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9/28/20 -- CRA: Insurers Beat NYS Regulator In ACA Case in 2d Circuit Now SDNY Follows Suit. Federal Reserve did nothing on the banks now exposed with FINCEN SARs. Bank Beat: BMO Harris Bank Debtor Principis Was Told To Pay Collections Account Now Receiver Mulled. UN - Global: UN of Guterres Blocks From UN Website IP of Inner City Press After UNCA Says Do Not Leak. Enviro: Senegal pollution. Bronx / Legal: Bronx Rapper Detained As Fugitive Doing Sh*t Lyrics Read Out In SDNY Magistrates Court

9/21/20 -- CRA: Varo Bank The Bancorp Application Protested to OCC But Crypto Brooks Rubber Stamps It; State Street Bank Is Sued For Boston Club Culture Now Complains About Discovery. Federal Reserve hears the Banco Bradesco's "pecuniary contribution" in Brazil is not a fine. Really? Bank Beat: Ex-JPMorgan Trader Objected To SDNY Zip Codes Now Gets 8 Months for ForEx Rigging; Turkey Halkbank in SDNY Cites Immunity But US Points to Noriega Case and 2012 E-mail. UN - Global: UN General Assembly of 4 Day Old Speeches For 100 Tired State Media But No Inner City Press - Banned by Corrupt Guterres. Enviro: New law in NJ. Bronx / Legal: Annie Doe Questioning George Floyd Protests Got Suspension From Bronx's College of Mount Saint Vincent But Still There

9/14/20 -- CRA: Varo Bank The Bancorp Application Protested to OCC of Crypto Brooks By Fair Finance Watch. Federal Reserve's OMWI Report Doesn't address Board's impact with HMDA and mergers. Bank Beat: For PPP Bank Fraud China National Ma Still Jailed But 6th Amendment Argument Sept 30; Turkey Halkbank Gets Sept 18 Argument on Motion To Dismiss SDNY Indictment. UN - Global: UN Staffer In Iraq Indicted For Drugging and Raping Women Then Lying Now Discovery; UN Guterres Crocodile Tears For Killed Media As He Roughs Up and Bans Press From UNGA. Enviro justice in Minnesota. Bronx / Legal: Avenatti Threatens to Appeal To Seal Info in Stormy Case As Inner City Press Bronx Contrast; Bronx Car Crash Case In SDNY Seeks Delay For New Lawyer But Called Not Rocket Science

9/7/20 -- CRA: From Coinbase Brooks Into OCC Says Will Not Regulate Entities Or Obey SDNY or CRA. Federal Reserve Amid Covid Asks Banco Bradesco of BCB Fine cc Fair Finance Watch. Bank Beat: BMO Harris Bank Debtor Principis Says It Was On No Notice Told To Pay Collections Account. UN - Global: UN Staffer In Iraq Indicted For Drugging and Raping Women Then Lying As UN Role Questioned. Enviro: Rwanda campaign. Bronx / Legal: In SDNY Hedge Funder Kamensky Bailed For $250000 While Bronxite Remanded to MCC With Claustrophobia

8/31/20 -- CRA: Japanese FinTech Rakuten Retreats From CRA Evasion While OCC and Fed Cheer On Varo. Federal Reserve Board approves First Illinois Bancorp, while fintechs sneak through FRBSF. Bank Beat: In SDNY Bank Fraud Extraditee From Ghana Has May 3 Trial and TB in Valhalla. UN - Global: UNPGA Prez Volkan Bozkir Taps Brendan Varma As Spox With Conchita Wurst Echo Still Censored. Enviro: 3d Circuit throws out PA coal plant emissions regs. Bronx / Legal: As Avenatti Seeks To Seal Info in SDNY Stormy Case Inner City Press Gets Leave To Be Heard / Two Men Charged With Mailing Coke to Bronx With One Detained As Other Released on Bond

8/24/20 -- CRA: Sued for PPP JPM Chase Citigroup Signature Tell Judge Rakoff of Chevron Deference. Federal Reserve thumbs nose at FOIA on Bradesco, now Governors skips even FOIA Appeals as one staffer rubber-stamps another. Bank Beat: Turkey Halkbank Civil Suit By Iran Terrorism Victims Has Names Added Inner City Press On the Case. UN - Global: UN Guterres Breaks Quarantine With Pompeo In Mansion With Maskless Men After Vacation. Enviro: E-waste in Ghana. Bronx / Legal: Police Union Preliminary Injunction to Block Complaint Release Denied But Stayed To Mon 2 PM

8/17/20 -- CRA: Capital One hit with fine; banks merge and close branches. Federal Reserve arrogant rubber stamp of Varo, no answer. Bank Beat: In JPMorgan Chase Treasury Spoofing Civil Case Long Shadow of DOJ Prosecution. UN - Global: In Inner City Press Scoop on UNsexploitation Cunillera Restored to Full Pay Now Cover Up. Enviro: On Ecuador oil, stonewalling from BNP and Deutshce Bank. Bronx / Legal: Minter Charged With Gun in Bronx Says Indictment Not Seen Detained Until Nov 4

8/10/20 -- CRA: Rubber Stamp of Varo Bank Protested to Federal Reserve Chair Powell Collusion With OCC. Bank Beat: Turkey Halkbank Reiterates Demand Judge Berman Be Recused For Quoting NYT. UN - Global: UN Guterres Has Broken Quarantine on Secret Vacation Paid For By Public As He Hides Rapes. Enviro: Pollution in San Diego. Bronx / Legal: After OD Deaths in The Bronx 2 Defendants Were Not Produced March 9 Now Oct Motions

