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12/18/17 - CRA: After ICP Bank Merger Challenge, Fed Asks Associated About Green Bay Market. Federal Reserve's Quarles recused from dealing with Wells Fargo. Bank Beat: Mergers we are looking at. UN - Global: On Cameroon, Inner City Press Asks UN If Guterres Has Done Anything on Press Freedom, No, Failing Fall. Enviro fail in Nigeria. Bronx: history of 477 Gerard Avenue

12/11/17 -- CRA: In DC, Battle for CFPB Continues As English Sues Again, ABA Cheers OCC Undercutting CRA. Federal Reserve signs on to Basel III capital standards. Bank Beat: looking to Michigan. UN - Global: North Korea Said UN Feltman Agrees With Them On Sanctions, Now He Cites Funding Gaps. Enviro: Rosewood Scandal of UN Deputy Amina J. Mohammed Reported by France24 With Amina Omitted. Bronx: Trials we're watching

12/4/17 -- CRA: Trump Taps Fifth Third Bank Lawyer For FDIC Amid OCC Scams on CRA & Sanctions, CFPB. Federal Reserve “fixes” merger listing, does not extend any flawed comment periods nor explain. Bank Beat: Chile seeks to buy Spain in Florida, is it really local? ICP Asks IMF of Caribbean Critique, No Reclassification, Yemen & Zambia Answered, Kenya Not. UN - Global: In Cameroon, ICP Asked UN of Biya Calling Secessionists Terrorists, Now He Orders "Relocations.Enviro: Entergy nuclear spin. Bronx: On UN Bribery, Patrick Ho Is Denied Bail, CEFC Bribes Cited, Entries Into UN Questioned

11/27/17 -- CRA: Amid OCC Scams on Sanctions & CRA, Cordray Taps English, Trump Mulvaney, Showdown? Federal Reserve stopped notifying public of mergers, ICP / FFW complains.  : Lew cashes out to private equity firm Lindsay Goldberg. UN - Global: On UN Bribery Case, ICP Asked of Guterres Use of CEFC Funds, Kutesa Travel, UN Half-Answers. Enviro: #BlameBiya for Cameroon pollution. Bronx: In UN Bribery Case, Senegal's Gadio Seeks Bail But Fails, Thanksgiving in MCC Jail

11/20/17 -- CRA: Amid OCC Scams on Sanctions & CRA, Withhold Otting Documents, ICP & CRC Sue. Federal Reserve accepts South State Bank disparities on Park Sterling. Bank Beat: Japan's Bank of Tokyo - Mitsubishi Skirts North Korea Sanctions With "Incorrect" Application to US OCC, Public Excluded. UN - Global: UN Spox Runs From DSG Rosewood Qs, Now Guterres Is Petitioned by 62,000 to Probe, Recuse. Enviro: Health disparities in Detroit. Bronx: RIP Mel Rosenthal

11/13/17 - CRA: Now it's even easier for Needs to Improve national banks to get OCC rubber stamp approvals. Federal Reserve nominee for chair on Hill Nov 28. Bank Beat: Branch closures in India. UN - Global: Rosewood Racket Signed Off On By UN's Amina J. Mohammed Has Cameroon Smuggling. Enviro: Protest at refinery in Detroit. Bronx: On UN Reform, SG With Rosewood Scandal DSG, Press Confined to Minders

11/6/17 -- CRA: Anticompetitive merger, BancorpSouth evades Federal Reserve, would Jay Powell still be in charge of (denying) FOIA appeals? Bank Beat: mergers we are looking at. UN - Global: ICP Asks UN If Guterres Doctrine Is Quelling Secessionists for Old Rulers, Restricting Press. Enviro: ExxonMobile pays (too) small fine for gas flaring. Bronx: At UN $50,000 Charge For Biden Talk, Guterres To Be Sold on Wall St, Public Funds to Lisbon

10/30/17 -- CRA: Shameful impunity for  Mid America Bank & Trust Co as pays to play with Needs to Improve rating, Federal Reserve approves merger with Reliable Community Bancshares. Bank Beat: Looking at Granite Bank and Bangor Savings Bank. UN - Global: As UNSG Guterres Stopped in Cameroon, Now UN Read-Out, Here, Destination UNdisclosed. Enviro: Pollution in Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Bronx: ICP Asked David Kaye About a FOIA for UN, Smale's Threat to ICP, Then Asks UN Which Dodges

10/23/17 -- CRA: Wells Fargo Was Dropped 2 Levels by OCC, Which Now Says Only 1 Level Is Its Policy, Sop. Federal Reserve sends part of Associated's application, not protests. Bank Beat: Bank Mutual numbers down. UN - Global: In Cameroon, Opposition March Banned in Douala as UN Parades in Yaounde, UNheard. Enviro: As Mugabe's A Goodwill Ambassador of WHO, Guterres Silent, Echo of Biya & North Korea Cyanide. Bronx: UN Threatens Review of ICP's Accreditation For Audio Report While Staking Out on Cameroon

10/16/17 -- CRA: Fair Finance Watch files challenge with Federal Reserve to Associated - Bank Mutual. Bank Beat: On Cameroon, IMF's Superficial Answer, After Telling ICP Internet Cut Off A Financial Risk. UN - Global: In Cameroon Anglophones Tortured, ICP Requests UN Action, UNder Restrictions. Enviro: Death by pollution in South Sudan. Bronx Zoo kills, in the DR Congo

10/9/17 - CRA: In Puerto Rico, Disparate Bank Lending, Predatory Investors, UN's Maria Photo Ops. Federal Reserve former Gov Duke cashing out to Wells Fargo is an outrage. Bank Beat: Mergers we are looking at. UN - Global: As Cameroon Kills Civilians, ICP Asks UN & UK, Crackdown Continues, Failing Fall. Enviro: For UN Guterres Trip to Caribbean, 4 Qs All on Climate, No Pool UNlike Sisi Scam, Cameroon Ignored. Bronx: Legit help to Puerto Rico.

10/2/17 -- CRA: More than 300 protests to Federal Reserve application of Association - Bank Mutual. Bank Beat: ICP Asks IMF of Talks with "Money Launderer" in Congo, Pakistan Minister Dar Charged. UN - Global: Angered at UN Praise of Cameroon's Biya, Letter to UN Cites Genocide Threat, UN Corruption. Enviro: Hurricane Irma impunity. Bronx: Support to PR victim of Hurricane Maria

9/25/17 - CRA: South State Corporation tells Federal Reserve the dog ate its homework in Atlanta. Bank Beat: BB&T closing branches. UN - Global: North Korea's Ri Yong Ho Meets UNSG Guterres, Asks For Impartiality, Conference. Enviro: Socializing harm. Bronx: Inner City Press Asked Trudeau of Canada Arms Sales to Saudi, He Called The Question Bad Behavior

9/18/17 -- CRA: Second comment against SoFi Bank from FFW. Federal Reserve laxity on mega-mergers challenged. Bank Beat: Mergers we are watching. UN - Global: On Myanmar, UNSG Guterres Resisted Calls To Act, Officials Tell ICP, Deference to "The Lady.” Enviro: On Hurricane Irma, UN Spox Cuts Off Press Q on Debt Moratorium, Gives 3 Minute Notice. Bronx, NYC: UN General Assembly Week Bans Press on Day One on Refugees, UNprepared & UNfair DPI of Smale

9/11/17 - CRA: On Synovus - Cabela, Fed Rubber Stamps Despite "Confidential Matter," Cap One Scam. Federal Reserve: Faux regulator Fischer resigns. Bank Beat: Mock crackdown on Regions Bank. UN - Global: For UN General Assembly Week, List Here, UN Both UNprepared and UNfair. Enviro: Pollution in Los Angeles. Bronx: UN Encourages Hecklers of Haiti Cholera, Corruption and Censorship Qs in UN Bookstore Event on NYC and UN

9/4/17 - CRA: Regulators Said Sterling CRA Data Unreliable, Now Covers It Up To Approve Astoria. After ICP/Fair Finance Watch Protest, Federal Reserve Asks South State 5 Park Sterling Qs. Bank Beat: Associated branch closings proposed. UN - Global: As ICP Pursues N Korea Story, UN Security Orders It To Stop, UNlike Others, Censorship for Corruption. Enviro: Dow and Shell plants after Hurricane Harvey. Bronx: Facility to be closed?

