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Community Reinvestment Reporter Welcome. The blue links to your left, if clicked, will take you to the various Reporters published by Inner City Press. We take (new) journalism seriously, but we do not pretend to be the re-cap evening TV news, with thirty seconds fragments which seem to equate superficiality with objectivity. We aim to provide analysis and information that might otherwise be missed, in the spirit of “the journalism of attentiveness” (see, e.g., The Quill, January 1, 1999, Pg. 9). Not only from the South Bronx, where we are based, but also of institutions -- such as the Federal Reserve, Citigroup, HSBC, General Electric, AIG and J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. -- that act and are of interest globally, but are apparently subject to accountability nowhere. Also, more generally, the Community Reinvestment Act, and redlining by  (and mergers between) banks, insurance, securities and telecommunications firms.   Following September 11, 2001, ICP began a Finance Watch, on issues of money laundering and bank accountability more generally.  ICP also spun off a Fair Finance Watch. For more on our work, see this list of articles and links.

New times, new media. The Inner City Press began in 1987, investigating and reporting on “the good, the bad and the ugly” then taking place in the South Bronx of New York City. Since then, as we and our affiliates have grown, we have expanded our scope to cover, among other things, the way government agencies refuse to enforce (or themselves abide by) the laws that protect us; the links between the highfalutin world of Wall Street finance, and, for example, the predatory high interest rate loans in the inner city.  In 2000, we began to cover Global Inner Cities, and the emerging anti-corporate globalization movement. Internet journalism makes these connections, with an immediacy that the print and corporate media cannot. As with all Internet journalism, this is a work in progress. Clicking on the blue bottons to the left will lead you to timely reporting on our various beats. Reprints are allowed, with permission and appropriate attributions. Contributions, also, are welcome.

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-- Matthew Lee, Editor. Tel: (718) 716-3540.  Fax (718) 716-3161.  E-mail: mlee [at]

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