8/3/20 -- CRA: Varo Gets Rubber Stamped Into Banking By Federal Reserve On A Delegated Basis As Fed Denies FOIAs. Bank Beat: Ecuador $17B Bond Restructuring To Go Forward After Restraining Order Denied in SDNY. UN - Global: Ghislaine Maxwell and Epstein Were Supported by UN Lisa Svensson Who Inner City Press Exposed. Enviro: Kenya lead smelting case. Bronx / Legal: As Bronx Man Pleads Guilty To Gun Charge Tale of Park Avenue Shooting Causes Pause

7/27/20 - CRA: From Coinbase Brooks Into OCC With List of Conflicts Avant Aventas and Some of Citibank. Federal Reserve FOIA Appeal due to withholding of all COVID Bradesco and Brazil info. Bank Beat: Bank of America Settles EDNY Fair Lending Charges As Inner City Press Requests PPP Data. UN - Global: After Inner City Press Scoop On Guterres Hands In Pants Cover Up He Seizes Phones and Laptops. Enviro: Uber and Lyft. Bronx - Legal: Bronx Center Sued For No Sign Language But Even Pre Settlement Scheduling Secret

7/20/20 -- CRA: SoFi Bid For Bank Charter From Pro FinTech Comptroller Brooks Is Opposed By Fair Finance Watch. Federal Reserve takes six weeks to deny Bradesco FOIA request in full. Bank Beat: Epstein Deals of Deutsche Bank Cited in DCNJ Class Action As UN Maxwell Events UNexplained. UN - Global: Antonio Guterres Lies As He Bans Press Covering Up UN Rapes and Bribes He Takes. Enviro: Methane Waste. Bronx / Legal: Bronx Man Facing Death Penalty For Murder Mulls Switching Lawyers in SDNY

7/13/20 -- CRA: Epstein Deals of Deutsche Bank Trigger $150M NYS Fine As UN Maxwell Deals UNexplained. Federal Reserve Gives Itself More Time on FOIA on Banco Bradesco - but can it rubber stamp. Bank Beat: After US Attorney Drops Guilty Verdicts on Iran Banker Judge To Review If SDNY Misconduct; Nigeria Misusing Citibank HSBC and JPMorgan Subpoenas SDNY Judge Schofield Is Told. UN - Global: In Inner City Press Scoop on UN Prostitution Driver Was Cunillera Did Procurement in Haiti. Enviro: Pollution in South Korea: Bronx - Legal: Case of Bronx Gun Triggers COVID Status of SDNY and Federal Defenders Closed To September

7/6/20 -- CRA: On Manafort Lender Stephen Calk Trial Reset For Dec 1 Witness List Has Gates and Kushner. Federal Reserve lets Barclays off the hook - and delays news for a week. Bank Beat: After US Attorney Drops Guilty Verdicts on Iran Banker July 3 Expression of Disgust at SDNY; Turkey Halkbank Wants Delay to 2022 and to Recuse Judge Berman With Motion Due July 14. UN - Global: After Inner City Press Scoop on UN Prostitution By Antoine and Milan No Discipline For 2 UNnamed. Enviro: Pollution in Portland, Maine. Bronx - Legal: Landlords Sued NYS Eviction Pause On 1st Amendment But SDNY Judge McMahon Says No

6/29/20 -- CRA: Once Otting Out of OCC To Black Knight His Anti CRA Rule Challenged NDCA Court. Federal Reserve Tries to Withheld All Bradesco Answers on COVID-19. Bank Beat: In FARC Case in SDNY Citibank Does Not Appear Unlike Before Judge Carter. UN - Global: More Inner City Press Scoop on UN Prostitution Video As Asked June 25 Trinidad and Puerto Rico. Enviro: Monsanto Settles in Washington. Bronx / Legal: Bronx Lawsuit For Excessive Force by NYPD To Proceed With George Floyd Effect Cited

6/22/20 -- CRA: From Coinbase Brooks Into OCC With List of Conflicts Withheld So Now FOIA Request; As CFPB Shirks Public Process With Advisory Opinions Its Whitewash of Mortgage Continues With Attack on CRA. Federal Reserve: Varo Dodges on CRA and Covid Outage When Challenged on Federal Reserve Application For Banking. Bank Beat: Amid PPP Secrecy By Mnuchin Inner City Press Requests Data Valley National Answer Here; IMF Answers Inner City Press on Cameroon and Bolivia COVID Packages and Zambia Timing. UN - Global: For UNSC Kenya Beats Djibouti 129 to 62 Gaining 16 Votes Overnight UNtransparent. Enviro: Pollution in New Zealand. Bronx / Legal: Parkchester Security Wants To Settle Class Action As Objector Wants To Be Airbrushed Out; NYPD Shot Spotter Nabs Bronxite Now In Westchester Jail With Laptop and Lawyer

6/15/20 -- CRA: Through Revolving Door Brooks Into OCC With List of Conflicts As Otting Out to Black Knight; PPP Reporting. Federal Reserve: Varo Challenged on Federal Reserve Application For Banking After Service Outage and CRA Dodge. Bank Beat: TIAA Is Accused Of Stealing Retiree Money Now Gets Response Sealed in SDNY. UN - Global: After UN Staff Call Guterres Racist He Rebuffs Questions In Mercedes Now Letter to Editor. Enviro: Tennessee sewage violations. Bronx / Legal: Covid and the Courts Overheard From SDNY Press Room With Access Increasing and Redactions Opposed; Law Firm Sued Bronxite For More Money Than She Ever Saw In Her Life Now In SDNY