8/28/17 - CRA: Fair Finance Watch challenges BancorpSouth application to evade Federal Reserve scrutiny. Bank Beat: Alabama - Florida merger. UN - Global: After UN Sold Itself to Ng, Stonewall on Event By Guo Xiangang, Censors Demand, Canceled. Enviro: Dutch lawsuit. Bronx: At NYC City Hall, de Blasio Talks Lisbon & SDGs With Guterres, Mark-Viverito on Columbus

8/21/17 - CRA: Fair Finance Watch challenges South State to Federal Reserve, here. Bank Beat: Baltimore merger. UN - Global: On Kenya, ICP Asked UN of Monica Juma Job, Blogger Alai Locked Up, UN Censors Enviro: Pollution in Baltimore. Bronx: Censorship at Bx Community College, After Ng Bribery Conviction, ICP Asks Of UN Rewarding Ng For SSN Coverage of Ban Trip

8/14/17 -- CRA: Comment on small business lending data. Federal Reserve: Passing the buck of bank boards' duties? Bank Beat: Mergers we are watching. UN - Global: On Yemen, UN Envoy IOCA Tweets of Churros Amid Airstrikes on Taizz & Sa'ada, Censorship. Enviro: Cities ranked on pollution. Bronx / NY: In UN Guinea Bissau Holds Night Event With Chinese Art, MOU With UNCG, Ng Echo

8/7/17 - CRA: Challenge to Sandy Spring / WashingtonFirst filed with Federal Reserve by Fair Finance Watch. Bank Beat: Mergers we are looking at. UN - Global: After Ng Bribery Conviction, ICP Asks UN of Carlos Garcia, Helped Bribes, Still In UN. Enviro: Pollution on New Delhi. Bronx: UN Allows Censorship by N Korea of Art Show, Leaves It & Press Restrictions UNexplained

7/31/17 -- CRA: Amid Fed & OCC Sterling CRA Scam, Otting & Quarles In Senate July 27, FOIA. Federal Reserve and Synovus Talked "Confidential Supervisory Matter" July 21, on Cabela Application. Bank Beat: Wells Fargo Stole 25,000 Cars By Imposing Unneeded Insurance, CRA Downgrade Should Continue. UN - Global: After Bribery Conviction, UN Told Reuters It Wants to Get Paid, ICP Asks Why, Video Here. Enviro: Plastics in Cameroon. Bronx: Piano District Scam

7/24/17 - CRA: While Office of the Comptroller of the Currency and Federal Reserve Paper Over Sterling's CRA Scam, Otting and Quarles In Senate July 27. Bank Beat: Associated Bank's July 20 proposal to buy Bank Mutual. UN - Global: In UN Bribery Case of Ng Lap Seng, South South News Paid Ashe Wife, UN Staff & Contractors. Enviro: Denmark complains about EU. Bronx/DC: Brownfields; As Reuters Live-streams Spicer's House, Got Press Evicted From UN For Streaming Formal Meeting

7/17/17 - CRA: Quarles Nominated to Federal Reserve Board As It Papers Over Sterling's CRA Scam. Bank Beat: Royal Bank of Scotland in 1st Settlement, UN Sends to Greece Nimetz, Adviser to Firm Invested in Greek Bank Saxo, Conflict of Interest. UN - Global: On UN Bribery Case of Ng Lap Seng, UN Won't Answer on DGACM, Says DPI "Issue of Judgment.” Enviro: India legal complaint. Bronx: Shelter abuse, flight to Honduras

7/10/17 -- CRA: Regulators Said Sterling's CRA Data Unreliable, Under FOIA Federal Reserve Blacks-Out Most of 400 Pages, Patreon. Bank Beat: ICC Slams South Africa For Not Arresting Bashir, IMF Cites “Weakening Governance,” Corruption. UN - Global: On Burundi, After ICP Asked UN Repatriated Mayuyu, Now to Somalia, DSG to Act or Not? Enviro: Landfills in Malaysia. Bronx: In 1st UN Bribery Case, Lorenzo Admits $20,000 a Month from Ng's South South News, in UNTV

7/3/17 -- CRA: Regulators Said Sterling's CRA Data Unreliable, Now Admits to Federal Reserve It Needs to Improve 2017, Denial? Bank Beat: Like UN's Haiti Impunity, ICP Asks of New Srebrenica Decision, BNP Paribas Bank on Rwanda. UN - Global: On Haiti, ICP Asks Guterres Spox If New Cholera Envoy Against Reparations, No Answer. Enviro: Tunisia protests. Bronx Lebanon Hospital shootings

6/26/17 -- CRA: Branch closings by the Big Four; mergers we're looking at. Federal Reserve extends its FOIA time again on Sterling. Bank Beat: IMF answers ICP on Zambia but not Haiti. UN - Global: In Haiti, UN Sweats How To Phrase Evasion on Cholera It Brought, Its Victims UNheard. Enviro: Catastrophe the UN Ignored. Bronx: Bring on the Bike-Share

6/19/17 -- CRA: As SoFi Applies For Bank, FFW Opposes Evasion, Interest Rate North of 20%, FinTech. Federal Reserve new low: Regulators Said Sterling's CRA Data Unreliable, Sterling Response Here. Bank Beat: Wells Fargo Quoted UN IFAD Official In Its Press Release, IFAD Tells ICP No Partnership. UN - Global: UN Killed 10,000 in Haiti, Spox Claims UN Listens, ICP Asks of UNSC Visit. Enviro: Plastic waste from Haiti re-used. Bronx: Bathgate brownfield and Low Income Housing Tax Credits

6/12/17 -- CRA: While OCC Papers Over Sterling's CRA Scam, Otting Nominated as Head, Resume Fraud. On Brazil Land Grabs & CRA Flaws, Federal Reserve Parrots TIAA, Which Alludes To Confidential Info. Bank Beat: After FFW Protested on Cabela, Synovus Snail Mails & Withholds Response, Here; ICP Asks IMF About South Sudan, They'll Meet in Kenya June 12, Need Peace for Program. UN - Global: On Cameroon, Failing Fall's UNOCA Site Out of Date and Broken, Inaccurate Report Here. Enviro: UN Ocean Conference Ends on River Balcony, Guterres On Junket, New Envoy in the Works? Bronx: If you replace Sheridan Expressway, it should be with parks

6/5/17 -- CRA: Wells Fargo Gets Cut Off from New NYC Business After CRA Downgrade, Sterling Next? Federal Reserve Expedites Now Delays Press FOIA on Bank Beat, Sterling - Astoria. UN - Global: Cameroon Visit of UN's Fall Cites Human Rights Concerns, UN Tells ICP, After 4 Days' Questions. Enviro: Plastic from Mich to Africa. Bronx: MTA failing

5/29/17 -- CRA: After Fair Finance Watch Protested Synovus - Cabela, Federal Reserve Asks Synovus 7 Questions. Bank Beat: WashingtonFirst / Sandy Spring Bancorp; ICP Asks IMF About Saudi - Blackstone Deal, and Possible Extension for Ghana, Cameroon. UN - Global: ICP Asked UNSG Guterres for Speech, Haiti Read-out, None Provided, Now S Korea - Japan, Money Talks? Enviro: Pollution in NYC. Bronx: The GlobaLocal seen, just south

