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August 2, 2021

Amid UN Censorship, Lawyer's Letter to UN Trio and UNCA Dozen Is A Litmus Test

By Matthew Russell Lee, Patreon
BBC - Guardian UK - Honduras - ESPN

UN GATE, July 29 – Each day, the current United Nations gets worse. Usually we focus on Secretary General Antonio Guterres moving from concealing his links to UN briber CEFC China Energy to banning the Press that asks, to failures on Sri Lanka, Cameroon, Haiti, Honduras (JOH) & Nigeria (Nnamdi & Igboho).

 But today the UN loses a journalist of integrity, Apostolis Zoupaniotis, retiring to return to Greece. Even after the UN in retaliation threw Inner City Press out of its UN office, Apostolis offered the use of his cubicle.

  By contrast the insiders of the UN Correspondents Association, while purporting to praise this journalist among with UN Spokesman Stephane Dujarric on three week vacation in Greece, have neither responded to or offered any explanation when a lawyer's letter - to each UNCA Executive Committee member - urged them to have a dialogue about ending the UN's banning and censorship of Inner City Press.

The letter was received by the UN's Melissa Fleming, Maria Luiza Vioti and Tal Mekel and to each UNCA Executive Board member, to them citing UNCA's stated goals that it has a charter to supposedly uphold.

What's next? Since the letter, Inner City Press has published exclusive stories not only from the U.S. court systems but about the United Nations, including its agencies UNOPS, UNFPA, UNITAR and UNESCO. (Also credited in AP, Daily Mail, and Nigeria's Sahara Reporters, amid answers from the IMF.)

But none of its written questions have been answered by the UN Spokespeople, and it remains banned from entry to the UN's briefings. This must end.   

 Having asked for a colleagial discussion, and while still offering it, things must turn to the law. UNCA is a New York State non-profit which has not only not abided by its stated goals - it has tortiously interfered with a journalist's right to cover the United Nations.    The United Nations itself propounds Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and has other legal duties that must be addressed by national courts, particularly in the UN's host country... 

Those in receipt of the first, friendly letter:,,,,  and UNCA
Valeria Robecco, ANSA News Agency, Nabil Abi Saab, Al-Araby, Jianguo Ma, Xinhua News Agency, Edith Lederer, Associated, Giampaolo Pioli, Quotidiano, Linda Fasulo, Ibtisam Azem, Al-Araby Al-Jadeed Newspaper, Ali Barada, France 24, Asharq Al-Awsat; Oscar Bolanos, OMB News, Sherwin Bryce-Pease, SABC South Africa - Alexander Hassanein, The Tokyo Shimbun, Maria Khrenova, TASS, Philippe Rater, Agence France-Presse, Kaori Yoshida, Nikkei, Betul Yuruk, Anadolu Agency at,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  We'll have more on this. Watch this site.

July 26, 2021

In Corrupt UN of Guterres Sudan Staff Complain of UNFPA Nepotism & Retaliation

By Matthew Russell Lee, Patreon
BBC - Guardian UK - Honduras - ESPN

UN GATE, July 19, updated July 22 – How corrupt has the UN system become under Antonio Guterres? Well, here is a sample retaliation complaint within UNFPA, in Sudan, which has been provided to Inner City Press, which Guterres has had banned for 1213 days without providing answers:

"Please provide the name and position of the person(s) who has committed the alleged act(s) of  retaliation:   Mr. Mateen Shaheen; Deputy Representative UNFPA CO, Sudan; email:  Mr. Massimo Diana; Representative UNFPA CO, Sudan; email:    II. Protected Activity:   Did you report misconduct? To whom and when (date) did you make your report of misconduct?  Yes, to the Executive Director on May 24th. 2021  

What misconduct did you report? (Please describe in the context of Section 6 of the policy).  Personnel who witness or are affected by wrongdoing.   Did you cooperate with a duly authorized fact-finding activity? Who was or made aware of your  cooperation?   Yes, Ethics Office   When did the authorized fact-finding activity take place? What was your role (complainant,  witness, other)?

Was a report completed?   On June 3rd. 2021, as a Complainant.    III. Allegation of Retaliation:   Describe, in as much detail as possible, the detrimental action(s) (i.e., alleged retaliation) that you  suffered as a result of your protected activity, described in Section II (i.e., reporting the  misconduct, or, cooperating with a duly authorized fact-finding activity). Please attach additional  pages, if necessary.  

1. Harsh or rude communication style by senior management through emails and during meetings,  including repeatedly publicly asking staff to look for jobs outside of UNFPA and rudely accusing them of  not being worth their salaries.   2. Continuous staff harassment, systematic violation of HR policies and abuse of authority that resulted  in an unprecedented high resignation rate of several valuable UNFPA staff and a resulting loss of critical  institutional memory, including HR Associate resignation in order not to be implicated in corrupt recruiting  practices driven by senior management.  

3. Discrimination and nepotism; specifically, un-unified methods of recruitment, including 12 new  positions were not opened internally following procedure’ referring to ‘fast track recruitments’ in order to  not extend contracts of national staff in the Sudan CO in favour of bringing in staff who have served with  senior management in former duty stations. As evidence, in the last six months, six new positions have  been recruited and filled by staff from Syria, the former duty station of the Representative. Further,  positions have also been filled through personal relations such as bringing on board the wife of the  1   Representative’s friends in Khartoum into the Youth Program without transparency or clarity on roles  and responsibility. 

