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12/17/18 -- CRA: At CFPB Kraninger Sworn In Without Press But Texas Bankers Present Now Electronic Media Out in 5 Minutes. Federal Reserve has FOIA as Targeting of Community Reinvestment Act by Otting Includes Excluding Comment on 25 Branch Closings by WSFS. Bank Beat: Mergers we are watching. UN - Global: On Cameroon UN Guterres Envoy Fall Claimed Biya Gender Desks But After Fact Check No Answer. Enviro: “Green” Tribunal Order Sterlite Plant Re-opened in Tamil Nadu. Bronx / Legal: In SDNY Michael Cohen Sentenced to 3 Years In Jail Media Circus Unlike For UN Bribery Verdict; NYPD Claimed No Records On UN Barred List But Called UN About It Misspelling Assaultant Name

12/10/18 -- CRA: Cadence Bank Urged OCC To Speed Regulatory Approvals And Gets It From The Fed Despite Jumping the Gun. Federal Reserve: Amid Targeting of Community Reinvestment Act by Otting WSFS Tells Fed To Withhold CRA Info But Inner City Press FOIAs. Bank Beat: On Jamaica IMF Worries of Protracted Wage Negotiations with What It Calls Unsettled Groups. UN - Global: UN Bribery Guilty Verdict Against Ho of China Energy Fund Committee Shows Need For Reform and Oversight of SG. Enviro: Dirty funding by Mizuho Financial and Mitsubishi UFJ Financial. Bronx / NYC: On UN Bribery Verdict SG Guterres Refuses To Comment From Mercedes to Cipriani Corrupt Censors

12/3/18 -- CRA: Targeting of Community Reinvestment Act by Otting Included Favor to WSFS Now Fed Protest by Fair Finance Watch. Federal Reserve withholding WSFS CRA information. Bank Beat: On Money Laundering Deutsche Bank Is Raided While UN Briber Ho Used HSBC and Mashreqbank Which Settled. UN - Global: In UN Bribery Case Ho Plotted Bribing PGA Ashe with Yan and Repeatedly Entered UN Covered Up by Guterres. Enviro: UN praised Blue Economy conference, with single use plastic. Bronx / Legal: In UN Bribery Case of US v Ho Gadio Admits Taking $20000 Then Pushes Photographer on Sidewalk

11/26/18 -- CRA: Targeting of Community Reinvestment Act by Otting Includes Favor to WSFS Which Disses LMI Focus. Federal Reserve Cadence Bank Withholding Info on State Bank in Georgia. Bank Beat: In SDNY SocGen Bank Hit With $1.3B Penalty for Sanctions Violations. UN - Global: After Cameroon Leak Said PR Van Oosterom Thanked Lobbyists Now Skype Hearing on WOB Appeal. Enviro: UN Guterres Told Solheim to Pull Himself For Travel Spending No Worse Than His Own. Bronx / Legal: UN Spokesman Dujarric Spins Censorship For Guterres While Former Boss Helen Clark Questions

11/19/18 -- CRA: US Community Reinvestment Act Targeting by Otting Urged On By ABA Fulton and Military Banks. Federal Reserve: Step by step on Synovux. Bank Beat: Inner City Press Asks IMF of Pakistan Talks and Sri Lanka "Coup" Ongoing Answers Here. UN - Global: In UN Bribery Case of China Energy Iran Sanctions and Arms Deal Evidence Will Come In, Belt and Road Is Out. Enviro: Australia hot spots. Bronx: BP meets Fed at Museum, here's hoping for more serious merger review

11/12/18 -- CRA: As Community Reinvestment Act Is Targeted by Otting Inner City Press FOIA Appeal Denied, Nov 19 ANPR Scam. Federal Reserve lets Synovus withhold fair lending information? Bank Beat: WSFS Take Over Of Beneficial Bank in Philadelphia Is Challenged By Inner City Press / Fair Finance Watch. UN - Global: UN Spox Dujarric Claims Inner City Press Made Diplomats and UN Officials Feel UNsafe But Solution Is Simple. Enviro: Lungs in India - and in NYS bus stops. Bronx: Financial Follies Mock Bankrupt Puerto Rico As in DC Forecloser Joe Otting Targets the Community Reinvestment Act