5/22/17 - CRA: Regulators Said Sterling Bank's CRA Data Unreliable, Sterling Mis-Sends Response, Federal Reserve Expedites ICPs FOIA. Bank Beat: Mnuchin says OCC head is picked, banks to big to succeed. UN - Global: After ICP Asked of WIPO's North Korea Work, Nikki Haley Calls WIPO UNtransparent and Dangerous, Cyanide. Enviro: UK worse pollution than US. Bronx: UN Federal Credit Union Solicits North Korean & UNA-USA Funds, After NK Missile

5/15/17 - CRA: Regulators Said Sterling Bank's CRA Data Unreliable, ICP Exposed It, FFW Demands Hearing from Federal Reserve, Files FOIA. Bank Beat: ICP Asks IMF About Sri Lanka Inland Revenue Act, Here, and For Cameroon Silicon Mountain Update. UN - Global: ICP Asks UN Of WIPO Using Criminal Defamation Law, Spox Says “Not A Responsive Choice.” Enviro: Pollution in Nepal. Bronx: Of Souleymane Porgo; At UN, Press Coverage of Biz Event Praising Goldman Sachs Hindered by DPI Censorship

5/8/17 - CRA: After Capital One Failed on Cabela, Synovus Applies to Federal Reserve & Fair Finance Watch Protests, Here. Bank Beat: Mergers We Are Watching. UN - Global: From Cameroon to UNSC, "Urgent & Confidential" Memo About Weapons, Copter, via Patreon. Enviro: UK pollution. Bronx: At UN's World Press Freedom Event, ICP Asks of UN Censorship, WIPO & FAO, 1-Line Response

5/1/17 - CRA: After FFW Protests Sterling's Application To Buy Damaged Astoria, Fed Confirms Receipt. Federal Reserve After FFW Protest Cites Community Bank OCC Deal & Disparities, Rubber-stamps Merger. Bank Beat: We're looking at South State saying it'll buy Park Sterling. UN - Global: Google Hinders Publication of ICP Video of UN Defending Abuse by Peacekeepers, DPI Deal So Patreon. Enviro: At UN, Indigenous Tells ICP Guterres Hasn't Met Them, Of Norway & Dakota Access Pipeline. Bronx: History in the soil in Mott Haven.

4/24/17 - CRA: Belated fines against predatory Deutsche Bank by Federal Reserve, now what? Bank Beat: On Yemen, IMF Tells ICP Central Banks in Aden & Sana’a Should Cooperate to Avoid Famine. UN - Global: On Burundi and ICP's Scoop of Kafando as UN Envoy, Shingiro Tells ICP Gov Comfortable With. Enviro: AMA on light pollution. Bronx: At UN, DPI Prejudice Against Critical Press UNanswered, Bello Wiffs on Haiti and Roma

4/17/17 - CRA: After FFW protest to TIAA-CREF and Everbank, Federal Reserve's Fifth Round of Questions. Bank Beat: Another merger to watch, and Wells Fargo Branch Closing Notices. UN - Global: UN Praised Cameroon Half-Net Pledge as Clergy Prosecuted, Defends RC Rajat Blocking Inner City Press. Enviro: South Korea fears. Bronx: At UN, Request To Explain Censorship of Press Yields 1-Line, Spox Says Criticism Is Harassment

4/10/17 -- CRA: Homage to Kansas City activist Williams. Federal Reserve quietly weakens merger review, rejects challenge without reasoning. Bank Beat: Mergers we are watching. UN - Global: On Syria, After US Airstrikes ICP Asks UN What de Mistura's "Operationally Focused" Means. Enviro: Glasgow pollution. Bronx to UN, Fight for Press Freedom

4/3/17 -- CRA: Wells Fargo Paying $110 Million For Fake Accounts, 400 Branch Closures Still On? Federal Reserve loosens merger reviews, ICP Fair Finance Watch requests reconsideration Bank Beat: After Capital One Fails on Cabela's, Synovus Scam Emerges, FFW Will Oppose. UN - Global: Amid Cameroon's 74-Day Internet Cut-Off, UN Refers ICP to UNICEF, Website Out of Date. Enviro: Pollution in South Korea. Bronx: Gentrification watch by 145th Street Bridge

3/27/17 -- CRA: As Nationstar is fined for violating HMDA, how many more? Federal Reserve discourages public comments by listing 450 pending applications, many of them defunct. Bank Beat: ICP Asks IMF About Belarus Letters & Talks, Cameroon Silicon Mountain Internet Cut. UN - Global: ICP Asked UNSG Guterres Of "Power Grab" on Resident Coordinators, His Spox Stonewalls. Enviro: Earth Hour and the UNresponsive UN. Bronx: The fight for Junior High School 145

3/20/18 -- CRA: Amid DC Ideas of Glass-Steagall, Acquisitive Simmons Is Asked by Fed of FFW's CRA Protest. Federal Reserve issues FOIA acknowledgment but not yet records. Bank Bank: After Fair Finance Watch Protest, Fed Sends Community Bank System Lending Qs, CEO Tryniski Trashed CRA. UN - Global: On Cameroon Internet Cut-Off, ICP Asked UN Which Says "Important That People Have Access.” Enviro: Renault's crimes. Bronx: Icy steps, lack of respect

3/13/17 -- CRA: After FFW Protest Stopped NYCB Bid, Astoria Wants To Be Bought By Disparate Sterling. Federal Reserve has more questions for Simmons. Bank Beat: Mergers we are watching, and IMF Tells Inner City Press Risks In Cameroon in 2017 Include "Events" in Anglophone Areas. UN - Global: UN's Cameroon Troops in CAR Accused of Abuse, ICP Asks UN's Haq, No Answers, Failing. Enviro: On Honduras, World Bank Gets Sued. Bronx: Gentrification slated for Mott Haven

3/6/17 -- CRA: After FFW Protest, Fed Sends Community Bank System 9 Questions, CEO Tryniski Trashes CRA. Federal Reserve switching Secretary post from dev. Frierson to Misback. Bank Beat: Merger and job loss in Indiana. UN - Global: As UNSC in Cameroon, Nothing on Anglophones from UN When ICP Asks, Ebute's Letter. Enviro: Talk in South Carolina. Bronx: BP says he supports Home Stability Support plan

2/27/17 - CRA: Overdraft abuse by FNB Bank downplayed by Federal Reserve on merger. Bank Beat: After IMF Tells ICP No Talks with Nigeria of Program, ICP Asks UN About Oslo Fundraising. UN - Global: After Guterres' Press Freedom Meeting, Spox Tells Press "It's Not Your Living Room," Runs. Enviro: Kenya urged to protect EJ activists. Bronx: Amber alert leads to “Foxhurst,” Hagstrom hangover

2/20/17 -- CRA: Of Capital One and Cabela's Bank. Federal Reserve rubberstamps mergers at Reserve Bank level. Bank Beat: Heartland Financial wants to grow in Colorado. UN - Global: Ban Ki-moon Uses UN in Kenya, Kim Won-soo in NY, Spox Calls Press Obsessive A*hole. Enviro: Indian mine in Australia. Bronx: Slumlord or vivero?

