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July 22, 2019

SDNY Judge Pauley Lays Down the Law to Johnson of Edenwald Houses After Michael Cohen Order

By Matthew Russell Lee

FEDERAL COURTHOUSE, July 17 – Hours after ordering the release of the Michael Cohen search warrant materials, US District Court for the Southern District of New York Judge William H. Pauley III conducted a sentencing proceeding for Jamel Johnson for drug dealing and possession and use of a firearm in the Edenwald Houses in The Bronx. Judge Pauley who recently presided over the graphic trial of James Felton for murder in The Bronx was admonishing Jamel Johnson to try to do better upon his release for his family. Right then Johnson was turned back toward his family in the gallery where Inner City Press was the only media. Johnson was gesticulating, in a way that connoted disinterest at least in the eight year sentence being imposed.

  Judge Pauley said, "You look at me when I'm imposing sentence. Show some respect for the Court or I'll change the sentence right now."

  Johnson nodded. Children continued to make the noise they make, not their fault; no one took them out of the courtroom. At the end the Marshals following the rules did not allow any physical contact. Eight years is a long time. We will continue to follow this, the Felton and associated Bronx cases including, it seems, a confidential sentencing by Judge Preska, and all other SDNY cases.

UN Welcomed Jeffrey Epstein Associate Ghislaine Maxwell For TerraMar Abruptly Disappeared

By Matthew Russell Lee, Patreon, thread

SDNY COURTHOUSE, July 20 – With Jeffrey Epstein remanded on child sex trafficking charges to the Metropolitan Correctional Center, his associate Ghislaine Maxwell has closed down her TerraMar Project which had been welcomed in the United Nations in the Secretary General's press briefing room, before UNSG Antonio Guterres had Inner City Press thrown out.

  On 25 June 2013 Ghislaine Maxwell appeared in the UN briefing room pitching TerraMar. Inner City Press asked questions, for example on this video from 7:12. Then this:

From: G Max <>
Date: Fri, Jun 28, 2013 at 9:38 AM
Subject: The TerraMar Project To: matthew.lee [at]
Dear Matthew, It was a pleasure to meet you. As promised, here is some information on the TerraMar Project – you can see all the latest press if you go to - the UN talk, Bloomberg and CNN being the latest. Don’t forget to apply for your passport at – your citizenship is pre-approved! Best, Ghislaine 

Inner City Press has been on Terramar's mailing list since. As recently as July 11, 2019 TerraMar sent out an email about clownfish. But now its website says "The TerraMar Project is sad to announce that it will cease all operations. The web site will be closed."

  As so often at the UN under Guterres, corruption once exposed just tries to slink away. Guterres is financially linked to CEFC China Energy. When CEFC's Patrick Ho was indicted and convicted for UN bribery, Guterres never started any audit but instead has Inner City Press which asked roughed up and and thrown out, 382 days now. But the net is tightening. And there are others connected; more on Patreon here. Watch that and this site.

Epstein had his bail application denied on July 18 and will remain in the Metropolitan Correctional Center. His next court appearance is July 31. Judge Richard M. Berman of the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York gave a summary of his forthcoming written order, saying that Epstein is a danger to the community and citing the July 15 testimony of victims Annie Farmer and Courtney Wild. He called the proposed bail package woefully inadequate and added his view that no package would have outweighed the danger to the community. The public's interest in a speedy trial was outweighed by the need to prevent any miscarriage of justice.

 Meanwhile the SDNY prosecutors more quietly cut a cooperation agreement with another child sex trafficking Anthony Darby.

   Inner City Press had gone to the SDNY courtroom of Judge Paul Engelmayer to cover another matter. But inside the courtroom a shackled man was pleading guilty. The courtroom deputy came over to say this was not the case Inner City Press had come to cover. But Inner City Press stayed to cover it. Soon Assistant US Attorney Wolf requested a sidebar with Judge Engelmayer.

