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    A free press is a prerequisite for democracy, and objective and incisive reporting can only help low income people, redlined and excluded communities. Inner City Press/Community on the Move, as its name connotes, is also engaged in journalism, in use of the Freedom of Information Act, and has an understanding of the time and other constraints reporters are under. This page is intended to help (or, where applicable, bring balance to) journalists’ reporting.  

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May 27, 2021, US "Briefing with Acting Assistant Secretary for Western Hemisphere Affairs Julie Chung On the Secretary’s Upcoming Travel to San Jose, Costa Rica," "Let’s go the line Matthew Russell Lee.  QUESTION: Sure. Thanks a lot and thanks for taking the question. I had wanted to ask specifically about Honduras. There have been a series of cases in the Southern District of New York where the brother of the president, Juan Orlando Hernandez, his brother Tony was convicted of drug trafficking,"

May 7, 2021, Law360, "NY Judge Says Avenatti 'Not As High-Profile As He Once Was,'" "Two media outlets, the New York Daily News and Inner City Press, had objected to Baum's request in writing,"

May 6, 2021, Law & Crime, "Alleged Capitol Rioter Faces Mental Health Examination After Screaming During Multiple Court Hearings," by Colin Kalmbacher, "

May 6, 2021, Mediaite, "Capitol Riot Cases Go Way Off Rails in Zoom Court Hearing," by Caleb Howe, "These multi-defendant presentments may not be a good idea - Copeland is objecting to Antonio's lawyer pleading 'Fox-itis,'"

May 6, Press Reality, "Drake’s Dad Slams Journalist For Causing Beef Between Rappers," "Vlad came under fire last year after feds admitted that they used parts of his interview to indict rapper Casanova.  In public interviews, he has admitted to stabbing inmates while incarcerated on those charges,” Inner City press reported at the time,"

May 5, 2021, HipHopDX, "NY Rapper Jeezy Mula Sentenced to Prison Bid," by Dana Scott, "According to Inner City Press, the 24-month sentencing is from Jeezy Mula pleading guilty on January 22 for conspiracy to commit bank fraud,"

May 4, 2021, Wall Street Window (podcast), "SNDY Court Cases: Guo Wengwui, Ghislaine Maxwell, & Michael Avenatti w/ Matthew Russell Lee,"

April 9, 2021, Journal Inquirer, "Challenge opposes M&T takeover of People’s United," by Adam Hushin, Fari Finance Watch, "a financial consumer watchdog group has asked federal regulators to deny Buffalo-based M&T Bank Corp.’s application to acquire People’s United Bank, based on what it claims is a record of discriminatory lending practices by M&T,"

April 6, 2021, Law & Crime, "Prosecutors, Citing Suspect’s Post-Jan. 6 Contact with Dinesh D’Souza and Joe Rogan, Claim Capitol Rioter Is Too ‘Savvy’ to Be Released on Bail," by Colin Kalmbacher, "The court appeared skeptical of the relevance, wondering why the government might be concerned about a defendant getting “a book deal” and making “a lot of money,” according to Inner City Press,"

March 30, 2021, La Prensa (Honduras), "Tony Hernandez, This Is How His Sentencing Unfolded," "the trial unfolded this way according to Inner City Press,"

March 30, 2021, UNeTV Honduras interview outside SDNY, from 3:10:

March 24, 2021, Berliner Zeitung, "Wirecard reference: Manager Ruben Weigand found guilty in New York," "The sentence will be set on June 25th. This is reported by the investigative platform Inner City Press,"

March 22, 2021, France24 / AFP, "Alleged partner of the president of Honduras found guilty of drug trafficking," '"I think Fuentes was a collateral victim of the (US) government's desire to prosecute President Hernández. I assume that at some point there will be an indictment (against the president) if there isn't one already, and the president will have to deal with that," his attorney Avi Moskowitz told Inner City Press after the verdict," &

March 20, 2021, Explica, "They reveal a list of 78 people that “El Cachiro” would have killed in Honduras," "The international agency Inner City Press, through journalist Matthew Russell Lee, revealed this Friday the list of 78 people who apparently killed in Honduras the former leader of the cartel of The Cachiros, Devis Leonel Rivera Maradiaga,"

March 18, 2021, Macau Business, "Judge grants convicted businessman Ng Lap Seng early prison release," "Ng’s defence had also requested for the businessman to take a private charter flight back to China, according to publication Inner City Press,"

March 18, 2021, Ponto Final (Portuguese), "Macau businessman Ng Lap Seng expected to leave prison soon," "Ng's defense also asked that the businessman be allowed to take a private flight back to China, according to Inner City Press,"