11/5/18 -- CRA: Cadence Bank fends off FFW challenge to State Bank application by calling operations it bought “problematic.” Federal Reserve: Synovus brags of branch reclassified as moderate income. Bank Beat: Enterprise - Los Alamos. UN - Global: UN Guterres On 16th Public Funded Trip to Lisbon For Lula Award Decided by CPLP in Cape Verde Where His Son Pedro Does Business. Enviro: Bonfire Night. Bronx / Legal: UNSG Guterres Tried To Have Press Thrown Out of Synagogue Before His Speech No Answer on Why Or Missionary Killed by Cameroon

10/29/18 -- CRA: As Community Reinvestment Act Is Targeted by Otting Murky Meeting With Citigroup TIAA Wells. Federal Reserve asks Synovus more questions on FCB. Bank Beat: Mergers in Iowa and Transylvania; To Argentina IMF Ready To Dispense $5.7B But Dodged Inner City Press on Austerity. UN - Global: UN Rapporteur Kaye Asked Guterres USG Smale About Ousting Inner City Press Answer Full of Lies Still Banned. Enviro: pollution in Melbourne. Bronx: At BDC on 151st Street, Great Liberia Photos and Ambiguous Role of UN Failing on Cameroon and Censorship

10/22/18 -- CRA: As Community Reinvestment Act Is Targeted by Otting He Devalues Comments He Earlier Gamed. Federal Reserve gets Fair Finance Watch protest to State Bank being bought by Cadence. Bank Beat: Mergers we are looking into. UN - Global: On Cameroon Obiang Pre-Congratulates Biya For Re-Election Amid Guterres Ban and Cover Up. Enviro: Pearl Jam offsets, UNlike UN and Guterres. Bronx: The MTA's Connecticut train scam back on table

10/15/18 -- CRA: As Community Reinvestment Act Is Targeted by Otting Inner City Press Raises His Bid to Free E-Trade From CRA. Federal Reserve Antitrust HHI Games. Bank Beat: UN Briber Patrick Ho Used Mashreqbank Which Settles on Money Laundering As Guterres Bans Inner City Press. UN - Global: Nikki Haley Took Names Then Went Native At the UN, Where Corruption and Censorship Continue. Enviro: Coca-Cola, Pepsi and Nestle killing the oceans with plastics. Bronx / Legal: UN Has Secret List of People Banned Guterres Puts Inner City Press On With Demonstrators No Review

10/8/18 -- CRA: As Community Reinvestment Act Is Targeted by Otting He Back Pedals in Senate As Inner City Press Urges Recusal. Federal Reserve requests response from Synovus to Fair Finance Watch comment. Bank Beat: On Panama IMF Upbeat on FinTech and Urges Sensitizing on Money Laundering Panana Papers Page Turned? UN - Global: In UN Bribery Case Patrick Ho Denied Bail Post Gadio Role in Qatar Arms But UN Guterres Bans Inner City Press. Enviro: ASEAN. Bronx: Ocasio-Cortez event full, no responses to Press

10/1/18 -- CRA: As Community Reinvestment Act Is Targeted by Otting The Intercept Notes Inner City Press Urging Recusal. Federal Reserve ends enforcement against Prudential. Bank Beat: On Sri Lanka IMF Gushes Over Vision 2025 But Blind Like UN to War Crimes and Cluster Bombs. UN - Global: UN Guterres Revoked Inner City Press Access to UN Claims E-Answers and Has Not Said For Life.  Enviro: Norway brags as Solheim flies. Bronx / Legal: Gadio Cooperates Against UN Briber CEFC Patrick Ho Says $2M Donation to Deby Guterres Bans Press

9/24/18 -- CRA: As Community Reinvestment Act Is Targeted by Otting Net Neutrality Echo FFW Urges Recusal to OCC. Federal Reserve: Trump nominates Nellie Liang, who's written in subprime times. Bank Beat: Inner City Press Puts Zimbabwe Question to IMF Which Says Arrears Must Be Cleared Cameroon Too; UN Corruption Under Guterres Has Haoliang Xu Spending $228000 on Travel UNDP Waste Up 44 Percent. UN - Global: In Cameroon Biya Targets Anglophones in Yaounde as Guterres Bans Press From Nigeria FM Briefing. Enviro: At UN Environment Solheim Blames His Travel Abuse On His Staff In Email Leaked to Banned Inner City Press. Bronx / Legal: UN Guterres Said Press Made Hostile Environment For Diplomats Now Says No Input from Diplomats

9/17/18 -- CRA: As Community Reinvestment Act Is Targeted by Otting Fair Finance Watch Urges Recusal to OCC. Federal Reserve accepts banks' withholding of basic into. Bank Beat: Mergers we are looking at. UN Global: Misplaced Focus on Nikki Haley Curtains in $58,000 a month apartment While UN Says She Supports Censorship of Press So FOIA Filed. Enviro: Mystery mist. Bronx: Alessandra Biaggi Beats Klein Amid Bad Review of UN and US Mission Good for Tacos El Bronco II