  The reason quickly became clear. Darby was pleading guilty to 14 counts, sex trafficking of minor and conspiracy, in exchange for cooperation he would get a 5K1.1 letter - in April 2020. Judge Engelmayer to his credit, unlike at least two other SDNY Judges, did not lawlessly order the Press to leave. And for that reason for now Inner City Press is reporting only these bare bones facts: that amid criticism of the Jeffrey Epstein non prosecution agreement, this Darby deal is taking place in the SDNY. Is it a good deal? We'll have more on this.

  That Jeffrey Epstein, now in the Metropolitan Correctional Center by Foley Square, would be denied bail on July 18 at 11:30 am was widely predicted. On July 17, after Judge Berman moved the time for his decision from 9:30 to 11:30 am the next day, Assistant US Attorney Alison Moe wrote to him: "The Government respectfully submits this letter to briefly respond to one aspect of the defendant’s July 16, 2019 letter (ECF No. 24), and to provide the Court with additional information regarding the defendant’s foreign passport. The defendant’s July 16, 2019 letter asserts: “[A]s for the Austrian passport the government trumpets, it expired 32 years ago. And the government offers nothing to suggest—and certainly no evidence—that Epstein ever used it.” (ECF No. 24 at 7). In fact, the passport contains numerous ingress and egress stamps, including stamps that reflect use of the passport to enter France, Spain, the United Kingdom, and Saudi Arabia in the 1980s. The Government further notes that the defendant’s submission does not address how the defendant obtained the foreign passport and, more concerning, the defendant has still not disclosed to the Court whether he is a citizen or legal permanent resident of a country other than the United States." Watch this site.

July 15, 2019

In SDNY For 1997 Bronx Murders Diaz and Acosta Both Get Life Sentences Then 5 Years Supervision

By Matthew Russell Lee, Periscope, Photos

SDNY COURTHOUSE, July 12 – After a long trial of two defendants involving the Bronx murders of Alex Ventura and Aneudis Almonte 22 years ago on 22 December 1997 before U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York Judge Kevin Castel, on March 29 the jury returned nine guilty verdicts on 12 counts. For Defendant Robert Acosta it was guilty on Counts 1 through 5 but non guilty on Count 6. For Defendant Jose Diaz it was non guilty on Counts 1 and 2, but guilty on Counts three through six. See Inner City Press' 29 March 2019 story here.

  The three not-guilty verdicts made no difference. On July 12 Inner City Press was again present when Judge Castel imposed life sentences on both men, adding for each five years of Supervised Released which he said he hoped will never be relevant. He urged them to apologize to the members of the victims' families, one of whom said in Spanish "estoy conforme," translated as "I am at peace," i.e. in that the defendants will have a long time to think about it. Judge Castel wished them both a long life to do just that: to contemplate what they did.

Judge Castel said, I am here as the representative of society. He also spoke for the legal system and even the Constitution when he thanked the defense lawyers for doing their jobs. They are not hear to be make the judge happy, he said, or to make the prosecutors happy. They are here under the canons of their profession and the Constitution to zealously represent their clients.

Both Acosta and Diaz quietly said they understand their appeal rights. Inner City Press will continue to cover this and other cases.
Substantial jail sentenced will be imposed, and Inner City Press will be there to report on the sentencing. The case is United States v. Robert Acosta and Jose Diaz, 18 Cr. 80 (PKC).
July 8, 2019

In SDNY Murky Mag Court Bronx Murder Defendant Then Secret Sessions No Case Numbers

By Matthew Russell Lee, Exclusive Patreon Scope

SDNY COURTHOUSE, July 3 – While many even most cases in the Magistrates Court of the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York are sealed or have no case number given, on July 3 before Magistrate Judge Barbara Moses things hit a new level of murkiness. A defendant was brought in shackled at 6 pm. But after his Federal Defender and the Assistant US Attorney  had what seemed to be a routine conversation, Judge Moses started summoning them to to office outside of the courtroom. It happened three times, with Pre-Trial Services invited in as well.