 4. Manipulating PAD’s and individual performance evaluation reports, as senior management assigned  a committee to review and amend performance evaluation report (meant to be between the employee  and their direct supervisor). The committee and staff requesting the (negative) amendments to my  performance evaluation do not directly supervise me and have no insight into my daily work for UNFPA. 

 5. Senior management also offered a three-month contract, citing the amended negative performance  evaluation report mention in the previous point; has also been decided by the same committee as a  deliberate strategy in order to pave the way for non-extension or termination of staff contracts.

 6. Pressure to take on colleague’s vacated role with no transparency: After the Programme Assistant in  Health Unit resigned citing repeated staff harassment by senior management, I was then offered his post.  I am more than happy to take on additional tasks, roles and responsibilities as required by the programme,  always keeping in mind the project’s best interest to effectively achieve project goals as part of our  important work in Sudan within a harassment free work environment. I have previously supported various  divisions and units within the agency upon request beyond my job description. However, in this case I  was not offered a clear ToR for the new role offered to me despite repeatedly requesting additional  information.  

7. Violation of UN Human Resources Charter: As I am familiar with the work of our former colleague, the  Health Unit ProgramAssistant, I was fully aware that the ToR of this position is significantly different  from my own. Yet senior management or HR were not willing to discuss this transparently or adapt my  current ToR accordingly, including adjusting the grade and/or level appropriately. As more than 20% of  my ToR would be changed this reaction clearly violated the UN Human Resources recruitment policy.   8. Contract terminated/ not extended: Two weeks later, I have been sent a letter stating that my contract  will no longer be renewed after 30 June 2021 and being pressured to sign this letter by HR and Senior  Management. This was similar to being pressured to sign my amended performance review and is clearly  linked to my principled refusal to take over my colleague’s position after he resigned in distress and no  review of my ToR was conducted. 

 Please explain why you believe the protected activity led to the alleged retaliation? If you are  alleging several acts of retaliation, please provide a link between the protected activity/activities  and each alleged act of retaliation.   Receipt of a letter stating that my contract will no longer be renewed after 30 June 2021 (two weeks after  Senior Management offering of Program Assistant position without a clear ToR for the new role  offered to me. 

 Please list any evidence or documentation that would support your allegation of retaliation. If  available, please provide the documents listed.   1. Assessing the Work from Home modality; evidence to point 1 in Part III   2. RE PGSD08 2020 NtF AWP and DoP Amendment; evidence to the start of personal harassment by  Senior Management   3. RE Contract Extension 21; evidence to points 4 and 5 in Part III   4. RE Expiry of Contract; evidence to points 6, 7 and 8 in Part III   5. Non Extension Letter - Elhassan Zain Elabdin   6. Staff Association Official Letter Draft to Senior Management; submitted on May 9th. 2021 7. Concern Regarding Developments at UNFPA Sudan   8. Individual Concerns at UNFPA Sudan   9. Non-Extension of Contract UNFPA Sudan Country Office  

Please provide the names and positions of any individuals who may be able to provide  corroborating information to support your complaint of retaliation: [REDACTED DUE TO EXPRESSED FEAR OF RETALIATION IN GUTERRES' CORRUPT UN.]

 IV. Purpose of complaint:   Please state your goal in lodging this complaint. What would you like to happen?  Ensuring fair assessment to my Performance Evaluation Report.   Conducting investigation on the senior management practices listed in part III   Providing protection against the current retaliation practices by the senior management  Setting prevention policy of the future retaliation practices by the senior management  Ensuring harassment-free work environment.   

V. History:   Who else besides the Ethics Office have you contacted for assistance?   No other parties and/or bodies have been contacted for assistance."

Until Inner City Press, along with additional confidential information. Watch this site.

July 12, 2021

SG Guterres Covers Up UN Sex Abuse in DRC & Haiti As Bans Inner City Press 1200 Days

By Matthew Russell Lee, Video here, Vine here

UN GATE, July 6 -- Stephane Dujarric, the lead spokesman of UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres, and now Guterres' Global Communicator Melissa Fleming have joined their boss in personally covering up child rapes and sexual abuse by UN personnel, including recently a child rape by a UN "peacekeeper" from Paul Biya's Cameroon in DR Congo.

  Even while they and OIOS Ben Swanson purport to care - and even answer questions - on the UN's cover up for Burundian and Gabon rapes in CAR in 2017, they have adopted corrupt Guterres' solution going forward: cover up the cases in advance. Rough up and ban the Press which asks, leave inside only insiders who ask why they can't use the UN escalator instead of walking one or two flights of stairs, and refuse to answer written questions. Their UN is dying - and taking young victims with it. See Tel Aviv UNTSO video first published by Inner City Press on June 23, here, and Swanson here.

 On July 6 at 10 am, the UN data dumped yet new cases of sexual abuse on Haiti and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, by international staff including "UN Volunteers" for which nationality was not provided.

 On the morning of July 6, 2021,  Inner City Press in writing asked Guterres, Amina J. Mohammed and their spokespeople: "On UN sexual exploitation and abuse - alleged - this is a request on the new 2021 UN sex abuse in DRC and Haiti by UN "peacekeeping" civilian international UN staff members, including UN Volunteers, with nationality not given (alleged rape), dumped at 10 am on July 6, 2021 that you immediately provide the "if asked" information, also the June 15 data-dumped cases none of you have answered Inner City Press on, also about case of child rape in CAR by a Gabon "peacekeeper," a UN civilian child rape in DRC and a UN civil sex abuse case in South Sudan, all data dumped at 12:35 pm on Jan 5, 2021... This is a request that you immediately confirm receipt of these questions and requests and explain how UN spox and official blocking such questions is not complicity -Matthew Russell Lee," So far, nothing. Corrupt.