2/13/17 -- CRA: Amid DC Moves On CFPB, Acquisitive Simmons Is Asked by Fed of FFW's Protest. Federal Reserve Governor Tarullo to leave, FOIA improvements still needed. Bank Beat: Merger fall-out in Ohio. UN - Global: After PA's Fayyad Blocked, UN Selectively Spins US Green Light, UK Not Mentioned. Enviro: Free speech win in Alabama. Bronx: Catholic schools closing

2/6/17 - CRA: Branch closings by Wells Fargo. Federal Reserve asks United Bankshares about cases. Bank Beat: Mergers we're watching. UN - Global: UN Waste In Dump Caused Malaria in Central African Republic Under Ladsous, Bermann Next? Enviro: Niger Delta. Bronx: Fishing of post boxes, gone

1/30/17 -- CRA: Head of Community Bank System Mark Tryniski calls fair lending baseless. Federal Reserve goes vague on BB&T. Bank Beat: Investors Bancorp, already conditioned by Fair Finance Watch, had deal blow up. UN - Global: UN Wastes Funds Keeping Clinton-Aligned Feltman So His Pension Vests, Draft EO Here. Enviro: Trudeau and indigenous. Bronx: RIP Wayne Barrett - and Bobby Garcia

1/23/17 -- CRA: Fair Finance Watch challenges Community Bank System to Federal Reserve on Vermont proposed merger. Bank Beat: Simmons First tells FFW will close branches. UN - Global: US Has Asked For Ban Ki-moon Brother To Be Extradited, Hearing Reveals As Obama, Power Leaves. Enviro: Entergy in New Orleans. Bronx: UN Again Bans Staff From Women's March, ICP Questions, Gallach at Power's Elex Party

1/16/17 -- CRA: Challenge to Scottrade - Toronto Dominion. Federal Reserve grilled on film. Bank Beat: Proposed mergers we are looking at. UN - Global: UN Referred ICP's Corruption Qs to Ban Ki-moon Seoul Spox, Whom They Have Never Called. Enviro: Mining in the Philippines. Bronx: Outgoing Samantha Power smirks at Haiti, cholera

1/9/17 -- CRA: Cardinal and United plans to close branches, but how many? Federal Reserve after comments asks. Bank Beat: The strange case of Capital One and Cabela's “World Foremost Bank.” UN - Global: As Budget Scrutiny Looms, UN Must Do Better on Press Freedom, Due Process and FOIA under Antonio Guterres. Enviro: Cambodian NGO against sand mining scam. Bronx: NYT promotes gentrification, again

1/2/17 -- CRA: After ICP filed FOIA request, Federal Reserve released entirely redacted fair lending plan in TIAA - Everbank proceeding. Bank Beat: Bank of Hope, closing branches. UN - Global: New UNSG Guterres Calls for Peace, Yemen, Myanmar & Burundi Early Tests. Enviro: EPA Office of Civil Rights. Bronx: For New Year's Eve in Times Square, Ban Ki-moon dropped the ball for the last time.

12/26/16 -- CRA: Bank Merger Called Off After ICP Protested  NYCB - Astoria on Disparities. Federal Reserve delays on TIAA - Everbank FOIA request. Bank Beat: Next round on Capital One. UN - Global: US Power Abstains on UNSC Settlements Resolution, As UN Talk Turns To Trump. Enviro: Ecuador Chevron case firings. Bronx: Brownfield with “historic fill”

12/19/16 -- CRA: Terms expiring at OCC, FDIC and two Federal Reserve governor vacancies. Bank Beat: Mergers we are watching. UN - Global: On South Sudan, US Draft Passes 15-0, ICP Asked US Power of UN Arming Warlord. Enviro: Coal ash protests in Puerto Rico. Bronx/NYC: UN Thugs Attack ICP Outside Ban Ki-moon's $1200 Wall Street Event, Throw Periscoping Phone

12/12/16 -- CRA: Now TIAA tries to withhold compliance information, Federal Reserve gets FOIA request. Bank Beat: ICP Asks IMF About Guinea Bissau's Bank Bailouts, No Deadline to Unwind. UN - Global: UN's Gallach Pays Public Funds To Call Detroit a 3d Rate Flyover City, Evicted & Restricts Inner City Press. Enviro: NoDAPL. Bronx: After NYC Praises UN, ICP Asks Ban's Spox of Gallach's Violations of Free Press & Due Process

12/5/16 -- CRA: After FFW Challenges TIAA-Everbank, Federal Reserve's 3d Round of Questions. Bank Beat: Mega-merger... in Kazakhstan? UN - Global: Ban Ki-moon To Fly For Anti-Corruption Award from Qatar After Promoting Son in Law to Top UN Post. Enviro: Princess Cruises' intentional pollution. Bronx: Open up North Brother Island - and Hart Island Too

11/28/16 -- CRA: Challenge to Union - Cardinal, Federal Reserve gets FOIA on TIAA. Bank Beat: Merger slides. UN - Global: Ban Ki-moon's Brother Ki-ho Thrown Out of UN Global Compact, Mines in Myanmar. Enviro: NoDAPL news. Bronx: Sin City fall-out

11/21/16 -- CRA: Bank of Oklahoma, despite compliance settlement, gets Federal Reserve rubbert stamp. Bank Beat: Trustmark is at it again. UN - Global: On Myanmar, Where Ban Ki-moon's Brother Mines, US Accepts Outcome-Less Briefing By Nambiar, Who Says Give Them Time. Enviro: UN Passes Buck After Morocco Rejected COP22-Accredited Beiruk's Document. Bronx NYC: Ban Ki-moon NYU Speech Has Prerequisites While $100,000 Speech Withheld

11/14/16 -- CRA: After ICP Challenges TIAA-Everbank, They Submit to Federal Reserve A Defense of Lending, Brazil Land Grabs. Bank Beat: Mergers we are watching. UN - Global: After UN Ban Ki-moon Censors Press, Expresses to Trump Confidence in Cooperation. Enviro: COP 22 and Civil Society Excluded. Bronx: the split electoral district

11/7/16 -- CRA: After ICP Challenges People's United Bank's Suffolk Bid, Federal Reserve Asks 13 More Questions, Layoffs Threatened. Bank Beat: Looking at Genworth. UN - Global: Ban Ki-moon's Brother Ki-ho Involved in Myanmar, Greenwashing. Enviro: COP 22. Bronx: Read-lining by Barnes & Noble

10/31/16 -- CRA: Challenge to TIAA's Attempt To Buy Everbank to Federal Reserve, Citing Landgrab in Brazil. Bank Beat: ICP Asks IMF of Hadi's Bid to Move Yemen Central Bank, Spox Calls It Complex. UN - Global: Under New SG Guterres, Who Will Head UN Peacekeeping, Public Information? Enviro: ICP on Dakota Access Pipeline Asks UN Expert, Then Ban Ki-moon's Spox, “No Communication,” Like Haiti. Bronx: Gentrification Watch

10/24/16 -- CRA: After redlining settlement, BancorpSouth tells Federal Reserve its merger applications are withdrawn. Bank Beat: Another merger we're looking at. UN - Global: As Ban Ki-moon Conceals DC Speech & Is Protested at UN, Tells Wire Of His South Korea Ambitions. Enviro: Detroit incinerator. Bronx: Where's UN on killing of Deborah Danner?

10/17/16 -- CRA: ICP Challenges FNB's Reach into the Carolinas for Yadkin Bank, Files with Federal Reserve on Disparities in Baltimore & Ohio, Insiders. Bank Beat: Mergers We Are Looking At. UN - Global: ICP Asked New SG Guterres About Yemen, His Transition Team Here. Enviro: EPA to re-examine flares in TX, LA. Bronx: Tour de Bronx

10/10/16 -- Bank Beat: BNC's lending to people of color fell in 2015. CRA: People's United got worse in NYC in 2015 but Federal Reserve calls it “untimely.” UN - Global: On Yemen, ICP Asks UK, France, NZ & Saudi After Airstrike on Funeral, No Draft Yet. Enviro: Trend found in UN report. Bronx: In praise of libraries.