Finally the Courtroom Deputy said that the case wouldn't be called until 8 pm. While Inner City Press went to retrieve its laptop to report that perhaps this was pre-July 4 weekend solicitude, to either bail this defendant or find him the right place, the proceeding whatever it was, was done. The Mag court was locked without any name or case number being given, and no questions allowed.

Earlier on July 3, a murder defendant was brought through, charged with the killing in 2818 Bronx Park East of Shaquille Malcolm. The defendant's last name - no case number was given - was Hopkins, with all Speedy Trial Act time excluded until September 5. The charging document, even as shown to the defense, was missing the third count. One CJA lawyer stood in for another. And so it goes in the SDNY.

July 1, 2019

In SDNY Murky Mag Court Bronxite Sandy Susoho Ordered Down to Arlington On Ghana Passport Scheme

By Matthew Russell Lee, Exclusive Patreon

SDNY COURTHOUSE, June 26 – While many even most cases in the Magistrates Court of the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York are sealed, on June 26 before Magistrate Judge Sarah Netburn a complait was described on the record has having just been unsealed. Inner City Press asked the Assistant U.S. Attorney for the case number and was given one. It was 19-mj-280... in the Eastern District of Virginia, Arlington.

  There, Bronxite Sandy Susoho is charged with  "knowingly conspir[ing] to misuse a passport, and to furnish, dispose of, and deliver a passport to another person for use by another than the person for whose use the passport was originally issued and designed."It involves a passport Susoho ordered using a Jesup Avenue, Bronx address - then let a person from Ghana use to come into the country. Susoho was released but told to show up on July 5 - seemingly a holiday in the SDNY - down in the Eastern District of Virginia before Judge Davis. The Federal Defenders said they will make sure of attendance. So perhaps it is not a holiday.... u

    On June 25 Magistrate Judge Robert Lehrburger ordered detained a defendant named Martinez charged with 33 kilograms of cocaine, a first name - Eliot - and a case number were provided: 19-mj-5950.

  But by 5 pm, even after Judge Lehrburger had detained Mr. Martinez and set a July 8 hearing, PACER said "Cannot find case 19-mj-5950." So Inner City Press reports: Judge Lehrburger said he did not find a risk of flight, but given the heavy weight of coke, and that Martinez violated the terms of his probation in New Jersey, he would be detained. This came four hours after an appearance before Judge Castel of a defendant accused of offenses against children, a defendant who unlike Martinez was allowed free on bond, to his mother's house in Freehold, New Jersey... 


Hector Lebron was sent to U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York in April by Northern District of Ohio Judge James G. Carr - and then was forgotten for more than two months in the Metropolitan Correctional Center in lower Manhattan.

  On SDNY Magistrate Judge Sarah Netburn began what her Deputy said was the last case of the day by asking when the defendant before her came into SDNY custody. The answer was surprising: Lebron was "writted over" on April 24, from a Federal court in Ohio, had been forgotten since then and now should have a hearing before SDNY District Judge Alison Nathan, date not yet set.

  Inner City Press was the only media in the Magistrates Court and strained forward to hear the number of the case, but none was given. Only afterward was it able on the PACER terminal in the SDNY Press Room to find a Judge Nathan case involving Hector Lebron. But this once dated back to February 2014, with Lebron on Supervised Release until October 31, 2018, signed by then SDNY Judge Mary M. Lisi and Magistrate Ronald L. Ellis.

   Further research by Inner City Press found an April 6, 2019 order by Judge James G. Carr Sr. of the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Ohio that Lebron by remanded to the custody of the U.S. Marshall and transferred to a "facility as close to New York as possible."

  The MCC is right next to the SDNY courthouses and the U.S. Attorney's Office. But no one knew Lebron was there for two months. On June 21 in the empty Mag Court the Assistant U.S. Attorney said his colleague, on trial, had only seen the e-mail the night before.

  Judge Netburn said she would investigate it, and told Mr. Lebron she wasn't sure it was her apology to make...