 On September 2, 2020 after the US Attorney for the Southern District of New York announced the indictment and arrest of UN staffer Karim Elkorany for drugging and raping women in Iraq, the UN data dumped more UN sexual abuse charges -- the fourteenth this summer, only so far, as Guterres is dragging the UN down to his level of mounting abuse and no answers - this time sexual abuse by UN Tunisia "peacekeeper" in Mali, and rape by a Philippines peacekeeper in Haiti. Only on this last, child rape in Haiti (but not drug rape in Iraq), the UN's Farhan Haq has responded to Inner City Press with an answer, the first in months, which we immediately publish: "The United Nations Integrated Office in Haiti (BINUH) has received an allegation of sexual abuse involving a member of the military contingent from the Philippines deployed to the former United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH).    The allegation refers to the rape of a child that allegedly took place in 2006, and resulted in the birth of a child.    The UN has informed the Member State of the allegation and has requested that a National Investigation Officer (NIO) be appointed within five (5) working days, and for the investigation to be completed within 90 days.    BINUH has referred the alleged victim for appropriate assistance in line with the UN’s victim assistance protocols." We'll have more on this.

 No answers, despite Dujarric's previous on camera commitment / lie about answering Inner City Press' questions. Video here.

July 5, 2021

On Honduras As US Omits JOH From List of Corrupt Actors Inner City Press Asks Zuniga

By Matthew Russell Lee, Patreon Song Filing
BBC - Guardian UK - Honduras - ESPN

SDNY COURTHOUSE / UN Gate July 1 – Honduras President Juan Orlando Hernandez took a briefcase of cash and said he would stuff drugs up the noses of the gringos, a jury was told on March 16, 2021.  Inner City Press live tweeted it, morning here and then the afternoon, about the video(s), here and below. Geovanny Fuentes was found guilty, and his lawyer told Inner City Press he thinks JOH will be or has already been indicted.

 But when the U.S. State Department on July 1 released its Section 353 List of Corrupt and Undemocratic Actors for Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador, Juan Orlando Hernandez was not on the list.

 At 4:30 pm on July 1 the State Department held a press call with Special Envoy for the Northern Triangle Ricardo Zúniga. Others asked about Guatemala and El Salvador (and China) - then Inner City Press asked about Honduras, noting that while Pepe Lobo and Oscar Najera are on the list, JOH is not, despite evidence presented by US DOJ in the Tony Hernandez and Geovanny Fuentes Ramirez cases, below.

Envoy Zuniga replied that the US uses a variety of tools and will only work with leaders who are committed to anti-corruption. What? Transcript here:

MR PRICE:  We’ll go the line of Matthew Russell Lee. 

QUESTION:  Sure.  Thanks a lot.  And thanks, thanks for doing the call.  I wanted to ask about Honduras.  In looking at the list, you have former President Pepe Lobo, you have current Congressman Oscar Najera, and you mention this Cachiros.  But being here in the Southern District of New York court and covering the trials of the brother of the current president and of Geovanny Fuentes Ramirez, it’s clear that President Juan Orlando Hernandez is mentioned repeatedly by Department of Justice prosecutors as not only getting campaign contributions from drug traffickers but perhaps being involved in it himself.  So I’m wondering:  On this specific case, can you say what the reasoning is of not having him on the list? 

MR ZUNIGA:  So for questions about U.S. criminal prosecutions, we obviously refer you to the Department of Justice.  We do – this list is intended to demonstrate that we have a commitment to the rule of law and to fighting impunity in Honduras.  We’ve made that clear in our communications with governments across the region, including Honduras, and we’ve made clear that leaders who seek a close relationship with the United States have to demonstrate a commitment to combating corruption.  We use, again, a variety of tools for promoting accountability and combating impunity.  This is one – this list is one of several tools that we use for that purpose.  We do work with other actors in Honduras in government, in civil society, in private sector, and – but again, our primary commitment is to leaders who demonstrate a commitment to combating corruption.

 On May 10, in the parallel case of US v. Lobo,  Honduras police officer Ludwig Criss Zelaya Romero was being sentenced by Judge Schofield. Inner City Press live tweeted it here:

Inner City Press video stand up afterward here.

This case is US v. Lobo, et al., 15-cr-174 (Schofield)

US Speaks On Ethiopia Ceasefire As Guterres Brags of Call With Abiy While UN Bans Press

By Matthew Russell Lee, Patreon
BBC - Guardian UK - Honduras - ESPN

UN GATE, June 29– While the UN belatedly expressed concern that Tigrayan troops in the UN Peacekeeping Mission in South Sudan were suddenly "repatriated" -- the same thing the UN does for troops from Cameroon when they are charged with rape in the Central African Republic -- its Secretary General Antonio Guterres who refuses Press questions now on June 28 has another canned statement, notably with no date line as having grabbed five more years by banning at least seven opposition candidates he plans more unreported personal travel.