10/3/16 -- CRA: Bank of North Carolina enforcement actions withheld by Federal Reserve, which brags about applications withdrawn, BancorpSouth still in. Bank Beat: Wells Fargo grilled on the Hill. UN - Global: On Next UNSG, Of Kazakh Deputy & Nordic Dreamers, Russia To Get Political Affairs? Enviro: EJ paper tiger. Bronx: Clay Ave Tenants Association head to UN conference in Quito

9/26/16 -- CRA: Bank of North Carolina, still withholding CRA plan from ICP, get more Federal Reserve questions, here. Bank Beat: We're watching TIAA - Everbank. UN - Global: ICP Asks Ban Ki-moon's Mentor Han Seoug-soo of Moonlighting with StanChart & Doosan, He Says Banks Too. Enviro: Proposal shot down in California. Bronx: Gentrification documented

9/19/16 -- CRA: As Bank of Oklahoma is forced to respond to ICP's protest by OCC, will Federal Reserve take note? Bank Beat: Maryland, Ohio and history. UN - Global: For UNGA, Ban Ki-moon Prints Book on Legacy, But Who Wrote & Paid For It? Enviro: California app. Bronx: Maduro of Venezuela in the West Bronx.

9/12/16 -- CRA: After ICP Challenges Its Suffolk Bid, People's United Calls NYC "Lower Hudson.” Federal Reserve gets FOIA request on BancorpSouth. Bank Beat: United - Cardinal, we're watching. UN - Global: Ban Ki-moon & Son In Law Use Jaffna Massacre Commander As Nepotism Defense. Enviro: Southeast activists meet. Bronx: Reynaldo Cuevas killing revisited

9/5/16 -- CRA: Bank of Oklahoma's low satisfactories, KC Performance Evaluation scams. Federal Reserve gets admission and demand for confidential treatment from Bank of North Carolina. Bank Beat: ICP Asks IMF of Yemen Central Bank, Zim & Mozambique, IMF Staff Moves In. UN - Global: Ban Ki-moon's Promoted Son In Law Reportedly Posed With Dead LTTE Fighters. Enviro: Baton Rouge EJ advocate, rest in peace. Bronx: Getting some LinkNYC wi-fi

8/29/16 -- CRA: ICP Protested BNC - High Point, Now Federal Reserve Asks Questions, Here. Bank Beat: Astoria Bank re-schedules its annual meeting, after protest. UN - Global: Ban Ki-moon Signed Letter Giving Son-In-Law Top UN Job in Kenya, Confirmed to ICP. Enviro: Big 90 corporations cause more pollution. Bronx: Old school filing dumping

8/22/16 -- CRA: People's United “Comfortable” With No Loans to People of Color in NYC in 2014. Federal Reserve Jumbles Merger Applications (But Takes Goldman Sachs' Sunday Calls). Bank Beat: BancorpSouth Down for the Count. UN - Global: At UN, Why Ban Ki-moon Dropped from Public List Officials Who Refuse to Disclose UNexplained. Enviro: With Floods in Baton Rouge, New Gulf Drilling Rights Opposed. Bronx: Calling Out People's United

8/15/16 -- CRA: Citing Redlining, ICP Challenges People's United Bid For Suffolk County National Bank. Federal Reserve Disses Flint, Rubber Stamps Chemical-Talmer. Bank Beat: BNC Would Close At Least 3 High Point Branches. UN - Global: Ban Ki-moon's Adviser Han Seung-Soo With UN Bank Standard Chartered, Spokesman Claims Bullying. Enviro: Oil water on plants in Cali? Bronx and Brooklyn and Queens and Harlem and Washington Heights Hall of Shame most recent nominee: People's United

8/8/16 -- CRA: After Taking Goldman Sachs Calls on Sunday, Federal Reserve Fines It $36M, Denies FOIA. Bank Beat: “Super-community” in NM, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri and Texas. UN - Global: Ban Ki-moon's Adviser Han Seung-Soo Is Director of UN Contractor Doosan, UNethical? Enviro: Shale wealth fund idea from UK to US? Bronx: Standing in Bronx Criminal Court delay case.

8/1/16 -- CRA: In FOIA farce FDIC Withholds in Full BNC's Compliance Plan the Federal Reserve Relied On. Bank Beat: On Zimbabwe, ICP Asks IMF of Arrears, If Any Program, UN of UNrest, #ThisFlag. UN - Global: On UN DSS Security Scandal, UN Refuses To Name Sponsor, If Ban Ki-moon Approved Or Negligent. Enviro: News from Nigeria. Bronx: Home Street church replaced, History Channel Out.

7/25/16 -- CRA: ICP Protested NYCB - Astoria on Disparities from NY to Cleveland, Federal Reserve Questions, One-Two Punch? Bank Beat: Yadkin Wants to Sell to FNB Before Closing 12 NewBridge Branches. UN - Global: On Next SG Straw Poll, Results & Questions of Dual Nationalities, Exclusive. Enviro: Marching to DNC in Philly. Bronx: Gentification market, security abuse

7/18/16 -- CRA: Chemical & Talmer in $1B proposed merger “misunderstand.” Federal Reserve wants to get to know Bank of Oklahoma better. Bank Beat: ICP Asks IMF of Jordan & Lebanon, Reply Here, S Sudan & Yemen Not Yet. UN - Global: ICP Asks Ban's Spox Why 6 UN Guards Hindered It, Spox Replies He Was Stalked While NHK. Enviro: New law in Newark, NJ. Bronx: As YouTube Hinders Publication of UN Q&As, Censorship Questions UNveiled

7/11/16 -- CRA: ICP Protested BancorpSouth, Now Sued by DOJ, Chemical & BNC. Federal Reserve Asks Chemical About Talmer Branches. Bank Beat: Deals We Are Watching. UN - Global: In S Sudan Leaked UN Memo Says 150 Soldiers Dead As Some Joined Kiir's Tiger Force. Enviro: Bloomberg on EJ. Bronx: ICP Asked UN About Philando Castile & Alton Sterling, Working Group Condemns

7/4/16 -- CRA: FDIC extends time on BNC, But Withholds Compliance Plan. Federal Reserve lets Bank of the Ozarks Off the Hook. Bank Beat: Chemical seeking U.S. Bank funds to buy Talmer. UN - Global: As UN Bribery Ng Case Expands, Ban Ki-moon in Para 12, His Spox Covers Up. Enviro: Gulf Coast letter to Big Green. Bronx: DJ Kool Herc in Crotona Park

6/27/16 -- CRA: Capital One closing branches. Federal Reserve ready for Brexit. Bank Beat: Chemical asked about Talmer. UN - Global: Brexit's UN Fall-Out, UK Less Likely to Veto Malcorra, Scottish P5 Question? Enviro: Duke Energy in NC. Bronx: ABC carpet pulls the rug out from under community

6/20/16 -- CRA: While withholding Compliance Plan, BNC goes for High Point. Federal Reserve lets Huntington withhold antitrust info. Bank Beat: ICP Asked IMF of Sri Lanka Airlines Resolution, Iraq & Mozambique. UN - Global: UN Rapporteurs Mistold by Ban's Gallach Of "Altercation," Press Eviction Pretext. Enviro: Coal victory in River Rouge. Bronx: Attack in Parkchester must be investigated.

6/13/16 -- CRA: Chemical lending in Flint toxic like water. Federal Reserve sends ICP its Qs to Huntington. Bank Beat: Some ones we're watching. UN - Global: UN Told Nobel Winner Ramos-Horta ICP "Openly" Broke UNpublished Rule, Geneva Next. Enviro: Oil field still closed in Los Angeles. Bronx: Roll back the rent

6/6/16 -- CRA: BNC Bancorp Withholds Compliance Plan Cited in Order by Federal Reserve, Which Called ICP/FFW A Day Late. Bank Beat: ICP Asked IMF of Protests in Suriname, IMF Supports Tariff Rise. UN - Global: ICP Asks Ban's Spox of Ng & Corruption, Request for Q&A, "All the Time You Need.” Enviro: EPA's EJ 2020 Action Agenda. Bronx: Ebling Brewery, Now a Brownfield

5/30/16 -- CRA: Old National plays hide the ball with Anchor Bank cut backs. Federal Reserve still withholds FOIA documents. Bank Beat: protests of a bank merger.. in India. UN - Global: As Ban Politics in S. Korea, Hankyoreh Notes ICP's Qs About Kim. Enviro: Vermont chainsaws. Bronx: going market rate in Mott Haven, can you say, gentrification?