March 17, 2021, Criterio (Honduras), "New York prosecutor's office asks for life in prison for "Tony" Hernández," "According to documentation presented by the Prosecutor's Office and published by Inner City Press , "Tony" Hernández began his criminal conduct in drug trafficking between 2004 and 2008, when he joined Héctor Emilio Fernández Rosa's drug trafficking structure,"

March 16, 2021, Criterio (Honduras), "JOH received US $ 15,000 in the first meeting with Geovanny Fuentes, according to a witness in a trial in NY," "According to the statements collected by Inner City Press, the day began with "the accountant" narrating two of his visits to the drug laboratory located in Cerro Negro, Cortés. Both visits separated by a period of three months were carried out at the request of his boss, Fuad Jarufe,"

March 12, 2021, Criterio (Honduras), "Judge Castel prohibits recordings after audio leak in trial against Geovanny Fuentes," "According to information released by Inner City Press, the sound fragments released through the YouTube platform correspond to the testimony of Devis Leonel Rivera Maradiaga in relation to the bribes made to President Juan Hernández. These audios would have been obtained through one of the telephone conference lines, which is why they would be suspended,"

March 12, 2021, Tiempo (Honduras), "They reveal a list of 78 people El Cachiro Killed," "the interenational agency Inner City Press,through journalist Matthew Russell Lee, on Friday revealed the list of 78 people killed by the former leader of Los Cachiros cartel,

March 12, 201, La Tribuna (Honduras), "El Cachiro admits to lying: His intention was to work with the DEA, he denied information and does not know of ordered deaths," Information source Inner City Press,

March 11, 2021, Criterio (Honduras), "In trial against Geovanny Fuentes, Cachiros boss reveals that he gave bribes to JOH, Ricardo Álvarez and Mel Zelaya," "During the trial, Devis Rivera admitted that after Geovanny Fuentes was imprisoned in New York, he found him on two occasions, although it should not have happened. The first was in one of the bathrooms, where Fuentes began to cry and speak ill of the Honduran president, Inner City Press reported,"

March 11, 2021, UNeTV

March 10, 2021, "Bank fraud in the USA: What role did the German defendant and Wirecard play?" by Sabine Löwenberger, Casino Online, Germany, "Akhavan and Weigand have set up payment solutions for both marijuana dealers and the porn and gambling industries, according to reports from investigative journalists at Inner City Press,"

March 10, 2021, Above The Law, "Lawyer Who Boasted About Kicking In Nancy Pelosi’s Door Released On Bail, Wants A Glass Of Wine With Dinner," by KATHRYN RUBINO, "Calhoun also lamented the end of his legal practice, according to Inner City Press,"

March 9, 2021, Law & Crimes, "Lawyer Who Bragged About Storming Capitol Asks Judge If He Can Get a Drink with His Steak Tonight," by COLIN KALMBACHER, "According to Inner City Press, Calhoun protested that sites like YouTube aren’t strictly social media because they contain how-to videos,"

March 9, 2021, El Libertador, Honduras, "HONDURAS / NEW YORK PROSECUTOR ACCUSATION AFFIRMS BEFORE JUDGE: "HE IS GUILTY," "The US drug trafficking trial against Geovanny Fuentes Ramírez began on the morning of March 9. Inner City Press was there,"

March 4, 2021, Radio Honduras, "New York court would be accepting new evidence that would link JOH with alleged narco Geovanny Fuentes, according to journalist Matthew Russell Lee,"

Feb 25, 2020, Honduras UNeTV on upcoming Fuentes trial, and US v. Nejad information Inner City Press filed to get unsealed: and episode

Jan 30, 2021, Law & Crime, "Two Proud Boys Indicted on Conspiracy Charges, Attorney Says Defendant Being Denied Access to Counsel," by COLIN KALMBACHER, "Pepe was granted bail by the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York (SDNY) on January 13, according to Inner City Press,"

Jan 29, 2021, ShadowProof, "US JUSTICE DEPARTMENT TRIES TO STIFLE ALLEGED WIKILEAKS SOURCE’S CHALLENGE TO CRUEL CONFINEMENT," by Kevin Gosztola, "Lawyer Sabrina Shroff, according to Matthew Russell Lee of Inner City Press, opened Schulte’s trial by maintaining the CIA did not want these documents published and the CIA had no idea how they were leaked,"

January 14, 2020, IMF Briefing, "I wanted to ask about two programs or possible programs that seem to be kind of in play. One is in Kenya. It's reported, at least, that $1.5 billion program is getting near. There seems to be a lot of issues with the Paris Club," &