June 24, 2019

Bronx Bodega Robbery Leads To 97 Month Sentence in SDNY While Judge Schofield Sealed A Sentencing

By Matthew Russell Lee, Video, pics

SDNY COURTHOUSE, June 21 – A defendant who pled guilty to armed robbery of a number of stores including a bodega in The Bronx was sentenced to 97 months in prison on June 21 by
U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York Judge Andrew L. Carter.

  After imposing sentence, Judge Carter said he hoped the defendant David Richardson seeks mental health care when he is released. He also said he had taken into account, and sentenced at the lower edge of the guidelines due to, what Richardson had suffered as a child.

 From the government's sentencing submission, by Assistant US Attorney Elinor Tarlow: "On May 23, 2018, the fourth robbery occurred at a bodega located in the Bronx. At approximately 11:10 p.m., two males, later identified as Richardson and Burton, entered the bodega. Richardson, who possessed a firearm and was wearing a black mask, which covered a portion of his face, ordered the employee of the store to open the cash register. Burton acted as a lookout by the front of the bodega. Richardson and Burton then removed approximately $450 from the register and fled the location. (PSR ¶ 28)."

In the same SDNY courthouse a mere two stories down, on June 17 a sentencing of a defendant seeking time served, seemingly for cooperation with the government, was abruptly declared "sealed" by SDNY Judge Lorna G. Schofield.

She said she was going to seal the transcript, but that once this reporter walked into her open courtroom 1106 in 40 Foley Square, she moved the entire proceeding into her robing room, closed to the Press and public.

 Now on June 18 Inner City Press has requested the name and number of the case, and that all portions that do not need to be redacted or sealed be provided or placed in the docket, citing in support this its requests: sentencing proceedings are presumptively open in the Second Circuit.  See United States v. Alcantara, 396 F.3d 189, 196 (2d Cir. 2005) ("There is little doubt that the First Amendment right of access extends to sentencing proceedings."). 

Before closing a proceeding to which the First Amendment right of access attaches, the judge should make specific, on the record findings demonstrate that closure is essential to preserve higher values and is narrowly tailored to serve that interest.  See United States v. Haller, 837 F.2d 84, 87 (2d Cir. 1988). United States v. Cojab specifically dealt with hearings (in that case, a pretrial hearing) conducted in the robing room. 

 Inner City Press is pursuing this because it is a precedent and trend. On June 18 affable SDNY Magistrate Judge Sarah Netburn declared a proceeding in Courtroom 5A sealed with "delayed docketing;" in her two days in the Magistrates Court this week not a single filing has been made available on PACER. There's more - watch this site.

On June 17 when Judge Schofield, her Courtroom Deputy James Street and the shackled defendant, Assistant US Attorneys and US Marshals emerged twenty minutes later, Judge Schofield said only, "We're adjourned." There was no disclosure of the outcome of the proceeding - as Inner City Press walked in, the defendant's lawyer was asking for time served."

Then Judge Schofield said she wanted to "shake hands with our visitors" and proceeded to do just that with the two other people in the gallery. Inner City Press left.

  No one where on the electronic board in the SDNY lobby at 500 Pearl Street was any proceeding before Judge Schofield at that time list. Nor in the day's PACER calendar.

  So it is both a confidential sentencing, and a confidential case?

Judge Schofield's Rules for Criminal Cases, ironically, provide that there is a presumption that all sentencing submissions are public, and that if anything is redacted only those pages with redactions can be withheld from the public docket.

  But no such distinction is possible when an entire proceeding is moved into the judge's robing room barred to the press and public, with no notice or opportunity to be heard. Inner City Press will have more on this - see also @InnerCityPress and the new @SDNYLIVE.

   Before Judge Schofield: Steven M. Calk of FDIC-regulated Federal Savings Bank was presented and arraigned on May 23 for financial institution bribery for corruptly using his position with FSB to issue $16 million in high-risk loans to Paul Manafort in a bid to obtain a senior position with the Trump administration, namely Undersecretary of the Army.