5/23/16 -- CRA: Looking at Cash America - First Cash (or, Cowboy and Frontier). Federal Reserve continues FOIA delay. Bank Beat: ICP Asks IMF of Protests in Suriname, IMF Supports Cut of Subsidies. UN - Global: UN Censors Q About Ban & Freedom of the Press from Transcript, New Low. Enviro: Metal shredding in Minneapolis. Bronx: Africa films

5/16/16 -- CRA: Huntington FirstMerit documents requested under FOIA still withheld. Federal Reserve questions by ICP, on video. Bank Beat: Franklin Financial Network and Civic Bank & Trust. UN - Global: Press on UN Rape & Genocide Accepted, But Ban's Corruption Triggered Eviction. Enviro: Alabama landfill SLAPP. Bronx: amNY for gentrification

5/9/16 -- CRA: Protest to Huntington Yields “Ex Parte” Notice. Federal Reserve: ICP's Republic Comments Lead to RALs Footnote. Bank Beat: Mergers We Are Watching. UN - Global: ICP Asks UN About Lack of Whistleblower Protections, Miranda Brown, Retaliation. Enviro: EJ Talk. Bronx: Rent Guidelines Board

5/2/16 -- CRA: Challenge to Chemical Talmer, focus on Flint. Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago lists no email address. Bank Beat: On Sri Lanka, IMF Reaches $1.5B Program, ICP Asked in Feb, Accountability. UN - Global: ICP Asks UN of US Bill on Peacekeeper Rapes, UN Doesn't Keep Records. Enviro: Demographics of Flint. Bronx: Et tu, Amazon?

4/25/16 -- CRA: On Huntington - FirstMerit, Comment Extended to May 16 New Date, As Federal Reserve Delays FOIA Response to ICP. Bank Beat: KeyCorp's Mooney Brags. UN - Global: After UN Evicts ICP, Ban's Spox Says "You've Been Afforded A Lot of Courtesies". Enviro: Amid Climate Hoopla, ICP Asks NRDC & Oxfam of ICAO and REDD Offset Scams. Bronx: Webster Avenue Changes, Gentrification Must Be Fought

4/18/16 -- CRA: Huntington is defending closing 107 branches, ICP re-petitions Federal Reserve for hearings. Bank Beat: Goldman Sachs' settlement is a bad joke. UN - Global: Ban Ki-moon Has ICP's Files Thrown Onto 1st Av, Bribery Audit Names His Gallach. Enviro: Hillary in Sunset Park. Bronx: Back to the roots

4/11/16 - CRA: While Huntington proposed to closed 107 branches, Federal Reserve closes its ears? Bank Beat: Mergers large and small. UN - Global: ICP Asks UN of Audit Criticism of DPI's Gallach, Lax on Slavery, Impunity? Enviro: At Apollo Theater, Bernie Sanders Asks Why Kids in South Bronx have to suffer asthma

4/4/16 -- CRA: ICP Zeroes In On Huntington Bank, Shutting Low Income FirstMerit Branches, files request for reconsideration of Federal Reserve approval of Goldman Sachs - GE. Bank Beat: Merger pace sped up in 2d half of 2015. UN - Global: UN's Gallach Says ICP Covers Wrong Things After Orders Eviction by April 6. Enviro: NYS Environmental Protection Fund boosted. Bronx: Evicton Pending for Chronicling the UN “Country Club”

3/28/16 -- CRA: On Huntington, ICP Expands Protest to FirstMerit, Akron Data Here. Federal Reserve: After Taking Goldman Sachs Calls on Sunday, Fed Approves GE, ICP FOIAs. Bank Beat: Anger in Canada at RBC branch closing. UN - Global: On Western Sahara, UN DPI Bans ICP From UNSC Stakeout March 21, Minders March 24. Enviro: Airborne lead north of Minneapolis. Bronx: Gentrification on E 144th Street

3/21/16 -- CRA: Protest to Huntington - First Merit filed by ICP with Federal Reserve, more than 100 branch closings. Bank Beat: ICP Asks IMF of Zimbabwe - Loans Not Sure - & Vultures Dart & Singer. UN - Global: ICP Asked About Lorenzo's Bribery, US Cites UN Audit, Not South South News. Enviro: Australia action on Peabody Energy / coal. Bronx: After Ousting Press, Ban Tells Bronxites To Rise Up For Rights, Hypocrisy

3/14/16 -- CRA: Good news in KC, Federal Reserve protest to BNC, Sandy we hardly knew ye. Bank Beat: Merger snafus we use social media to track, list of deals. UN - Global: UN Jan 29 "Incident" Had UNCA Hiding Ng Lap Seng Info, UN Staff at Pioli's Open Bar. Enviro: ICP asks Segolene Royal of Global Compact at UN. Bronx: HPD's Bean in S. Bx, will the Bean bear fruit?

3/7/16 -- CRA: Amid ICP Protest to BNC - Southcoast, Federal Reserve Gives ICP Memo of BNC Meeting, from Jan 28, Faux Ex Parte. Bank Beat: Conciliation deal in Kansas City. UN - Global Exclusive: UN Yemen Envoy Told Feltman Houthis Ready to Meet in Jordan, Saudi Low-ball. Enviro: St. Louis lead. Bronx: South Bronx Love Letter.

2/29/16 -- CRA: On First Niagara, Key Says It'll Address Branches Later, Withholds to Federal Reserve, ICP FOIAs. Bank Beat: Lawsuit against Deutsche Bank National Trust Co for negligence. UN - Global: UN's Ouster of ICP Opposed from Yemen, Burundi, NY, Nigeria, Dominica, Geneva. Enviro: Bridgeport deal. Bronx: Sedgwick Avenue gets its name

2/22/16 -- CRA: Regions Bank Rating Is Cut to Needs to Improve. Federal Reserve: ICP Protests Republic Bank, Key - First Niagara. Bank Beat: Merger blues in F.N.B. Metro glitches. UN - Global: UN Security Ejecting ICP Wouldn't Give Name, Grabbed ID Badge, Pushed Out Gate. Enviro: Spill prevention win in Southern District. Bronx: Taqueria gentrified out of South Bronx reappears in Brooklyn.

2/15/16 -- CRA: Second protest of NYCB - Astoria to Federal Reserve, Which Asks More Questions, to Feb 26. Bank Beat: IMF Tells ICP Negotiating Mission to Sri Lanka Late March, Burundi, Romania Qs. UN -Global: As New UN Rapes In CAR Revealed in Feb 11 Emails, UN Says DRC Troops Still In Place. Enviro: Hats off to the Moral March. Bronx: Where does NYCB have no branches?

2/8/16 -- CRA: Huntington would close 100+ branches if allowed to acquire FirstMerit. Federal Reserve fines HSBC, belatedly. Bank Beat: Chemical - Talmer flying stealth? UN - Global: SG Ban Claims He's a Scapegoat, Press Qs on CAR Rapes, Corruption Ignored. Enviro: is there a global EJ movement? Bronx: Is Chase Bank branch on Arthur Ave closing? Because it is much reduced

2/1/16 -- CRA: Comments on Key / First Niagara; Federal Reserve didn't reply under FOIA in time, asks Republic Bank questions. Bank Beat: Deals in Ohio and Michigan. UN - Global: After Vote, ICP Asks Colombia's Holguín About Urabeños, She Calls Them a Gang. Enviro: On Coal, ICP Asks UNFCCC's Figueres Of Funding by Banks in Global Compact. Bronx: State of the City by de Blasio at Lehman

1/25/16 -- CRA: After ICP's Protest of NYCB - Astoria Bank, Comment Period Extended to Feb 16 by Federal Reserve, where Goldman Sachs Blacks Out Most of Its Jan 18 Fed Submission, ICP FOIAs. Bank Beat: Mergers, mergers. UN - Global: In Burundi, Shingiro Spoke for US Power, Censorship Not Mentioned. Enviro: At UN, Fake Recycling Can Mixes Glass, Paper & Waste, Ban Ki-moon and Scribes Say Nothing. Bronx: Africa art connection, 149th and the Concourse

1/18/16 -- CRA: After ICP's Protest of NYCB - Astoria Bank, FDIC Denies Expedited Processing. Federal Reserve: Goldman Sachs Tries to Withhold GE's Deposits by State, ICP FOIAs Fed. Bank Beat: IMF Answers ICP on Burundi, Had Said Peacekeeping Income in Budget, Off Track. UN - Global: To Burundi, UN Cites Small Plane From Addis to Ban Press, No Deployment Answers. Enviro: Comment on USDA environmental justice plan, to Feb 14. Bronx: Silvercup to Port Morris, Good or Bad?

