the case "can be wrapped today,"

Dec 17, 2021, Independent Journal Review, "Ghislaine Maxwell Trial Update: Prosecution Levels Defense's Key Witness With 1 Ingenious Question," by Isa Cox, The Western Journal, "Inner City Press reported, AUSA: You never went to Palm Beach, right? Espinosa: No,"

Dec 16, 2021, Turquie News, "US court dismisses latest Halkbank appeal, paving way for prosecution," "A US court has dismissed Turkish state lender Halkbank's request to rehear an appeal against lawsuits over a massive plan to help Iran bypass sanctions, news site Inner City Press reported Thursday,"

Dec 16, 2021, Ahval (Turkey), "U.S. court turns down latest Halkbank appeal paving way for prosecution," "A U.S. court has denied Turkish state-owned lender Halkbank's petition to rehear an appeal against prosecution over a massive scheme to help Iran circumvent sanctions, local news site Inner City Press reported on Thursday,"


Dec 9, 2021, "Live with Inner City Press Journalist Matthew Russell Lee - Talking Ghislaine Maxwell Trial... We also venture into some U.N. stuff," Viva & Barnes: Law for the People, &

Dec 9, 2021, "Compositor brasileiro Jobim Heirs chega a acordo com a Universal Music em 2005 caso SDNY," Zedd Brasil, "juiz Lewis J. Liman, do Tribunal Distrital dos Estados Unidos para o Distrito Sul de Nova York, realizou um processo. A Inner City Press deu cobertura,"


Dec 8, 2021, "Judge Tells the Jury to Ignore 1 Heart-Wrenching Comment From Teary-Eyed Epstein Accuser," by Jack Davis, The Western Journal, "On Tuesday, an alleged Epstein victim, who used only the name Carolyn in her testimony, was being grilled by defense attorney Jeffrey Pagliuca about drug use at Epstein’s Palm Beach, Florida, mansion, according to live-tweeting of her testimony by Inner City Press, which covers the federal district court for the Southern District of New York,"


Dec 3, 2021, "Epstein's 'little black book' debuts in court during Ghislaine Maxwell trial," The Post Millennial, "According to Inner City Press, Alessi testified that the book was kept next to a telephone in Epstein's Palm Beach home and under the direction of Maxwell and Epstein and that he used the "little black book" to invite people from the list to come over,"

Dec 3, 2021, Europa Press (Madrid), "The son of former Panamanian president Martinelli pleads guilty to the crime of money laundering in the US," "Money Launderer Luis Martinelli Faked Diplo Credentials -- Now He's Set to Plead Guilty December 2 in EDNY, Inner City Press reports,"

Dec 2, 2021, KDWN (Las Vegas), "Interview With Matthew Russell Lee, InnerCityPress.Com, Reporting At Ghislaine Maxwell Trial Discussing Charges Against Her," (and on UN corruption, 24 min),

Dec 1, 2021, The Sun (UK), "Ghislaine Maxwell trial LIVE – Latest coverage as Bill Clinton and Donald Trump named in court by Epstein pilot," "He testified that Prince Andrew flew on Epstein's plane, according to a report of the proceedings on Twitter from InnerCityPress,"

Nov. 30, 2021, The Western Journal, "Ghislaine Maxwell Prosecution Opens Trial with 7 Words That Have Conspirators Terrified ," "You will learn about multiple girls during the course of this trial,” Pomerantz said in her opening statement, according to Matthew Russell Lee, who covers the federal courthouse for Inner City Press,"

Nov 29, 2021, Telegraph (UK), "Private jet pilot called as first witness in Ghislaine Maxwell sex trafficking 'trial of the century,'" "Now Assistant US Attorney Lara Pomerantz is getting set in the glassed-in COVID podium, as the jurors come in. It's on. — Inner City Press,"

Nov 29, 2021, AsumeTech, "Ghislaine Maxwell defense invokes Adam and Eve story as his trial opens," AUSA Pomerantz: The man and woman were predators. Jane was not their only victim. There were other young girls. Who was that woman? It was the defendant, Ghislaine Maxwell,"


Nov 25, 2021, "OneCoin Mastermind moves millions from his jail cell,", "On September 21, 2021, the Inner City Press revealed that Greenwood had access to a smuggled cell phone. Now it appears that he made good use of the telephone, appearing in court proceedings on the other side of the world and issuing orders to lawyers and notaries,"

Nov 24, 2021, Al Khabar Al Yemeni, "Indian Oil Company Sued Hadi Government," "'The Federal Reserve Bank of New York, which is not a governmental entity, is seeking to use the sovereign immunity of Yemen, which many view for now as a Saudi protectorate, to quash Gujarat’s subpoena,' Inner City Press exclusively reported,"