6/8/20 -- CRA: Police Brutality Bonds Raise Questions About Investments by Federal Reserve and UN. Federal Reserve Amid Covid Lets Banco Bradesco Go Secret On Travel Ban As Fair Finance Watch Says No. Bank Beat: In Griffith Crypto Case Inner City Press Won Unsealing Of Subpoena Of North Korea IP Logs. UN - Global: In Cameroon Journalist Njoka Kingsley Grabbed By Biya As UN Guterres Refuses Press Questions. Enviro: Ozone and Coronavirus. Bronx / Legal: For Molotov Cocktails At NYPD Remand By Marshals 2d Circuit Orders With Appeal

6/1/20 - CRA: On Day Otting Out of OCC Legacy of Contempt For CRA Public Process and FOIA Brooks Next. Federal Reserve in face of LIBOR Case Against JPMorgan and Bank of America Settled As SDNY Judge Buchwald Signs Off. Bank Beat: Amid PPP Abuse Lenders Like Ameris Bank Say Ask SEC As Inner City Press Requests Basic Data. UN - Global: While UN of Guterres Covers Up Coronavirus Role New Song Points the Finger. Enviro: As Pennsylvania Sues Exxon and BP Oil Companies Say No One In PA Hurt By MTBE. Bronx / Legal: For Molotov Cocktail At NYPD Van in Crown Heights George Floyd Protest EDNY Files Complaint, as Police Mass on Bronx shopping strips

5/25/20 -- CRA: Amid PPP Abuse Lenders Like Berkshire Bank Refuse As Inner City Press Requests Basic Data. Federal Reserve Delays 12 days in acknowledging FOIA request while preparing to rubbert-stamp for Bradesco. Bank Beat: Bank Named Mega Cites 2004 NYBD Letter As Preventing Showing Documents to SDNY Judge. UN - Global: With UN As Mediocre on Zoom As In Person Time To Move It Out of NYC and USA. Enviro: Lawsuit against EPA. Bronx / Legal: In NYC Four Hours and 107 New Lawsuits, 24 in The Bronx, After Coronavirus Shutdown Inner City Press on Case

5/18/20 -- CRA: Capital One Bank Switch of Business Balance to Personal Is Sued in SDNY. Federal Reserve: As US Bank Regulators Suspend Non Critical Exams Or Go 95% Off-Site New Project on Abuses. Bank BeatBank Named Mega Says DFS Prevents Showing Documents to SDNY Judge Even In Camera. UN - Global: UN Guterres Wants Video Only GA Week And Drivers Licenses From New Jersey. Enviro: EPA sued again. Bronx / Legal: SDNY Judge Vyskocil Declines To Put AOC Challenger On Ballot With Invalid Signatures

5/11/20 -- CRA: Weakening CRA Comptroller Otting Met Bank CEOs and Clarence Thomas FOIA Appeal Filed. Federal Reserve Amid Covid Lets Banco Bradesco Redact Exhibit Names As Fair Finance Watch Says No. Bank Beat: Deals falling apart, while regulators ready to rubber-stamp. UN - Global: WHO Denies Delaying COVID Info For Xi But UN Lied 6 Years On Taking Cholera To Haiti; UN Scam Debate Of Lone PGA Candidate Volkan Bozkir With Conchita Wurst Echo. Enviro: As US EPA Coronavirus Deregulation Is Sued SDNY Litigants Leave It To The Papers. Bronx: Bronx Man Sued City For Boston Road Police Stop Now SDNY Judge Failla Floats $50,000 Settlement

5/4/20 -- CRA: Amid COVID Fair Finance Watch Challenges Webster Bank Bid For State Farm HSAs to OCC. Federal Reserve: EDNY Probe of FIFA Makes Bank Hapoalim Pay $30M For Money Laundering, More to Fed. Bank Beat: As US Bank Regulators Rubber Stamp Mergers Opposed by FFW Now Pandemic Anti Monopoly Act. UN - Global: For UNSC Estonia Month May Somalia May 21 No Cameroon Spinning Coronavirus Like SG Guterres. Enviro: Pollution in Nigeria. Bronx / Legal: Olszewski Fled Bronx Halfway House Now Wants Out of MCC Amid Coronavirus

4/27/20 -- CRA: As FinTechs Like NewTek Snub Small Business While At PPP Trough CRA Should Apply Inner City Press Says. Federal Reserve: Amid Covid 19 Fed Is Letting Banco Bradesco Redact All on Virus Fair Finance Watch Says No. Bank Beat: Industrial Bank of Korea Settles $1B Iran Sanctions Violations For $51M in SDNY. UN - Global: After UN Guterres on South Sudan Refuses Press Questions Petition to Him Says UNMISS Spreads COVID. Enviro: More outdoors means more complaints, Alabama edition. Bronx / Legal: NYC Prisons Move Toward Video Calls Which Authorities Can Watch But Not Press or Public

4/20/20 - CRA: As FinTechs Line Up at PPP Trough Community Reinvestment Act Should Apply Fair Finance Watch Says. Federal Reserve Opens Season on Conflict of Interest in PPP? Bank Beat: Amid Coronavirus In Civil Case Credit Suisse Secrecy Still Sought; Amid COVID 19 IMF Standards For Debt Relief Questioned by Inner City Press Response Here. UN - Global: In UN COVID Hypocrisy South Sudan and Gym Violations While UNidentified Staff Disciplined. Enviro: Prince William Canned Comment. Bronx / Legal:  Bronx Defendant Without Taste Is Denied Release From MCC By SDNY Judge Failla As Danger