1/11/16 -- CRA: Protest of NYCB - Astoria Merger to Federal Reserve, Which Asks 14 Qs, Extends Its Time on Goldman Sachs. Bank Beat: Kentucky's Republic Bank Tries to Withhold, ICP Challenges Under FOIA. UN - Global: Online Censorship Opposed by ICP, Under EU "Privacy" & DMCA in US. Enviro: Michigan declares emergency about poisonous water in Flint - after playing a role in it. Bronx: No room at the Inn (hotels slated for Gerard and Exterior Streets)

1/4/16 -- CRA: Republic Bank's high-cost cards raised to Federal Reserve by Fair Finance Watch. Bank Beat: Criticism of NYCB - Astoria, more to come. UN - Global: UN Won't Name Staffer Who Was Told of CAR Rapes, Won't Answer on Ban's Travel. Enviro: Hotspots in Denver, and the Mousetrap. Bronx: The Get Down

12/28/15 -- CRA: Bank of the Ozarks inquiry; Federal Reserve Asked BNC for CRA Info, Which Withholds It. Bank Beat: Mere extension on KeyCorp - First Niagara not enough. UN - Global: On Burundi, As Imbonerakure Rally, PR at UN Mocks Countrymen, Bans Press. Enviro: Waste transfer stations, NYC. Bronx: Et tu, Zaro's? Closing in Parkchester amid “cretzel” pitch

12/21/15 -- CRA: Challenge filed to Bank of the Ozarks - C&S with Federal Reserve Bank of St Louis. Bank Beat: On ISIS Finance, Talk of Oil and Turkey, Paris Pre-Paid Cards, No Bitcoin. UN - Global: ICP Asks UN & CAR Panel of Ladsous Failing to Respond on Rights, Ban's UN. Enviro: Critique of Jerry Brown in Paris. Bronx: Whose Streets? NYPD Officer Paid by Deutsche Bank To Empty Atrium Early

12/14/15 -- CRA: Challenge to Kentucky-based Republic's Florida move, Federal Reserve accepts timely comment. Bank Beat: IMF Answers ICP on Malawi Retrenchment, Global Fund Steps In. UN - Global: UN Corruption Association Sells Seats with Ban, Paparazzi Pioli. Enviro: On Paris Agreement on Climate, Grumbles Even at COP 21, of TPP and Ban's Travel. Bronx: Queens businesses to Hunts Point.

12/7/15 -- CRA: Fight against Goldman Sachs - GE Continues, After Federal Reserve Gov Powell Acknowledges Wrongful Withholdings. Bank Beat: BNC Is Asked, Again, for Information. UN - Global: IMF Answers ICP on Burundi, Program Off Track, & Zambia, No Request. Enviro: Brownfields blown off for South Bronx hotel

11/30/15 -- CRA: Supplemental ICP Comments on Goldman Sachs to Federal Reserve, Which Declines Comment. Bank Beat: Redliner Evans Bank revved up by Key - First Niagara. UN - Global: With Saudi Set to Stone Sri Lankan Maid to Death, Threats to Sue for ISIS Comparisons. Enviro: EJ in Baltimore, and Paris. Bronx: With so many lanuages, no UN in sight

11/23/15 -- CRA: Goldman Sachs Uses Small Bank Relief to Defend Pre-Review of GE Capital Deal by Federal Reserve, Which Tries to Close Ears to Comments. Bank Beat: BNC wants to buy High Point Bank. UN - Global: In UN Rights Com'te, Syria, Iran and N. Korea Resolutions Pass Amid Complaints & Quibbles, On Syria Burundi Votes No, Sudan Abstains. Enviro: On Climate Change, ICP Asks UN's Pasztor of Adaptation, GCF & HSBC. Bronx: Thanksgiving on Walton Avenue

11/16/15 -- CRA: More sleaze by Goldman Sachs; Federal Reserve has yet to rule on ICP's Oct 24 FOIA appeal. Bank Beat: Acquisitive Ozarks; IMF Answers ICP on Iraq and Mozambique, Not on UN Antigua Corruption Case. UN - Global: On Libya, ICP Asks For Whom Leon Queries UAE (Himself), No Answer on Feltman. Enviro: Bill to test near marine waste transfer stations in NYC. Bronx: Improvement like bike path, but for who? Latin restaurant evicted

11/9/15 -- CRA: Key Bank - First Niagara Would Trigger Branch Closing, Lending Disparities, FFW Says. Federal Reserve acts on a Goldman Sachs staffer, but still no extension or hearing on GE Capital. Bank Beat: NYCB - Astoria? We think not. UN - Global: Dead in Lahore, Haider Rizvi Covered Corporatization at UN, Opposed “Mafia”. Enviro: More Pennsylvania. Bronx: Rip off on top of rip off

11/2/15 -- CRA: ICP Comments on Goldman Sachs, As Will on Key & NY Community Bank, Federal Reserve staffer gives Goldman info. Bank Beat: IMF Answers ICP on Austerity in Jamaica, Not on Antigua Corruption Case. UN - Global: ICP Asks Heyns About Lankans Killed in Sri Lanka & Saudi, Killer Robots Talk. Enviro: Pennsylvania's EJ director is lawyer Carl E. Jones. Bronx: Gentrifiers' ball, first reported by ICP on Sept 14, happens: disgusting

10/26/15 -- CRA: FOIA Response to ICP Shows Goldman Met Federal Reserve in May on GE, Pre-Reviewed. Bank Beat: BNC - Southcoast. UN - Global: ICP Asks DESA About UN Rapes, Stats for Disparate Lending to Women Like HMDA in US. Enviro: Pennsylvania's moribund EJ office restarts, but can it review fracking? Bronx: The Moth at the Museum.

10/19/15 -- CRA: On Goldman Sachs - GE Capital Bank, Federal Reserve Ignores Oct 16 FOIA Deadline, Collusion Like CIT? Bank Beat: Another merger we're looking at. UN - Global: On Scandal, ICP Publishes GSF, Kutesa & ITU Awards to Bongo & Hasina, Murky. Enviro: On Climate Change, ICP Asks UN's Pasztor of Carbon Tax, Critiques of OECD. Bronx: Tour de

10/12/15 -- CRA: Fed Re-opens Comment on Goldman Sachs-GE to Oct 30. Federal Reserve Rubber-Stamps RBC - City National Which Bragged of Collusion, FOIA Finds. Bank Beat: Predator Republic eyes Florida. UN - Global: On Scandal, ICP What Ashe's & Kutesa's Guards Saw, ITU, UNCA & South South. Enviro: Port City disclosure ordered in Sri Lanka. Bronx: MetroNorth in Coop City is good, but excluding passengers at Fordham Road must end.