Now on June 29 from the US, this: "The Government of Ethiopia’s announcement yesterday of a unilateral ceasefire in the Tigray region could be a positive step if it results in changes on the ground to end the conflict, stop the atrocities, and allow unhindered humanitarian assistance.  We are closely monitoring developments...The United States stands ready to work with the Ethiopian government, Tigrayan authorities, the United Nations, and other international partners to expedite the delivery of life-saving food assistance." Don't count on the UN of Guterres - he has banned the Press for 1093rd day, and answered no questions.

UN Spokesman Stephane Dujarric has refused all Press questions about Ethiopia, and Cameroon, and Guterres' son Pedro Guimarães e Melo De Oliveira Guterres doing business in Africa while his father is UNSG.

Today's UN is corrupt and has not credibility.


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June 28, 2021

In UN Corrupted By Guterres, Term Limits Repeal Rejected Then Reinstated In Re-Vote

By Matthew Russell Lee & sources, Patreon
BBC - Guardian UK - Honduras - ESPN

UN GATE, June 25, Exclusive – Elections are in full swing at the UN Staff Union in New York, just after the ghoulish one-man "re-election" of Antonio Guterres as Secretary General with at least seven opposition candidates blocked. A fish rots from the head. Now another update from banned Inner City Press:

With elections underway for the UN staff union in New York, the first Vice-President, Aitor Arauz Chapman, found his ticket disqualified because he had exceeded term limits.  

Not to be outdone by the rules, he and outgoing president Patricia Nemeth organized an emergency general meeting, without getting the 300 signatures required, in order to lift term limits halfway through the elections. This practice is illegal in countries and in the union itself.  900 staff turned out and the proposal was voted down.

 The outgoing leadership unilaterally decided that the vote they had lost was "unreliable" and announced a new vote, this time through Microsoft Forms.

By using this survey software they could see exactly who voted and how.  No independent observers were allowed access and many of those who attended the original EGM did not receive a link to vote.  Unsurprisingly, the vote was reversed to allow the outgoing leadership to run again.  Staff members have accused the union leadership of foul play and corruption.

They are calling on the Secretary-General to disallow their desperate attempts to outstay their legal welcome. However, it is unlikely the SG will intervene as he has publicly thanked the outgoing New York leadership for bending to his will and awarded them a special prize.

Also, Guterres engaged in his own electoral fraud, with at least seven opposition candidates blocked. To this has the UN sunk. 

With the outgoing President also running for the UN staff pension committee, many wonder what lies in store for their own pensions.

Watch this space - and keep the info coming, including responses. Unlike the UN of Guterres and Melissa Fleming, Inner City Press believes in free speech.


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June 21, 2021

In UN 1-Man Election Guterres Grabs 5 More Years Then Lies He's For Press Freedom

By Matthew Russell Lee, Patreon  Podcast
BBC - Guardian UK - Honduras - ESPN

SDNY COURTHOUSE, June 18 –   After a one-man election campaign, with at least seven opposition candidates entirely blocked, Antonio Guterres was coronated to another term as UN Secretary General on June 18.

Inner City Press, banned from the UN by Guterres for 1082 days and counting, live tweeted it here and podcast here)

Asia Pacific Group speaker says it made it easier that there was only one candidate (allowed)  African Group speaker does not mention Antonio Guterres  shameless records on the killings in Cameroon, nor the serious questions about discrimination raised by UN staff, here.

Now Slovakia for Eastern European Group says  @AntonioGuterres  has countered sexual exploitation and abuse (while Guterres covered up for Hochschild, and withholding peacekeeper rape info); claims "openness" though Inner City Press banned 1082 days & counting    Now Costa Rica for "GRULAC" (Latin America and Caribbean Group) cites  Antonio Guterres ' "attention to detail" - some say, mostly on retaliation and targeted censorship and ban of Press asking questions, here. 

Now an active co-conspirator in the 1-man election, Barbara Woodward of  @UKUN_NewYork  who as UNSC President refused to circulate or even acknowledge opposition candidates' submissions to her, and kept Press banned, so no questions on Cameroon, praises  @AntonioGuterres  

Speaking for  @USUN  "host country" (which for now does not uphold US First Amendment at the UN in NYC), it's not  @LindaT_G  (who was at the #Juneteenth announcement in DC), rather it's Jeffrey DeLaurentis, who's been directly told of SG censorship - and? 

Now speech by Portugal, which foisted  @AntonioGuterres  on the UN (and victimized countries like Cameroon & Honduras & #
Yemen & Haiti) for now more than five years. It is shameful that all opposition candidacies were thrown in the garbage can. Scrutiny needed 

Now this UNGA 1-candidate coronation "by acclamation" is over. Inner City Press is now going to cover actual news  @SDNYLIVE  court - but will have more on the need for increased scrutiny of and accountability from the UN  

Afterwards, Guterres took five hand-picked questions, one in Portuguese (a second answer, he started in Portuguese), then concluded claiming he is committed to press freedom - this while banning critical Inner City Press from the UN and its briefings for 1082 days and counting. This cannot stand. Watch this site


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June 14, 2021

Two-Man Race Has Maldives Shahid as PGA While 1-Man Dear Leader Guterres Bans Press

By Matthew Russell Lee, Patreon Periscope
BBC - Guardian UK - Honduras - CJR - PFT

UN GATE, June 7 – In the United Nations from which Secretary General Antonio Guterres has banned Inner City Press 1069 days for asking about his complicity in the killing of civilians in Cameroon, poisoning them in Haiti with cholera and COVID in South Sudan, and their mass imprisonment by China in Xinjiang), now Guterres stands poises to grab five more years - in a one-man "election" while blocking at least seven opponents.