January 13, 2021, "Guterres - a Pro-Makhzen?" by Mourad Bendris, "Melissa Flemming. Who was not prayed for, against all odds because the fact was allowed, to take radical measures against himself and Inner City Press; both had their accreditation withdrawn and banned from entering the headquarters of the international organization. Worse, continued Matthew Russell Lee, the lady Flemming even banned him, and any representative of Inner City Press, all access to the WebEx platform; a platform that allows journalists to cover live events taking place both within the UN and other major international institutions, such as the International Monetary Fund (IMF),"

January 11, 2021, Portal Diplomatico, "Matthew Lee: Antonio Guterres and his team collaborate with the Moroccan lobby at the United Nations to censor the issue of Western Sahara," "In an interview with El Portal Diplomático, the journalist specialized in United Nations affairs, Matthew Russell Lee, addresses the complicity of certain circles within the United Nations to facilitate the operation of pro-Moroccan journalists; as well as the alleged corruption of Guterres,"

January 10, 2021, Seattle Times, "Seattle man charged with assaulting a federal officer at U.S. Capitol siege, "Leffingwell’s attorney said in court that he intended to return to Seattle, and the magistrate judge ordered him to stay away from Washington, D.C., according to reporting by Inner City Press journalist Matthew Russell Lee,"

January 8, 2021, IMF Transcript of the Press Briefing on the 2020 China Article IV Staff Report, "MS. YAN: Thank you, Helge. Our next questions come from Inner City Press about overseas lending. Please go ahead.  Q: In your report you talk about China's overseas lending and you mentioned it in your opening. I wanted to know what the IMF thinks given rising debt levels among African countries and elsewhere. And some skepticism being raised about the so-called Belt and Road project. How do you think that will either impact it or be addressed in going forward? MR. BERGER: Two issues here,"

December 31, 2020, CoinGreek, "NY court grants Reginald Fowler lawyers’ motion to withdraw," Steve Kaaru, "Fowler admitted that he is unable to pay his legal team. As Inner City Press reports, he told Judge Failla:  'I have used all my assets. I put my properties up for bail. I can’t get a bank account,'"

December 29, 2020, El Portal Diplomatico, "The Moroccan lobby at the UN and Guterres' Communication team veto journalist specialized in the Sahrawi issue," "the new head of the Secretary General's Communication team, Melissa Fleming, prevented the entry of journalist Matthew Lee, specialized in armed conflicts and with more than 10 years of journalistic work in the Organization.  Thus, media such as Inner City Press are censored"

December 28, 2020,, "The State of Senegal Assigned To Justice," "Senegal faces condemnation in the United States. According to the Obs which quotes Inner City Press, a media specializing in the coverage of legal cases, the Senegalese mission to the United Nations and its former ambassador, Fodé Seck, are being sued,"

December 24, CoinGeek, "OneCoin marketing chief in plea talks with US prosecutors," by Steve Kaara, "Inner City Press reported: 'To date, the Government has produced to the defendant a voluminous amount of discovery, including, but not limited to, two hard drives containing several terabytes of data,'"

December 20, 2020, ForkLog, "The trial of the co-founder of the OneCoin pyramid was suspended for three months," by Roman Petrov, "Inner City Press says 'On #OneCoin Sebastian Greenwood and US Attorney's Office Get Stay of Discovery for 90 Days 00 Next Date March 26,'"

December 10, 2020, Moguldom Nation, "Black America Says DJ VLAD Interviews Are Being Used By Feds To Jail Rappers," by Ann Brown, "Inner City Press confirmed that information Casanova supplied during his interviews, presumably with Vlad, was used in the indictment, HipHopDX reported.   On Twitter, Inner City Press noted that it found a Department of Justice filing against Casanova that read, “In public interviews, (Casanova) has admitted to stabbing inmates while incarcerated on those charges,”

December 9, 2020, UpNewsInfo, "Twitter Turns On DJ Vlad Following Casanova’s Arrest," by Bradley Lamb, "'In public interviews, he has admitted to stabbing inmates while incarcerated on those charges. And the Government has recovered photos from his iCloud account of several firearms,' writes Inner City Press,"

December 8, 2020, HipHopDJ, "Fans on Twitter Blame Casanova's VladTV Interviews for FBI Indictment and Are Demanding a Boycott," by Kyle Eustice, "InnerCityPress, the outlet that meticulously covered Tekashi 6ix9ine’s racketeering trial on Twitter, confirmed information Casanova supplied during his interviews, presumably with Vlad, was used in the indictment. But, as mentioned earlier, there’s no mention of VladTV in the indictment.  'In public interviews, he has admitted to stabbing inmates while incarcerated on those charges,' a tweet reads,"