4/13/20 -- CRA: As Banks Turn Small Businesses Away From PPP Otting Ghoulishly Closes Comment Period. Federal Reserve Amid Covid 19 Rubber Stamp Prepared For Banco Bradesco Fair Finance Watch Says No. Bank Beat: National Banks Turn Underserved Businesses Away From PPP. UN - Global: Despite Coronavirus UN Security Gym Is Open As No Social Distancing on UN Bus in South Sudan. Enviro rules go on. Bronx / Legal: Edwin Alamo With Asthma In MCC Loses Bail Motion On Danger and Risk of Flight Grounds

4/6/20 -- CRA: As Regulators Give Big Banks Two Years Community Reinvestment Act Comment Period Must Be Extended. Federal Reserve: Regulators Give Even Volcker Rulers More Time. Bank Beat: Bank in West Virginia Fails Amid COVID 19. UN - Global: Coronavirus Among UN Staff In South Sudan Is Lied About While No Social Distancing on UN Bus. Enviro: Request to pause rules. Bronx / Legal: Smith Charged With Robbing Bronx Barber Also Has Asthma And Bail Hearing

3/30/20 -- CRAAs FDIC Tries To Weaken CRA Fair Finance Watch on Republic Bank and Axos Bank Demands Extension. Federal Reserve privatizes to Blackrock. Bank Beat: Another SDNY Sealed Proceeding For Money Laundering in Miami Diaz in MCC Until Friday. UN - Global: UN Fundraiser Has Three Officials Without Financial Disclosure and Boss Guterres With Lies. Enviro: EPA suspends rules, unlike OCC. Bronx / Legal: After SDNY Bronx Gang Mass Presentment Edgardo Baranco Freed Over US Objection

3/23/20 -- CRA: Community Reinvestment Act Credit For Coronavirus Means Comment Period Must Be Extended. Federal Reserve keeps closing merger comment periods though public hearings impossible. Bank Beat: In SDNY Prince Uko Is Bailed On Bank Fraud Charges Amid Coronavirus and GPS Bracelet Shortage. UN - Global: UNSG Guterres Takes 4 Lame Questions Picked By Fleming Who Bans Press 629th Day. Enviro: AI to track pollution. Bronx / Legal: After SDNY Bronx Gang Mass Presentment Davonte Brown Freed Over US Objection Amid Citations to Coronavirus COVID-19, Now in MDC

3/16/20 -- CRA: Community Reinvestment Act For Coronavirus Must Have Comment Period Extended Fair Finance Watch Says. Federal Reserve: Talk of Demoting Powell, How Much Longer Can This Go On? Bank Beat: Amid OCC Contempt For Protest to Steuben Trust Bid By Community Bank NA 3 Branches 39 Workers. UN - Global: UN Guterres Lies With Correspondents After Withheld That UNnamed Philippines Dip Has COVID-19. Enviro: Walkable cities. Bronx / Legal: Luis Rivera Charged With Bronx Shooting Was Beaten By Police, Federal Defender Says, Then Detained

3/9/20 -- CRA: As CFPB Evades Public Process With Advisory Opinions Its Whitewash of Mortgage Continues With Attack on CRA. Federal Reserve cancels Denver conference. Bank Beat: On Community Reinvestment Act Northfield Bank Challenged To OCC of Otting. UN - Global: UN Guterres and Vaz Pinto Mansion Socialists and Censors Ignore Qs on Cameroon Genocide. Enviro: Break Free From Plastic Act of 2020. Bronx / Legal: Tiffany Guerrero Was Arrested In The Bronx 8 Years Ago Now Jury Rejects Her Case

3/2/2020 -- CRA: As CFPB Whitewashed Mortgage Data It Proposes Business Lending Timeline in ND CAL. Federal Reserve Promotes Joe Otting March 10 in Denver - Why? Bank Beat: Lincoln Financial Fired Lesnik After His Wells Fargo Bankruptcy Now He Names Price Off the Record. UN - Global: As UN Guterres Q&A At The New School Inner City Press Banned As UN Spreads Its Corruption. Enviro: Pollution in Louisiana. Bronx / Legal: Tiffany Guerrero Was Arrested In The Bronx 8 Years Ago Now Trial Against NYC No Memo Book

2/24/20 - CRA: Community Reinvestment Act Attack by Otting Continues But With Comments to April 9. Federal Reserve Created BHC Morgan Stanley Without Any Comment Period, Now MS Makes $13B Offers For E-Trade. Bank Beat:  RBC Planning Bank Only For the Richest Highlights CRA Fight. UN - Global:  UN Refuses Press Qs on Coronavirus But Inner City Press Here Publishes UN Pro- China Spin. Enviro: Cleaning air pollution leads to warmer winters, Guardian UK Says. Bronx / Legal:  In SDNY Challenge to Drug Cases Disparities  Inner City Press Reported First Now Dies Quiet Death

2/17/20 -- CRA: Community Reinvestment Act Attack by Otting Questioned In FOIA For Bank Meetings By Inner City Press. Federal Reserve: CRA Attack by Otting Triggers Fed Powell Half True Answer in House. Bank Beat: On Crypto IMF Tells Inner City Press It Did Not Suggest Any Digital Currency to ECCU; Manafort Lender Steven Calk Cannot Move Trial to Chicago SDNY Judge Schofield Rules. UN - Global: On Myanmar Pro UN Groups Oppose Internet Cut Like One Guterres in Cameroon Complicit With. Enviro: Oil Pollution in South Sudan. Bronx: SDNY Trial of Rollin' 30 Crips Has Social Media Exhibits Fight Amid 10 Hour Cross of Cooperator