By contrast, for UN PGA on June 7 there were at least two candidates, see Inner City Press tweet here.

Afterward, hypocritical one-man election Dear Leader Guterres said, "Mr. Abdulla Shahid will bring unique insights to the 76th session of the General Assembly, as we prepare for COP26 in Glasgow in November.   I also want to express my deep appreciation to His Excellency Dr. Zalmai Rassoul, and thank him for contributing to this dynamic process." This while Guterres blocks seven opponents. He is killing the UN.

  June's non-communicative president of the UN Security Council, Estonia's Sven Jurgenson, refuses questions on the legal basis but said the UNSG will do its part on June 7.

  UN PGA Volkan Bozkir's spokesman Brenden Varman, who blocks Inner City Press on Twitter, quickly said the GA will follow suit in June. So Guterres says, the theft completed, he'll open the UN - all the better to take bribes in - on July 6. Today's UN is lawless and unaccountable.

On May 28 Inner City Press wrote to the Mission of Estonia, as incoming UN Security Council president, with questions including about Cameroon, Belarus, Honduras, Yemen, Western Sahara, Haiti and Libya.

Four days later, no answers - and PR Sven Jurgenson has without irony said that blocking opposition is fine, as is a one-man "election" for Secretary General. He called it legal, without citing any law, and with a Mission not answering its email. ACT, then, is an act.

 Inner City Press live tweeted Jurgenson's press-less press conference, here, and will continue. And, Shahid should be sure to dump Brenden Varma, the revolving door PGA spokesperson who blocks Inner City Press on Twitter and refuses all of its questions - and, reverse the ban, allow access - watch this site.

June 7, 2021

UN Guterres Now Says Re-open HQ July 6 Once He's Stolen 5 More Years, Banning Press

By Matthew Russell Lee Exclusive Patreon Song
BBC - Guardian UK - Honduras - ESPN

SDNY COURTHOUSE, June 5 – How corrupt and undemocratic is today's United Nations?

Well, now that Antonio Guterres is pushing for a second five-year term, while banning the Press for the 1069th day for daring to ask about his finances and failures, he has collaborators. 

  Estonia and its ambassador Sven Jurgenson, refusing to answer Press questions, have lined up a Security Council rubber stamping of Guterres' second term for June 8. Estonia refused to circulate, or even summarized, 7 opponents' CVs.

The current President of the General Assembly Volkan Bozkir, a strongman from Turkey who due to his bigoted comments even pro-UN New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio wouldn't meet with, says he'll complete the rubber stamp in the GA during June.

 So not Guterres, who initially said he'd keep UNHQ closed to September, suddenly reverses course and say to reopen on July 6, once he has five more years to work and steal with:

From: BROADCAST United Nations <> Sent: Thursday, June 3, 2021 10:07:11 PM To: Broadcast - UNHQ NY Secretariat <>; Broadcast - Agencies, Funds and Programmes <> Subject: Letter from the Secretary-General to all NY-based staff || Lettre du Secrétaire général au personnel basé à New York   [Version française ci-dessous]  Dear New York-based Colleagues,   I am writing to update you on plans for a gradual return to the United Nations premises in New York and the resumption of in-person work in the coming months.      As you know, our premises have been open throughout the pandemic, and some staff have continued to work in-person, when their functions either could not be performed remotely, or when remote work would have impacted their effectiveness and efficiency.  I thank these colleagues for their dedication and commitment; we all owe them a debt of gratitude.  I also thank colleagues who have been working diligently remotely.  Thanks to you, the critical work of the United Nations has continued without any major disruptions.       Since my last update on 22 April 2021 about the phased return to our premises, the COVID-19 positivity rate in New York has fallen significantly and vaccines have become widely available in the Tri-State Area and in New York City. The New York authorities at both City and State levels have announced that following their consideration of the relevant Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines, restrictions on travel and gathering of people, including wearing of masks and physical distancing requirements, can now be eased in certain settings.        In line with these improved conditions and local guidelines, and following recommendations from the Senior Emergency Policy Team, I am pleased to inform you that as of 6 July 2021, the United Nations Headquarters in New York will meet the requirements to re-open fully for in-person business, subject to maximum building occupancy limits as applicable.     This means that from 6 July 2021, all personnel who have been working remotely five days a week since alternate working arrangements were mandated in March 2020 will be expected to gradually to return to the workplace.  Among other things, this will enable us to provide the necessary support to Member States, who are keen to resume work in the United Nations building.       This does not mean a return en masse to the office in July; nor does it mean a reversion to pre-March 2020 working patterns.  The transition to a full return will be gradual, and we are committed to learning the lessons of the past year.  As a starting point, from 6 July 2021, all personnel will be expected to perform their functions on premises, one or more days a week, according to a schedule to be established by each team in consultation with their entity’s occupational safety and health focal point.   I know that some of you, due to exceptional circumstances, might have agreed with your manager to return to the duty station at a date later than 6 July. In such circumstances, I am asking managers to honour these commitments, work permitting, and allow you to return no later than 1 September 2021.  All personnel working away from the duty station must be back at UNHQ by this date....   I hope to see many of you in person soon.     Yours sincerely,    António Guterres."