December 1, 2020, Def Pen, "New York Judge Sentences Kooda B To 54 Months In Prison," by Ryan Shepard, "'Mr. McKenzie, your music videos showed you with a red bandana, even after your arrest. This disappointed me,' Judge Engelmayer said - See Inner City Press's other tweets,"
November 16, 2020, CoinGeek, "OneCoin trial sentencing deferred 6 months for ‘cooperation,'" by Ed Drake, "Konstantin Ignatova had been due for sentencing on July 8, which at the time was extended for a period of a further four months, Inner City Press reported,"

November 16, 2020, CoinAnnounce, "OneCoin promoter Konstantin Ignatova’s sentencing deferred six months," by Jai Pratap,

November 4-5, 2020, New York Post Page 6, "Tekashi 6ix9ine’s kidnapper sentenced to 24 years in prison," by Rebecca Rosenberg, “'I’m not an angel but I’m not a monster either,' Ellison, 33, pleaded to Engelmayer, according to Inner City Press,"

November 4, 2020, Uproxx, "Tekashi 69’s Kidnapper Has Reportedly Been Sentenced To 24 Years In Prison," by Carolyn Droken, " Matthew Russell Lee, an independent journalist who has covered Tekashi-related legal matters closely, was present for the hearing. He live-tweeted the proceedings and claimed Ellison stood behind his actions and told the judge. 'I’m not an angel. But I’m not a monster either,' Ellison said,"

November 3, 2020, Foreign Policy, "Avoiding America’s Election Mayhem For the first time, the UN is warning staffers of how to deal with disturbances after a US election," "The internal guidance, previously reported on Inner City Press, comes several months after the U.N. leadership sought to discourage UN staffers from participating in demonstrations following the killing of George Floyd,"

November 1, 2020, Crypto Money News (Turkey), "OneCoin fraud attorney banned from work in New York," by Adum Brant, "Inner City Press @innercitypress · 6 Kas 2019 ve diğer 8 kişiye yanıt olarak AUSA Folly: Who mostly set up the shell companies? Konstantin: Irina Dilkinska,"

October 21, 2020, CoinGeek, "Ex-NFL team owner seeks to renew plea talks in Crypto Capital case," by Steve Kaaru, "According to Inner City Press, the lawyers claim that Fowler has had over $258 million frozen. They requested a hearing on this next week,"

October 19, 2020, IMF press conference, "MS. AMR: Matthew Lee from City Press has two questions, but we'll start with a question on Yemen. What is the status of the use of the new DL bank notes printed by the central bank in Yemen? And any actions taken by the IMF?"

October 8, 2020, Columbia Journalism Review, "What does a news organization owe its essential sources?" by Bill Grueskin, "Edwards’ own lawyer confirmed that she was leaking to BuzzFeed, in a video captured by Matthew Russell Lee of Inner City Press,"

September 30, 2020, "Clare Bronfman: Coverage of Her Sentencing," Frank Report, "new filing on PACER, a last-minute request from Inner City Press for a telephone link to the proceedings,"

September 24, 2020,, "PokerStars Founder Isai Scheinberg Sentenced to Time Served," by Bryce Derouin," Scheinberg’s lawyers said he deserved a lesser sentence for surrending to U.S. authorities and because PokerStars took on the $304 million of Full Tilt Poker’s liability, according to the report in Inner City Press,"

September 24, 2020,, "PokerStars Founder Isai Scheinberg Dodges Prison in Black Friday Indictment," by Philip Conneller, "'I don’t condone what you did, but the world is made of fallible people,' said Kapan, as reported by Inner City Press,"

September 24, 2020,, "Poker Site Operator Gets Slap On The Wrist For Charges Stemming From Black Friday PokerStars Founder Isai Scheinberg Received No Jail Time And A $30,000 Fine," by Steve Schult, "Scheinberg’s attorney, Paul Shectman, used that gesture as an argument for a light sentence, according to the Inner City Press. Kaplan ended up agreeing,"

September 24, 2020, VegasSlotsOnline, "PokerStars Co-Founder Isai Scheinberg Avoids ‘Black Friday’ Jail Time, Will Pay $30,000 Fine," "According to reports from Inner City Press, Scheinberg could have been sentenced to between 12 and 18 months in prison,"

September 24, 2020, SBC Americas, "Pokerstars’ Isai Scheinberg avoids prison sentence as judge issues $300,000 fine," by Erin-Marie Gallagher, "According to Inner City Press, the only media outlet present at the hearing, Scheinberg was facing a prison sentence of between 12-to-18 months,"

September 24, 2020, PokerFirma, "USA: $ 30,000 FINE BUT NO IMPRISONMENT FOR ISAI SCHEINBERG," in German: "Matthew Russell Lee, who was the only representative of the press on site, reports exclusively for the Inner City Press on what Judge Lewis A. Kaplan said,"