2/10/20 -- CRA: As Otting says he's never seen discrimation, OCC is poised to reward discriminator Evans Bank. Federal Reserve withholds everything Banco Bradesco did, despite stated commitments. Bank Beat: In OneCoin Case Now David Pike Charged With Bank Fraud For Scrubbing Ruja Ignatova Name. UN - Global: In Cameroon Biya Army Makes Election A Joke While Guterres Covers Up At AU Silent on Rapes. Enviro: Coal provides more than 1/3 of the world's electricity. Bronx / Legal: Basketball Standout Ashanae McLaughlin Released on Bank Fraud Charges Without SDNY Exclusion Zone

2/3/20 -- CRA: As House Sees OCC Attacks on CRA Otting Contempt For Protest to Steuben Trust Bid By Community Bank NA. Federal Reserve laxity on Banco Bradesco Leads To More Contempt of Press and Public. Bank Beat: On Luanda Leaks Inner City Press Asked IMF Which Says 3 Year Program Includes Fighting Corruption. UN - Global: UN Guterres Set To Reward Shiotani Who Gave UNSC Site To Husband With UNSC Post. Enviro: Pollution in Denver, Colorado. Bronx / Legal: Alleged Bronx Car Jacker A Queens Mother of Three Is Ordered Detained In SDNY

1/27/20 - CRA: To Kill Community Reinvestment Act Otting Vows No Delay As His Staff Intimidate Groups. Federal Reserve and Iraqi Union Bank, But Fed's Bangladesh Bank FOIA performance a problem. Bank Beat: Amid Credit Suisse Denial in Mozambique Scandal Corrupt Roles of UNSG Guterres. UN - GlobalGuterres Used Angola dos Santos Family Funds To Be UNSG Now No Luanda Leaks Answers. Enviro: Pollution and Malta. Bronx / Legal: Recidivist Database Of NYPD Used For SDNY Detention of Montanez For Crimes on Allerton Avenue

1/20/20 -- CRA: On OCC Attack on CRA Even Bankers Say More Analysis Needed As Gramm Chimes In. To Federal Reserve Banco Bradesco Late Sent CRA Redacted Info to Inner City Press But FRBNY Ignores It. Bank Beat: In SDNY Judge Cave Declines To Stay Millennium Discovery Against Citi BOM Chase and Truist. UN - Global: UN Guterres In Closed Meeting Lied About His Retaliation and Bogus Reforms So Audio Here. Enviro: US 9th Circuit Dismisses Climate Change Lawsuit While UNSG Guterres Flies to Lisbon Again. Bronx: In SDNY Mercado Charged With Pistol Shot in the Bronx Claims It Was Only BBs But Denied Bail

1/13/20 -- CRA: Now FDIC and Otting Attack on CRA March 9 Deadline As Wells Fargo Tries To Censor. To Federal Reserve, Banco Bradesco Late Sends Community Reinvestment Act Redacted Info to Fair Finance Watch. Bank Beat: Telegram Said SEC Info Request Covers 12+ Nations Now SEC Cites Redacted Durov Depo. UN - Global: UN Strips Vote of Lebanon and Yemen While Stonewalling on Gambia and Corruption of Guterres. Enviro: Pollution in Thailand. Bronx / Legal: Ivorian Mission to UN Ran Over Bronxite Donald Lewis Then Removed Case to SDNY

1/6/20 -- CRA: In SDNY Schwab - TD Bank Proposed Tie Up Faces Antitrust Suit by Asian American Firm. Federal Reserve belatedly posts some mergers but no response to formal requests by Inner City Press. Bank Beat: El Chapo Bribee Garcia Luna Detained in EDNY for Money Laundering After SDNY Showed Chapo Funds to JOH and UNSG. UN - Global: UN Security Council Admits Estonia Tunisia Vietnam St Vincent and Niger While Guterres Censors. Enviro: In St. Louis, environmental injustice. Bronx / Legal: In SDNY Wilson Perez For 2017 Kidnapping In The Bronx Gets 5 Years Shaved To 3 After Cold In MDC

12/30/19 -- CRA: Community Reinvestment Act Assault By OCC Joined In Not Only By CFPB Hiding HMDA Data But Now Also By Federal Reserve Hiding Pending Mergers, Fair Finance Watch Files Protest. Bank Beat: After Virgil Griffith Had Bail Denied in SDNY Inner City Press Asks UN About Its North Korea Bank Sanctions Violations. UN - Global: A Cautionary Tale: The UN Is Being Killed By Guterres And His Team As From Cameroon To China Rosewood Flows. Enviro: Massachusetts v. Exxon Mobil Corp. Bronx / Legal (100 Centre Edition) Yonkers Detective Who Lied About Bronx Drugs Pleads To Misdemeanor As Inner City Press Films

12/23/19 -- CRA: Protest to Flushing Bank Empire After FDIC Joins Otting Assault on CRA Amid Whitewash of Mortgage Data. Federal Reserve Brainard versus crypto-currency but what did Fed do on OneCoin money launderers? Bank Beat: Sprint T-Mobile Merger Trial Ends With Flurry of Sealed Exhibits Closing Arguments Jan 15. UN - Global: UN Guterres Covers Up Yet More UN Rape In DRC While Banning Inner City Press 534th Day. Enviro: Honeywell's pays low ball $4 million for pollution. Bronx / Legal: Defendant Horge Tells SDNY Judge Swain of Stabbings In MCC, 40th Precinct, Computers Unsuited for Discovery