From late April, here was Guterres' mumbo jumbo pushing the return to September, by which time he hoped to have a 2d term in hand (but then the corruption moved faster)

"Thu 4/22/2021 4:57 PM Dear New York-based Colleagues,    I am writing to provide an update on our phased return to the premises in New York.  We currently remain in Phase 2 of our return, which sets maximum occupancy limits with current Host Government physical distancing restrictions.    The COVID-19 pandemic continues to cause massive disruption globally, and in every facet of people’s lives.  While the situation in New York continues to be of concern, there are signs of hope.  Recent key indicators of the pandemic in the city point to improvement compared to my last update in February.  Yet, with COVID-19 still spreading and the effects of the variants unknown, we must remain vigilant and continue to apply all the safety measures we have put in place.   Although we do not yet know for certain when we will enter our Next Normal, it is not expected to be before September.  You should therefore feel comfortable to plan accordingly.

May 31, 2021

As UNSC Prez Estonia Is Asked To Not Block Press Access & Questions on Haiti & Cameroon

By Matthew Russell Lee, Patreon Periscope
BBC - Guardian UK - Honduras - CJR - PFT

UN GATE, May 9 – In the United Nations from which Secretary General Antonio Guterres has banned Inner City Press 1062 days for asking about his complicity in the killing of civilians in Cameroon, poisoning them in Haiti with cholera and COVID in South Sudan, and their mass imprisonment by China in Xinjiang, on May 28 Inner City Press wrote to the Mission of Estonia, as incoming UN Security Council president, with questions including about Cameroon, Honduras, Yemen, Western Sahara, Haiti and Libya:

"This is a timely request that you sent Inner City Press the pass code(s) to access your UNSC Presidency press briefing on June 1 at 3 pm. I have questions to ask on what you will do this month about the conflicts in Myanmar, Cameroon, Yemen and Libya - and on the sexual harassment charges against Fabrizio Hochschild on which Inner City Press first reported in April 2019, for example - Inner City Press is asking to be provided with access / the passwords to your Estonia mission's stakeouts and press conferences this month as UNSC President.     As I hear that you may be moving the Council back into its Chamber, either way I would also like to ask you to instruct MALU  / USG-DGC Fleming to allow me to enter to cover it, for Inner City Press.    I should be allow to put question to Estonia Mission as UNSC President

Be aware that I for Inner City Press am invited to ask questions by the IMF at its briefings (see, e.g., May 20 here,  and Wilson Center on May 20, 2021 on North Korea, here

and May 27, 2021 "Briefing with Acting Assistant Secretary for Western Hemisphere Affairs Julie Chung On the Secretary’s Upcoming Travel to San Jose, Costa Rica," "Let’s go the line Matthew Russell Lee.  QUESTION: Sure. Thanks a lot and thanks for taking the question. I had wanted to ask specifically about Honduras. There have been a series of cases in the Southern District of New York where the brother of the president, Juan Orlando Hernandez, his brother Tony was convicted of drug trafficking," here.

    Separately, given that I have submitted to the PGA a letter and CV in  connection with SG election process, to cause a debate on UN press freedom and accountability, this is a formal request that you circulate my and other candidates' letter and CVs to member states, or immediately inform me why not, given that no written rule required a member state's endorsement to run.   Please immediately confirm receipt, and provide the passcode or state why not."

This is to Permanent Representative Sven Jürgenson and others -- Watch this site.

May 24, 2021

UN Guterres Cover Up of Hochschild Hands Down Pants Partially Picked Up By Politico

By Matthew Russell Lee, Exclusive CJR  Video

UN GATE, May 20 – How corrupt and hypocritical is the United Nations of Secretary General Antonio Guterres? He covered up for two years on seuxal harassment by his friend Fabrizio Hochschild, as banned Inner City Press asked him about it in writing. Then on January 28 Guterres lied and said he'd only found out days before. Video here.

 This lie came in a Press-less press conference. State media of Turkey, Qatar, as well as Reuters and the NYT, helped Guterres by not asking about the belated suspension of Hochschild.

  Now 17 weeks later, POLITICO's Melissa Heikkila and contributor Ryan Heath have reported on the Hochschild case - good - while focusing on Guterres' chef de cabinet having known, and not what leaked audio published by Inner City Press already showed. Guterres himself was informed, and told the Office of Internal Oversight Services, Back off. Shared audio here

With the Administration in DC poised to let Guterres grab another five year term, blocking all opponents like Inner City Press, will POLITICO push further, including on Guterres' censorship? Watch this site - and this question:

how does the UN allow into its briefing Heikkila from Europe while banning in New York Inner City Press, on the same day it put questions to the Wilson Center and IMF in DC? Guterres is a censor.

   Back on February 1, equally duplicitous spokesman Stephane Dujarric while refusing all written questions by Inner City Press said this: "There are procedures that are in place. My understanding is that OIOS (Office of Internal Oversight Services) then flags it once they have a certain level of confidence on the charges and that they have... on the ‑‑ excuse me ‑‑ confidence on the allegations and that they've interviewed a number of people, and so they were following their procedures.  I can share with you, a bit later today, sort of the... nothing on the individuality of the case, obviously, but just what we... the kind of procedures that are followed." Share what? When? With whom? We'll have more on this.

So much so that while Guterres claims zero tolerance and to be a feminist, he twice rewarded and covered up sexual misconduct in his own office. Inner City Press before May 2019 reported the #MeToo abuses of Fabrizio Hochschild, and asked Guterres in writing about them, with no answer. It published audio leaked to it; its exclusive was picked up here for example.

