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Inner City Press Links:

Community Reinvestment (see also ICP's CRA Guide)

CRA c/o -- The regulation, Q&A's, ratings, etc.

Mortgage lending data c/o FFIEC -- By bank, by Metropolitan Statistical Area

Geocoding c/o FFIEC -- From address to zip code to census tract

Federal Reserve Board Statement on FOIA

FOIA Resources Links c/o Syracuse University

U.S. Justice Department FOIA Guide

House of Representatives' FOIA Guide

State FOI Laws c/o Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press

NYS Committee on Open Government (issues advisory opinions)

FOIA Resources c/o University of Missouri (that's Art. 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, freedom of information)

Committee to Protect Journalists

Reporters Sans Frontières

American Banker newspaper -- Two stories free daily.

National Community Reinvestment Coalition (NCRC)

Woodstock Institute -- Applied research, from Chicago, since 1973.

Delaware Community Reinvestment Action Council (DCRAC)

California Reinvestment Committee

The CRA Handbook -- a book by Dr. Ken Thomas

Financial Markets Center -- Fed watchers extraordinaire...

Left Business Observer -- Economics and politics, from Doug Henwood (Wall Street)

Independent Press Association - w/ links to member publications. -- News & views on all things Internet. -- Review of journalists' sites, by Tom Mangan. -- "Building a New News Media"

City Limits -- New York's Urban Affairs Magazine

Gotham Gazette -- NYC News and Policy

Shelterforce -- News and info from the National Housing Institute.

National Fair Housing Advocate -- Daily fair housing news and links.

In Motion Magazine -- "A multicultural publication about democracy."

Creative Investment Research -- Info on, e.g., minority-owned and CD FI's. -- information for the socially and environmentally concerned

Institute for Local Self-Reliance -- name says it all; site 4 months old and growing.

National Network for Youth -- for healthy and productive lives.

Citizens Against Legal Abuse -- Civil rights in New Orleans and beyond.

COMM-ORG -- From, "linking activist and academic."

United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers of America (UE) -- Independent unionism, with which start-up, new unions can affiliate

"The Rise of the Fourth World." -- article by Manuel Castells

Eduardo Galeano page

Managing Social Transformations in Cities, c/o UNESCO

Article comparing Chicago and Sao Paulo c/o

Article on successful community activism in Brazil

Report on the Right to Housing c/o U.N. Commission on Human Rights

Environmental Justice Links c/o

Environmental Legal Groups compiled by Clark Atlanta University's Environmental Justice Resource Center

Rainforest Action Network

Pacific Institute, Oakland, CA

Federal environmental laws c/o EPA

EPA's Interim Guidance on Title VI Complaints

Campaign finance reform info c/o

Fabulous Ruins of Detroit  -- by Lester Boileau. Excellent tour ...

Bronx Data Center

Bronx Site w/ photos - from Germany

Bronx Genealogy Site

Bronx Council on the Arts

NYC Independent Media Center

(Some few) Literature, Arts & Philosophy Links:

Guide to Philosophy on the Internet c/o

Discussion of Critical Legal Studies & Roberto Unger

Robert Fripp record label (UK) -- "worker owned," w/ sound clips...

William Blake - Poetry and Life

Wallace Stevens site -- With poetry and prose. Uh... unique.

Georges Bataille writings -- Even stranger, even more profound.

Heinrich Boll page -- “Meddling is the only way to stay realistic” - Boll -- "A documentary record of the turn of the American millennium...".

INFOSURR -- Even better surrealism links, but half in French.

Word Power Books - independent books based in Edinburgh, Scotland

Inner City Public Interest Law Center Links:

Federal Register Daily Contents

Law Library of the House of Representatives

Law.Cornell.Edu -- Many links: statutes, regulations, etc.

FindLaw -- Also, LawCrawler


The U.S. Constitution -- Which needs no introduction (?)

National Law Journal: LJX

Law Reviews / Journals c/o Yale Law School

National Association for Public Interest Law (NAPIL)

Brandeis Papers c/o

Discussion of Critical Legal Studies & Roberto Unger

Antitrust c/o -- Supreme Court cases, etc.

Law in Popular Culture links c/o Law.UTexas.Edu

    Again, please contact us to suggest further links, or to identify broken links. Thanks, and happy surfin'....


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