12/16/19 -- CRA: FDIC Joins Otting To Deregulate Banks As CFPB Hides Mortgage Data. Federal Reserve: After Community Reinvestment Act Protest to Banco Bradesco Fed Delays Report on Ex Parte Meeting. Bank Beat: In Sprint Trial Legere of T-Mobile Shows Himself As Marrero Cites Flower Children. UN - Global: In Corrupt UN of Guterres UNSC Post Set Aside for Nils Schmieder After Viotti Gave Filho GB. Enviro: Tennessee vs. Nissan. Bronx - Legal: In Trial For Murder of Bronxite Shaquille Malcolm Scrappy Crossed By AUSA Sassoon With Berman In Court But Not Facebook

12/9/19 -- CRA: FDIC Backsliding With Otting To Deregulate Banks Raised in DC As CFPB Hides Mortgage Data. Federal Reserve Quarles Answers Senate But Silent on Withholding of HMDA data. Bank Beat: SDNY Judge Berman Denies Halkbank Special Appearance Noting 2d Circuit Logic on Fugitives. UN - Global: UN Spox Dujarric Covers Up UN Rapes and Cameroon As UN Correspondents Association Sells SG. Enviro: pollution in London. Bronx / Legal: In SDNY Trial For Murder of Bronxite Malcolm Cooperator Remembers Nothing Citing GEO in Queens

2/2/19 -- CRA: TD Bank Seeks To Own 13% of Schwab After OneCoin Bragged Of TD Bank Relationship. Federal Reserve Governor Brainard speaks on Monetary Policy Strategy, Tools, and Communications, no mention of FOIA withholdings. Bank Beat: After OneCoin Trial Tweets Venezuela Launder Links of Dilkinska Exposed By Inner City Press. UN - Global: UN Correspondents Association Gave China Veto Then No Uighurs or Hong Kong In Its Corrupt Wall Street Awards. Enviro: Pollution in Dhaka. Bronx: Crime Rival Shot By James Felton in 2016 Edwin Romero Gets 35 Years From SDNY Judge Preska

11/25/19 -- CRA: Rogue Regulator Otting of OCC Moves to Launder Predatory Loans As Valid When Made. Federal Reserve inaction on banks implicated in OneCoin money laundering trail including BNY Mellon, IBERIABANK and others. Bank Beat: In OneCoin Trial Amer Abdulaziz Named As Money Launderer Who Stole 100M Euro Still Horsing Around. UN - Global: As UN Cries Poor Guterres With 3 Cars Starts Junket To Germany and To Lisbon of Fado Corrupt. Enviro: Sidney joins Mumbai. Bronx / Legal: Bad Boys 2 Actor Arrested for Dealing Crack And Ordered Jailed In SDNY With Only Inner City Press Present

11/18/19 -- CRA: Deutsche Bank RMBS Fraud Leads To $500,000 Civil Penalty Against Former Exec In EDNY. Federal Reserve withholds attachment from Inner City Press on Banco Bradesco Class Action Settlement Hits 2 Day Hitch on Blacksmiths and Rule 11 in SDNY. Bank Beat: In OneCoin Trial BNY Mellon Describes Mark Scott Cayman Islands Business After David Pike Arrested. UN - Global: UN Guterres Covers Up Cameroon Sex Exploitation Whispers on Colombia and UN Rape. Enviro: HR 5120, on the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration. Bronx / Legal: Murder of Shopkeeper from The Gambia and The Bronx Yields 7 Year Sentence For SDNY Cooperator

11/11/19 -- CRACFPB Takes 2017 Mortgage Data Down Days After 2018 Complaint and FOIA by Inner City Press. Federal Reserve on Climate Change, Merger FOIA Flaws UNchanged. Bank Beat: In OneCoin Trial Konstantin Ignatov Pled To Bank Fraud So Defense Asks Which FDIC Bank. UN - Global: SDNY US Attorney Lets UN Johns and Pimps Like Lorenzo Go Free Jailing Only Bribers Ho and Ng. Enviro: Climate Fed. Bronx / Legal: Before 6ix9ine Sentencing in SDNY Taxes Due Dec 4 As Inner City Press Carjack Video Hit With YouTube Complaint

11/4/19 -- CRA: Disparate LendingClub misuses Facebook "Lookalike" ads but says Federal Reserve has given them a green light (to redline). Bank Beat: In OneCoin Trial Scott Again Urges Statement In About Pyramid Scheme Concern Trial Starts this week in SDNY. UN - Global: In Honduras UN Whispered of Magdaleno Murder Disavowed By Chapo Funded Guterres and Bachelet. Enviro: In Bangkok and Beyond, SG Guterres Climate Action is a Fraud. Bronx / Legal: In SDNY All Reverse Sting Drug Cases Are Against Minorities For 10 Years Judge Rakoff Hears

10/28/19 -- CRAAs Rogue Regulator Otting Tries To Kill CRA His Staff Tries To Coopt #TreasureCRA. Federal Reserve goes entirely corporate for its insurance advsory board. Bank Bank: Defending BNP Bank Business With Genocidal Sudan Regime Cleary Gottlieb Uses Junior Associate. UN - Global: UN Linked Fraudster Saint Clair of World Sports Alliance Detained In SDNY But SG Guterres Still Free. Enviro: EPA adviser are split. Bronx / Legal: After SDNY Courtroom Sealed To Press And AUSA Comey Silence Bronx Process of Elimination