Now on January 28, this: "UN spokesperson Stéphane Dujarric said that the head of the Organization, Antonio Guterres, took " very seriously any allegation of harassment, abuse of power, discrimination or sexual harassment ”. After " allegations of possible prohibited conduct against Fabrizio Hochschild were brought to his attention ", a suspension of functions was decided during an internal investigation. Once achieved, " the secretary general will act quickly and take appropriate action on the basis of the findings, " added the spokesperson."

 But AFP sources it to a pro-Guterres in-house publication which said Guterres gets a "B" from feminists. What a joke - it is Guterres who should be ousted, for censorship to cover up rapes, by Karim Elkorany (UN staff in Iraq) and Peacekeepers in DRC and CAR. We'll have more on this.

 In a musical chairs personnel move on April 18, 2019, a day after he continued his now 935 day censorship of the Press, Guterres named as his new Assistant Secretary-General for Strategic Coordination one Volker Türk, who when Inner City Press asked him about refugees chased by Paul Biya's Cameroon army into Nigeria seemed not to know about it. Guterres, as we have reported, not only took a golden statue from Biya, but went silent on the killings since Cameroon was chair of the UN Budget Committee.

But it's worse: Turk took the position from Fabrizio Hochschild Drummond of Chile "who was appointed as Special Adviser of the Secretary-General on the Preparations for the Commemoration of the United Nations’ 75th Anniversary." This promotion was, ghoulishly, Guterres rewarding what multiple staff say was Hochschild's relationship with another junior staff member.

On January 22 with the failed 75th anniversary complete with the censorship of critical views,  Guterres recycled this abuser as his chief of technology, while still refusing all questions from Inner City Press - which was answered on Jan 22 by Andrew Yang, and by the IMF and others.

And on January 23, from UN staff who know, this came to Inner City Press: "What is actually most astonishing about this appointment is that a Secretary-General who claims that the UN under his leadership is making the impact of technology on human rights a priority has chosen as his "Tech Envoy" someone who profoundly ignorant of technology.  Without his talking points prepared by others, he is instantly lost on any technical topic. He has no clue what a blockchain is, what machine learning is, etc.  How can you be an "envoy" to a community that you neither understand nor respect?"

Guterres and those around him are corrupt.

May 17, 2021

To UN Opposing Guterres Inner City Press Filed to PGA As Did Whistleblower Now UN Swats

By Matthew Russell Lee Exclusive Patreon Song
BBC - Guardian UK - Honduras - ESPN

SDNY COURTHOUSE, May 15 – How corrupt and undemocratic is today's United Nations? Now they have sent Swiss police to the house of a whistleblower who, like Inner City Press, timely filed to oppose a second term for Antonio Guterres.

Now that Guterres is pushing for that second five-year term, while banning the Press for the 1048th day for daring to ask about his finances and failures, he has collaborators. 

  The current President of the General Assembly Volkan Bozkir, a strongman from Turkey who due to his bigoted comments even pro-UN New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio wouldn't meet with, has the duty of circulating letters from candidates. 

  But throughout February 2021 (and since) Bozkir refused to circulate the letter of UN staffer candidate Arora Akanksha.

Bozkir's spokesman Brendan Varma, who blocks Inner City Press on Twitter, continues to dance around what the rules are and won't answer. 

 So, as a test - and to raise the issue of the UN's lack of content neutral media access rules, lack of a Freedom of Information Act (fought for the Free UN Coalition for Access) and lack of scruples - Inner City Press on the morning of February 26 submitted a signed letter and C.V. to the PGA's Office and to Varma.  Since then, dodging and blockage, now of six

From: Emma Reilly Date: Tue, Mar 30, 2021 at 10:39 PM
Subject: Application for post of Secretary-General
To:,, usun.newyork 
Matthew R. Lee (@InnerCityPress / @MatthewLeeICP)

 Your Excellencies,   Kindly find attached my application for the post of Secretary-General, along with a document outlining accountability gaps that serves as my vision statement.  As I note in my cover letter, I intend this application to raise necessary questions about UN reform, ensuring that election by acclamation is not abused to further weaken accountability of UN staff who commit misconduct.  I look forward to hearing from you.  Kind regards, Emma Reilly.

  And how did Emma Reilly hear back from the UN of Guterres? She says they sent Swiss Police to her home, ironically while she was supposed to be on a Zoom meeting about whistleblowers, see here.

It's called swatting. This is how corrupt the UN has become under Guterres, who Emma Reilly says should resign. Inner City Press - and many others - agree. Watch this site.

May 10, 2021

Antonio Guterres Holds 1-Man Debate To Steal 2d Term As UNSG Blocking All Opponents

By Matthew Russell Lee, Patreon
BBC - Guardian UK - Honduras - ESPN

UN GATE, May 7 – While blocking at least seven opponents from even having their applications circulated, Antonio Guterres on May 7 held a ghoulish one-man "debate" on the road to stealing a second five-year term as UN Secretary General. Inner City Press live tweeted it, here:

In UN Inner City Press is banned from for 1040th day by this corrupt UN$G  @AntonioGuterres , he is holding a ghoulish one-man "debate" to steal a 2d five year term. He just said "surge of diplomacy" when he's failed on #Cameroon #Yemen #Honduras.Thread follows

1st speaker cites "transparent and open process" - when all seven timely opponents to Guterres have had their applications blocked and not circulated, and the Press which asks about Guterres' links to convicted UN bribers is banned