10/5/15 -- CRA: Fed Won't Answer ICP's Goldman Sachs FOIA Request Until October 16. As Federal Reserve Blesses Hudson City Discrimination, Silent on Goldman Sachs. Bank Beat: RBC Met Fed Before City National Disclosed, ICP FOIA Shows, UNreal. UN - Global: UNGA Ends Empty, Eritrea on Sanctions, Burundi Not Present, 4 Replies. Enviro: After Rousseff Lays Out Brazil's INDC, ICP Asks of Deforestation, Livestock. Bronx: El Maestro

9/28/15 -- CRA: At UN, Financial Inclusion, Now Pitched by IMF, UNsolved in US, SDGs Reviewed. Federal Reserve silent on Goldman Sachs - GE Capital. Bank Beat: NYS Regulations tells ICP of 30 days extension. UN - Global: At UN, ICP Asks Bolivia's Evo Morales About Sovereign Debt Restructuring in UNGA. Enviro: At UN, ICP Asked Peru's Humala If TPP Investors' Rights Provision Undercut Environment. Bronx: NYT pushing gentrification is despicable.

9/21/15 -- CRA: Goldman Sachs, In Reply to ICP, Brags of Releasing Some Withheld Info, Tells Federal Reserve to Ignore Segarra Leak & Settlements. Bank Beat: IMF Answers ICP on Refugees and Tunisia. UN - Global: On S. Sudan, ICP Asks of Fighting in Maridi, Malakal, Leaked Sit-Rep of UNMISS. Enviro: On Climate Change, ICP Asks Pasztor of 3 Degrees C, Murky Climate Finance. Bronx: Child poverty rate 43%, UNacceptable.

9/14/16 -- CRA: M&T settles on fair lending - but Hudson, not yet. Federal Reserve won't issue a FOIA ruling, or say when comment period closes. Bank Beat: Sterling unreformed. UN - Global: Ladsous Links Rapes to "R&R," Ban & France Do Nothing, Scribes Cover Up. Enviro: Demolition in Madison, Wisconsin. Bronx: Gentrifiers prepare Halloween ball on river bank

9/7/15 -- CRA: Goldman Sachs Blacks Out Basic Parts of Application to Buy $16B from GE. Federal Reserve will be put to the test. Bank Beat: Community Bank System is asked about job loss. IMF Tells ICP of Lagarde on SDGs, Q of Financial Inclusion, Indonesia. UN - Global: Nigeria's UNSC August Had Six Stakeouts, 2 Shakespeare Cites, E10. Enviro: EPA too slow on environmental justice. Bronx: As legionella re-appears at Melrose Houses, how can the UN with its cooling towers say it's exempt from NY law?

8/31/15 -- CRA: Merger fallout hurts consumers. Federal Reserve spins CRA with no word on enforcement. Bank Beat: BNC thinks easy sailing into Georgia and Florida? UN - Global: From UN, Trump Ousting Ramos Echoes Ladsous & CAR Rapes. Enviro: Gulf South Rising marks #Katrina10. Bronx: Flashback to Young Lords' occupation of Lincoln Hospital - on Periscope?

8/24/15 -- CRA: Gerrymandering of Assessment Area by Community Bank System. Federal Reserve chooses a Goldman Sach alum for Dallas. Bank Beat: So, looking at Texas. UN - Global: In Buffalo, Ban Spins for M&T Bank Accused of Discrimination and Money Laundering. Enviro: EPA has no comment. Bronx: the BP's video, the brewery

8/17/15 -- CRA: Responsible Banking Act of NYC opined to be preempted: will NYC appeal? Julian Bond called Predatory Lending "Legalized Extortion;" Rest in Peace.  Federal Reserve Bank of NY's Dudley in Rochester. Bank Beat: in South Carolina, Southcoast. UN - Global: On UN Rapes, ICP Asks of CAR Spox Quote, Whistleblower, US Power. Enviro: US sued on climate change. Bronx: Amid Legionnaire's Disease, UN Says It Is Exempt From NY Laws, Drains Fountain

8/10/15 -- CRA: Community Bank System - Oneida Asked by Federal Reserve To Drop Two Merger Agreement Provisions. Bank Beat: Proposed mergers we are looking at. UN - Global: UNSC OKs Syria Chemical Weapons Deal, Talk of Khan al Asal, Hiroshima, PRST. Enviro: EPA delays EJ complaint since 2002. Bronx: Legionnaires' Disease Update

8/3/15 -- CRA: Community Bank System's request to withhold 8 of 9 response rejected by Federal Reserve, whose Gov Powell rubber-stamps FOIA appeals. Bank Beat: IMF Board Funds Ukraine & Jordan, Short-changes Nepal, No Answers. UN - Global: Small Islands in UNSC, Niue's Nameplate & Sharks in Palau, ICP Asks of Drones. Enviro: FERC's environmental scoping on Tennessee Gas Pipeline Co.’s proposed Northeast Energy Direct project. Bronx: Legionnaires’ Disease Cluster Update - but who can see the plans?

7/27/15 -- CRA: Community Bank System - Oneida, in arrogance, try to withhold 8 of 9 answers to Federal Reserve, ICP challenges under FOIA. Bank Beat: IMF Board to Meet on Ukraine July 31, No Answers on Africa, Madagascar, FfD. UN - Global: Iran Deal Sold by Kerry at CFR in NY, Called Out in Times Square. Enviro: SDNY case on hazardous waste spills. Bronx: Women of the Young Lords... on Periscope

7/20/15 -- CRA: Now LA Times covers ICP's UNcovering of Royal Bank of Canada's CNB gun-jumping. Federal Reserve on that; Bank Beat on CBSI - Oneida. UN - Global: On Iran Deal July 20 Vote, After ICP Reports, Reuters Blurs US Spox. Enviro: Crude oil by rail. Bronx: Free high-speed Internet in the Mott Haven Houses

7/13/15 -- CRA: On Dodd-Frank, ICP Asks IMF Of Redefining SIFI to $500B, Of Somalia Remittances. Federal Reserve notes BB&T commitment to FDIC. Bank Beat: Proposed mergers we are watching. UN - Global: On Yemen, Ban Ki-moon Was Urged Not to Announce Dubious Pause. Enviro: That time France sunk Greenpeace's “Rainbow Warrior.” Bronx: Multicultural Bronx in display on Allerton Ave

7/6/15 -- CRA: After ICP Raises Royal Bank of Canada - City National Gun Jumping, Federal Reserve Asks Banks about it. Bank Beat: BancorpSouth has to extended on SSB and Ouachita, after ICP comment. UN - Global: To Pick Next SG, ACT Event, Why Not Debates, Disclosure Needed? Enviro: ICP Asks UN of Climate Finance Shortfall & the Pope, No TPP to Redford. Bronx: As UN Food Workers Face Layoff, IDNYC Pop-Up Not For Them?

6/29/15 -- CRA: ICP Asks Of Tax Evader HSBC & Remittance Cutter Westpac In UN Global Compact. Federal Reserve: No Explanation by Royal Bank of Canada About Jumping the Gun - only bragging another comment withdrawn: lawless. Bank Beat: IMF Tells ICP Nepal Not Eligible for CCRT, Says Flexible with Jordan. UN - Global: In Syria Open Meeting ICP Is Told To Stop Periscope By France, Controls UNTV. Enviro: Disparate impact decision on fair housing has impact for environmental justice. Bronx: ICP's UN Bed Bugs Scoop Pilfered by amNewYork, Haq Spin, Vox & HuffPo Credit

6/22/15 -- CRA: Sterling Bancorp calls 14% “immaterial;” Federal Reserve accepts spin, as CBSI violates the law. Bank Beat: First Republic Bank SAYS it's buying Constellation Wealth Advisors. UN - Global: UN Schools in Censorship, Press Ejected by Ban's Guards For Ladsous Commanders. Enviro: On Climate, ICP Asks UN of LDC Fund Under-Funded, South Korea Backsliding. Bronx: Valley National Bank is outed as redliner

6/15/15 --