10/21/19 -- CRA: CFPB Whitewashes 2018 Home Mortgage Data Despite NYAG Opposing Disclosure Tables Gone. Federal Reserve is sued in SDNY, hired outside counsel. Bank Beat: As Spain Minister Nadia Calviņo Talks 5G Inner City Press Asks of Huawei and Narco Hugo Carvajal. UN - Global: UN Guterres Refuses Honduras Corruption Q By Inner City Press From Mansion to Mercedes. Enviro Justice: Why isn't The Bronx, or even NYC, at least as of October 19, 2019 on https://insights.sustainability.google/? Bronx / Legal / Music: Inner City Press Video of 6ix9ine Carjacking Hit With YouTube Complaint For Music on Radio Jorge

10/14/19 -- CRA: CFPB Whitewashes 2018 Home Mortgage Data Now Slew of Identical Letters Appreciating It. Federal Reserve: Jay Power on asking for directions. Bank Beat: In OneCoin Case Ignatova Communications Deemed Admissible Under Crime Fraud Exception. UN - Global: In Honduras Trial Denny's Video Of Tony Hernandez Uploaded By Inner City Press Here. Enviro: Minnesota pollution data. Bronx / Legal / Music: With 6ix9ine Sentencing Now December 18 Co Defendant Ro Murda Gets 66 Months After Being Stabbed

10/7/19 -- CRA: Rogue Regulator Otting Withholds Merger Notices Since August 17 So All Comment Periods Close. Federal Reserve Governor Bowman Says Mergers Are Good Showing Bias Should Recuse. Bank Beat: Deutsche Bank Petition To Undo Mexican Injunction Rejected Then Resurrected in SDNY. UN - Global: In Cameroon After Biya Army Kills 10 More UN Guterres Praises Him And Refuses All Questions. Enviro: Shipping industry pollution. Bronx / Legal; 6ix9ine trial verdict and questions...

9/30/19 -- CRA: CFPB Whitewashes 2018 Home Mortgage Data Calling It Static Report And Excluding Public With Tech Sprints. Federal Reserve enforcement actions against the small. Bank Beat: Citi, Chase, Banks Accused Of Fixing Bond Prices Dispute Drug Conspiracy Analogy Before Judge Rakoff. UN - GlobalFrom Cameroon Mbella Blames Separatists In Empty UNGA Protected By UN Guterres Who Bans Press. Enviro: Supreme Court dodged. Bronx / Legal: In SDNY Tekashi 6ix9ine Trial Closes With Accusation Of Faked Car Jacking, 5 Day Break, Mister Met Versus Yankee Stadium

9/23/19 -- CRA: As CFPB Brags About Complaint Database, It is Whitewashing 2018 Home Mortgage Data. Federal Reserve terminates enforcement action on Optimumbank without explanation. Bank Beat: For Bank Fraud Messiah Ortiz Gets A Year And A Day From SDNY Judge Broderick As Boricua College Cited. UN - Global: UN Guterres Via Spokesman Evades On Ban Of Inner City Press From UN General Assembly, Video Here. Enviro: UN Guterres Leers At Youth Climate Summit While Covers Up Child Rapes and Flies to Lisbon Censoring Press. Bronx / Legal: In SDNY Tekashi 6ix9ine Carjacking Video Is Shown But Questioned As Trippie Redd Linked To Bloods

9/16/19 -- CRA: CFPB Launches Saudi Like Sandbox for Deregulation After Whitewashing 2018 Home Mortgage Data. Federal Reserve shows double standard refusing ICP comments on withheld info, reciting others'. Bank Beat: In SDNY Iranian Banker Sadr Wants Ankle Bracelet Off and New Emails Excluded After Curio. UN - Global: On Cameroon Biya Warlike Dialogue Decree No Answers By Corrupt UN Guterres To Press He Bans. Enviro: UN Guterres Flies To Bahamas Noting Haitians Whom He Cheats After UN Cholera Killed 10000. Bronx / Legal Beat: For Drive By Shooting In The Bronx US Attorney Pled Jackson To 60 Months Given By SDNY Judge Castel

9/9/19 -- CRA: Amid Otting Rogue Show OCC Gets DC Court To Shoot Down CSBS Fintech Suit Using Anti FOIA Lawyers. Federal Reserve Questions After Community Reinvestment Act Protest to Banco Bradesco Bid For BAC Florida. Bank Beat: Reverse Mortgage Fraud Defendant Hild Given Nationwide Travel Pass Unlike Others in SDNY. UN - Global: UN Guterres Covers Up Sex Abuse By Dumping Statistics on 39 Allegations Claiming Only 10 Child Rapes. Enviro: Hurricane Dorian Garners UNSG Guterres Empty Statement While He Bans Press From UNGA. Bronx: In SDNY A Prison Strip Search To Find A Hidden Blade Results In Civil Rights Trial

9/2/19 -- CRA: CFPB Puts Out 2018 Home Mortgage Data With No Racial or Ethnic Info Lawless Whitewash. Federal Reserve is supposed standing up to rogue regulator Otting. But are they? Bank Beat: Jammal Trust Bank of Lebanon Is Hit With US Sanctions And Pompeo Speaks After Earlier Lawsuit in EDNY. UN - Global: After UNSG Guterres and his Melissa Fleming Purport To Ban Press From Reporting On UNGA NYC Denies Having Any Documents Now Appealed. Enviro: Siemens Refuses To Pay To Ship 177 Wind Turbine Blades From China To Texas And Gets Sued in SDNY. Bronx: Drug Dealer Is Sentenced To 18 Years After Rockland County Seller Got 27 Months