 2d Speaker shows how far "Accountability, Coherence & Transparency" group has fallen. They have allowed Guterres and  @UN_PGA   @Volkan_Bozkir  to block all opponents to Guterres, no CVs circulated. They have colluded in his censorship, too

3d Speaker is #ElSalvador, where Bukele just fired the judges to extend his power. In the UN there *are* not judges - they can just throw the applications of opposition candidates into the garbage can. Guterres' negative examples include censorship and hypocrisy

Now  @AntonioGuterres  says he has proposed 12 possible envoys on #WesternSahara, none accepted. Inner City Press: this is Guterres' failure and lack of will, and his colonial proclivities as shown in #Cameroon. No one has asked about Hochschild, Guterres #MeToo

 This  @OlofBSkoog  was on the UN Security Council when  @AntonioGuterres  has Inner City Press roughed up and banned. When asked about it, he said, "What can I do?" Has still done nothing on it at  @EUatUN . If these states cannot stop SG censoring, #UNisUseless

 Now another big supporter of Big Tony - they are emboldened by  @AntonioGuterres  unaccountable use of force against the Press, and went (much) further.

In fairness,  @BelgiumUN  just asked (albeit vaguely) about sexual harassment.  Inner City Press: Say the name! Fabrizio Hochschild! Why did  @AntonioGuterres  cover up for him? And order Inner City Press to destroy evidence of Padula's abuses after exposed in UNDT?

Now  @AntonioGuterres  thanks #SaudiArabia for its "flexibility" - on what, respecting the "physical integrity" of journalists? #BirdsOfaFeather

 Another big supporter of Big Tony  @AntonioGuterres , Equatorial Guinea. Another old leader holding on, who also mis-treats journalists.

First real question, given  @AntonioGuterres ' terrible record of the past four and a half years: NGO asks about the massive increase under Guterres in UN sexual abuse cases, with no accountable. Asks, what will Guterres do? Answer: Nothing. Only cover up.

Here it is: #Cameroon's Tommo Monthe, who bragged to Inner City Press that while he was chair of the UN Budget Committee and met with  @AntonioGuterres , his president Biya's mass killing of Anglophones never came up, offers support to Guterres to finish. #Genocide

 The  @UN_PGA  @Zolkan_Bozkir, who has blocked all opponents to  @AntonioGuterres , claimed he had to stop at 1 pm. But now at 1:01 pm he gives floor to #Qatar. #MoneyTalks #UNforSale #GuterresForSale

Lying to the end,  @AntonioGuterres  ends it with 10 countries not allowed to speak, he says "all questions will be answered"- while he has banned Inner City Press 1040 days and his  @UN_Spokesperson  refuses all of its written questions, lying

May 3, 2021

To UN Opposing Guterres Inner City Press Filed to PGA, Before 1-Man Debate Talk of Arteaga

By Matthew Russell Lee, Patreon Song
BBC - Guardian UK - Honduras - ESPN

SDNY COURTHOUSE, April 29 – How corrupt and undemocratic is today's United Nations?

Well, now that Antonio Guterres is pushing for a second five-year term, while banning the Press for the 1032nd day for daring to ask about his finances and failures, he has collaborators. 

  The current President of the General Assembly Volkan Bozkir, a strongman from Turkey who due to his bigoted comments even pro-UN New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio wouldn't meet with, has the duty of circulating letters from candidates.  Having failed six times, now a 7th:

"Ms. Arteaga is an Ecuadorian politician, writer, lawyer and social activist. She was the first female President and Vice-President of Ecuador.  Previous Minister of Education and Vice-minister of Culture, General Secretary of Amazon Cooperation Treaty Organization (ACTO)." Will Bozkir, Guterres, Vietnam, China and the US block her, as the other six? And if not, could any head of state, even a(nother) dictator, run and debate Guterres, while no one else could? There are many fake opponents. The UN could only be fixed from outside.

  But throughout February, March and now April 2021, Bozkir refused to circulate any letters or CVs. Guterres will do anything for a 2d term.

Including giving out jobs, during the campaign, to people who were supposed to oversee him. With all due respect, it is a conflict of interest. On April 26, "United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres today announced the appointment of Courtenay Rattray of Jamaica as High Representative for the Least Developed Countries, Landlocked Developing Countries and Small Island Developing States...  Currently Permanent Representative of Jamaica to the United Nations in New York, Mr. Rattray also serves as Co-chair of the Group of Friends of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Financing; Children and the SDGs; as well as the Group of Friends of Decent Work.  He has served as Chairperson of several key initiatives, including the 52nd session of the Commission on Population and Development (CPD52) in 2019, Co-facilitator for the Conclusions and Recommendations of the 2018 Financing for Development Forum...  Prior to his current position, he was Ambassador of Jamaica to the People’s Republic of China in Beijing (2008-2013)." We'll have more on this - Inner City Press is still banned from the UN, no answers to questions, we will not cease.

Bozkir's spokesman Brendan Varma, who blocks Inner City Press on Twitter, continues to dance around what the rules are and won't answer. 

 So, as a test - and to raise the issue of the UN's lack of content neutral media access rules, lack of a Freedom of Information Act (fought for the Free UN Coalition for Access) and lack of scruples - Inner City Press on the morning of February 26 submitted a signed letter and C.V. to the PGA's Office and to Varma.

April 26, 2021

UN Delays Next Normal to Sept As Bans Press So Guterres Can Try to Steal a 2d Term, Corrupt

By Matthew Russell Lee Exclusive Patreon Song
BBC - Guardian UK - Honduras -