June 17, 2019

In SDNY Trial of James Felton His Lawyer Said In Mount Hope Talk Is Of Murder But Also NBA

By Matthew Russell Lee, Periscope, Photos

SDNY COURTHOUSE, June 14 – In the trial of James Felton, accused among other things of killing Marvin Harris on the corner of 175th Street and Monroe Avenue in The Bronx on June 11, 2016, the jury on June 12, 2019 - three years and one day later - was shown a grainy video of the lead up to that shooting, then of another one in December 2016.

 In the run-up to the trial James Felton's lawyer Lloyd Epstein told the government and
U.S. District Court for the Southern District Judge William H. Pauley III that "we're dealing with a neighborhood here where people are talking about people getting killed, that in neighborhoods where some of us live, we might talk about how Johnny was accepted at Yale or, you know, generally is going on to social work school, but here, this is what people talk about."

  But Epstein's point at the final pre-trial conference on 22 February 2019, beyond trashing the Mount Hope neighborhood, was to try to exclude the introduction into evidence of some prison phone calls. He said, "They talk about the cookouts at Rikers Island, they talk about the NBA, they talk about getting sneakers for little kids." Yes, that too. Though it is not what is being heard in the SDNY trial. Watch this site.

 On June 14 cooperating witness Andre Felton described how James Felton told him he had shot Benny White, and how he took the two guns and threw them in a river. When James Felton returned from Massachusetts, Andre Felton let him stay in his apartment in 2228 Adams Place.

  The government put into evidence photographs of that apartment, with vacuum sealed bags for selling marijuana, a heroin spoon and bags, a digital scale and a gun (which Andre Felton showed to James Felton, offering that he could use it.)

  Andre Felton said that alongside selling drugs he was working as a concierge at a building in Manhattan - full time - until in a traffic stop he was found with 10 grams of cocaine. Now he is cooperating.

  The government said they may have another cooperating witness on Monday, and may close their case then or on Tuesday. The defense may recall witness Ezekiel Burley for some questions then put on a "short case" "probably" not including James Felton taking the stand.

  Judge Pauley said he will send them a draft jury charge later on June 14, and asked the government to submit a proposed jury form. Judge Pauley does not send the exhibits into the jury room but only a list, from which the jurors can make requests.

  Just before the jury was released for the weekend there was a sidebar and instruction. As the government asked Andre Felton about his offer to help get James Felton a lawyer, the defense asked to speak drowned out by white noise. Afterward Judge Pauley told the jury that James Felton's lawyers are court appointed and are paid by the United States. If there was any doubt.

  On June 13 another cooperating witness, Gonzalez, was cross examined about his question for a 5K letter from the prosecution and how far he would go to get out from under the otherwise applicable 45 year minimum sentence. Gonzalez sold crack in the area; when his testimony was over he was led back into the cell block by two US Marshals.

  The jury filed out and those in the gallery including Inner City Press, some neighborhood resident including one with a small child and some from the prosecutor's office were told to wait in the courtroom until they all went down on the elevator.

  In the lull Felton's lawyers argued for the admissibility for jailhouse recorded calls showing that Felton had gotten a construction job. Judge Pauley said he would think about it overnight, but that it seemed clear Felton knew he was being recorded, impacting reliability.

 Felton's lawyer said those on the call talked about "everything." Judge Pauley noted that they also sold drugs under the eye of multiple pole cameras. The trial will continue on Friday from 9:30 am to 1:30 pm then break for the weekend. Inner City Press has requested exhibits. Watch this site.

Earlier on June 13 the prosecution put on the witness stand a video expert who has enhanced and audio synched the videos, with the gunshots audible. A man already dying on the sidewalk was shot, again, and spasmed. The jury leaned forward. Next up was a witness from T-Mobile law enforcement relations, about responding to a warrant.

  It is not only emails and text messages that trip up today's defendants, as in the USA v. Ahuja and Shor trial across Pearl Street. Now there are so many surveillance cameras that shootings like this are captured from multiple angles, and can be enhanced. The jury can identify with those on the sidewalk running for cover.