8/26/19 -- CRA: Amid Otting Rogue Show in NYC His OCC Protects People's United Bid For United Bank Refusing Timely Comment. Fed Watch: On Bangladesh Bank US Federal Reserve Upholds Its Own Withholding of FOIA Records. Bank Beat: Bank of China Asks To Appeal Being Accused Of Terrorism Finance With Iran and Hamas. UN - Global: Redacted FOIA Response Shows Al Jazeera Bays Telling VOA Of Complaint To Ban Inner City Press. Enviro: Zambia Lead Mine. Bronx: As Bronx Deli Is Sued Under FLSA By Madison Ave Firm Judge Caproni Tells Press It Must Be A Slow News Day

8/19/19 -- CRA: As OCC Of Otting Attacks CRA People's United Bid For United Bank Challenged On Lending and Cuts. Federal Reserve: Community Reinvestment Act Challenge to Banco Bradesco Bid For BAC Florida on Fraud Disparate Lending. Bank Beat: Mergers we are watching; CIT Group Bid For Mutual of Omaha Echoes Its Fraudulently Promoted Deal For OneWest of Otting. UN - Global: In Cameroon UNHCR Partners With Biya Government In Bamenda Silence From Guterres and Fleming. Enviro: UN Climate Corruption Includes Antonio Guterres And UNDP Global Environment Facility Felony. Bronx: In The Bronx Feliz Killed Victor Chafla From Ecuador Then in SDNY Got 32 Years in Otisville

8/12/19 - CRA: Community Reinvestment Act Challenge to Banco Bradesco Bid For BAC Florida on Fraud Disparate Lending. Federal Reserve: Capital One Inactive On Hacking 127 Days While Federal Reserve At Amazon Dog and Pony Show. Bank Beat: In SDNY Deutsche Bank and Wells Fargo Letters Flashed In Starship Snacks Trial Of Margulies. UN - Global: In UN OCHA Ghelani Favorites Work From Upstate and Telecommute in Geneva Inner City Press Is Told. Enviro: Fraud of Antonio Guterres celebrating luxury yacht trip of Greta Thunberg, who else can afford this? Bronxite Jamarr Fowler Says NYPD Broke Into His Home But SDNY Judge Tells Him He Sued Too Late

8/5/19 -- CRA: Capital One Exposed 140000 Social Security Numbers While Abusing Consumers Regulators Defanged. Federal Reserve: Money Laundering Endgame At Truist Concealed As FDIC Gives Only 3 Pages To Inner City Press. Bank Beat: Associated Bank Sues Merchant Lender Absent From Locked Courtroom of SDNY Judge Woods. UN - Global: On Cameroon and Yemen UK FCO Refuses Again To Provide Any Documents Censorship Like UK Smale. Enviro: Pollution in Long Island Sound. Bronx: SDNY Judge Torres Recounts History of Mill Brook Houses In Sentencing Monge To 5 Years

7/29/19 -- CRA: Japanese FinTech Rakuten Lines Up For Utah Evasion Of Community Reinvestment Act. Federal Reserve casts a jaundiced eye on foreign financial institutions. Bank Beat: In SDNY, Banks Accused Of Fixing Bond Prices Jam Courtroom of Judge Rakoff In Race To The Bottom. UN - Global: UN Child Rape In DRC By Morocco Peacekeeper Resulted in Pregnancy Covered Up By Guterres 3 Days. Enviro: In SDNY Third of Four Nigeria Oil Company Cases Gets Stayed But Judge Berman Says Last Time. Bronx: Kevin Mora Pleads Softly Guilty To Crack Sales In The Bronx Both CJA Lawyers Read Plea Deal To Him

7/22/19 -- CRA: Predatory Real Estate Lawyer Maddiwar Gets 5 Years As SDNY Judge Ramos Says He Lied. Federal Reserve: On Money Laundering After Fed Withheld 133 Pages On Truist Inner City Press Appeal Gets 1 More Page. Bank Beat: Bank of China Accused Of Terrorism Finance With Iran and Hamas After PRC Government Was Told. UN - Global: UN Welcomed Jeffrey Epstein Associate Ghislaine Maxwell For TerraMar Abruptly Disappeared. Enviro: Pollution in Erbil. Bronx / Legal: SDNY Judge Pauley Lays Down the Law to Johnson of Edenwald Houses After Michael Cohen Order

7/15/19 -- CRA: Melrose Credit Union CEO Bailed For $500000 and Drug Testing As Georgiton Turns In Greek Passport. Federal Reserve says it got no merger application for month. Bank Beat: Otting's OCC takes no comments on Changes in Bank Control, selective on conversions. UN - Global: UN Briber Patrick Ho In Appeal Reveals More Lobbying In UN For China Met Croatia President No Audit; Nigeria UN Mission Ran Over NY Paralegal And Now Cites Preexisting Condition In SDNY. Enviro: Polluted run-off triggered by rain in DC. Bronx / Legal: In SDNY For 1997 Bronx Murders Diaz and Acosta Both Get Life Sentences Then 5 Years Supervision

7/8/19 -- CRA: Challenge to Hancock Whitney Bid For MidSouth Bank. Federal Reserve Submission by Cadence Bank Redacted 80% of Letter About FIS Leverage Now Inner City Press Gets. Bank Beat: On Argentina IMF Lipton Says Deal To Access $5.4B After Inner City Press Asked of Corruption. UN - Global: After UN Guterres Had Inner City Press Roughed Up De Blasio Office Delays 1 Year on FOIL. Enviro: Protests of pollution in Wuhan, China. Bronx / Legal: In SDNY Murky Mag Court Bronx Murder Defendant Then