 Overnight the prosecution wrote to Judge Pauley to suggest a jury instruction that "the death penalty is not a potential punishment for the defendant in this case." It's come to that.

 Back on June 12 there was the testimony by Ezekiel Burley, hoping for a 5K letter for cooperating, turned to the shooting of Benny White and another in December 2016 in the same neighborhood. The dispute about about who was robbing the drug sales workers.

A girlfriend was left to "clean up" the apartment of drugs and baggies and a gun, which Burley said he "threw in a lake by my house."

  Burley in early 2017 got shot himself in a barbershop on 175th and Morris Avenue. He was interviewed by police while on morphine, he told the jury. He told only what he thought they had on video. Later he proffered by only partially. Finally he told the prosecutors he gave the gun to Felton in June 2016. Now his faces life in prison - or as he said under the "new law," only 70 years. But he could get less for cooperation. What will the jury think?

  Felton's defense team later on June 12 asked Burley if Felton hadn't in fact tried to tell Chunky to reach a deal rather than fight, and hadn't had concerns beyond drug sales.

  This stood at odds with that Felton's lawyer Ms. Jean D. Barrett of Ruhnke & Barrett said at the final pre-trial conference on February 22, 2019, Transcript at 8, that "our understanding is that this is a neighborhood where people sell drugs, and there's a lot of violence in this neighborhood. This is what this neighborhood is like all the time... It's just what the neighborhood is and what everybody in the neighborhood is doing." Really? Inner City Press will continue to cover this trial, even without exhibits. See @InnerCityPress and the new @SDNYLIVE.

June 10, 2019

From SDNY Peter Bright Presentment Reported By Inner City Press May 23 Including on His Targeting of Bronx 11 Year Old Girl; Now Pick Up 2 Weeks Later Bright Still in MCC

By Matthew Russell Lee, May 23 Periscope here

SDNY COURTHOUSE, June 8 – Less than an hour after witnessing Peter Bright presented in shackled in front of his wife in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York's Magistrates Court on May 23, Inner City Press published into Google News a story about it, including Bright's statement that he was training an 11 year told girl in The Bronx.

   Also Periscope video here, round up tweet. Inner City Press reported that Bright's Federal Defenders lawyer argued that a video camera in Bright's Brooklyn apartment building militates for his release on bond. He was not released.

   Two weeks later the Daily Dot's Claire Goforth from Florida published a story about Bright's arrest based off the complaint on the PACER document system. This has been picked up, with and without more. But why is there no document in PACER about the proceeding that was due on June 6? On any renewed bid for bail by the Federal Defenders, who since that as reported by Inner City Press got another accused pedophile Byran Pivnick released? Inner City Press which first reported this case will continue on it. Watch this site, @InnerCityPress and the new @SDNYLIVE

  See Inner City Press' May 23 Periscope round up, at 1:10 on this pedophile presentment, here

#Periscope just out of #SDNY after death penalty sought in same room banker Calk released from, Mag Ct madness, UN fails

— Inner City Press (@innercitypress) May 24, 2019


  From Inner City Press' exclusive May 23 report: "A dual British - US citizen living in Brooklyn but reaching out for underage sex was presented, with his wife in the courtroom by that time only with Inner City Press. Federal Defender Amy Gallichio argued that Peter Bright should be released, since his building in Brooklyn has a video surveillance system.

  But would the neighbors want the U.S. Attorney's Office to see their comings and goings? Gallichio offered for Bright to install his own camera over his door and turn the files in to the government. Judge Freeman found this of intersted and invited a second try, if only in writing. She quizzed Bright's all-American wife in the gallery and said the Peter is lucky. Was his claim to be "training" an eleven year old girl in The Bronx just puffery? Inner City Press will stay on this case." And now we are.June 3, 2019

Bronx Pawn Shop Stick Up Results In Plea Deal With Wrong Date  and Wrong Dollar Figure But 84 Months

By Matthew Russell Lee, Patreon

SDNY COURTHOUSE, May 31 – Lenny Oquendo pled guilty to an armed stick up of a Bronx pawn shop before