9/10/18 -- CRA: Mulvaney's Moves Against Disparate Impact At CFPB Opposed As CRA Targeted by Otting at OCC, Approving Varo Money Bank. Federal Reserve Banks withhold any exhibit containing any confidential info in FOIA-lite? Bank Beat: Inner City Press Asks IMF About Pakistan From Which No Request Ghana Kenya Zambia Angola. UN - Global: On Cameroon Inner City Press FOIAs US DOD For Report and All Records on Anglophone Areas. Enviro: Tamil Nadu gov rejects pro-Sterlite report. Bronx / Legal: UN of Guterres Says Trump's USUN and UK Request Ban of Inner City Press So FOIAs Filed

9/3/18 -- CRA: As Community Reinvestment Act Is Targeted by Otting His OCC's Notice to Community Is Silent As Banks Cheer. Federal Reserve to follow or steer clear of Otting's ANPR? Bank Beat: With Argentina In Financial Meltdown, IMF to Meet FM Dujovne Sept 4 But Dodged Inner City Press on Austerity. UN - Global: UN Guterres Refuses To Answer Why He Bans Inner City Press From UNGA What Done on Cameroon Son's Conflict of Interest. Enviro: Most polluted cities: Cairo, Delhi, Beijing, Moscow, Istanbul, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Buenos Aires, Paris, LA. Bronx/Legal: UN Guterres Justifies Censorship With Lies Like That Inner City Press Shouted at Smale's Building But Has Never Been There

8/27/18 -- CRA: Redlining Klein Bank Wants to Sell Out to Old National But Fair Finance Watch Challenges. Federal Reserve is said by Bloomberg to be looking at the concentration it causes. Bank Beat: IMF Says Angola Requests EFF Program But Dodged Inner City Press on Austerity. UN - Global: For UNGA Trump to Hold Drug Event Banned Inner City Press Learns By Not From USUN Notified of Ban Like Pressman. Enviro: From Australia. Bronx: UN Guterres' Ban of Press Spun to IPS By Ex-IPS Haq Eviction Was to Change Reporting

8/20/18 -- CRA: Otting's downplaying of discrimination in lending applauded by ABA. Federal Reserve ends enforcement against HSBC for money laundering for drug cartels - bygones. Bank Beat: We're looking at WSFS trying to buy Beneficial in Philly. UN - Global: On Cameroon Inner City Press Video Guterres' Smale Calls Derogatory for Lifetime Ban Remonetized by YouTube. Enviro: New Zealand ship bought to fight pollution. Bronx / Legal: UN Says Inner City Press' Accreditation Is Withdrawn In Kafkaesque Letter By Ex-NYT Alison Smale

8/13/18 -- CRA: Otting goes it alone in selective assault on CRA. Federal Reserve lets Citigroup off the hook. Bank Beat: Mergers we are looking at. UN - Global: On Cameroon Dutch and HRW Overplay UK Pres Vague Line on Violence As Guterres Bans Press. Enviro: Arrest in Bangalore After Testimony to UNHRC To Be Raised to UN But Will Zeid or Bachelet Speak? Bronx / Legal: As UN Shifts Review Of  Inner City Press Guterres Spokesman Takes Anonymous Charges As True But Stonewalled on Corruption

8/6/18 -- CRA: With OCC To Hand Out Fintech Bank Charters NY Regulator Slams It But Lets First Republic Redline. Federal Reserve Goes Finnish on Nordea. Bank Beat: To Gabon's Ali Bongo IMF Doles Out $100M With No Mention of 40 Year Family Rule like Cameroon. UN - Global: To Replace Zeid UN Guterres Who Bans Press Eyes 4 Latins from Mexico Colombia Argentina and Guatemala. Enviro: Wind blowing in from the Arabian Peninsula has increased dust pollution in India. Bronx / legal: UN Tells RCFP Inner City Press Will Be Told In Coming Days Results of Review It's Been Heard Only Once On

7/30/18 -- CRA: People's United Bank's Bid to Buy Farmington Challenged by Fair Finance Watch on Lending Disparities. Federal Reserve says it looks at redlining. Bank Beat: Mergers we are looking at; On France Lagarde's IMF Praises Banks Avoiding Large Indebted Firms and Communications Amid Benalla and Biya. UN - Global: On Cameroon Inner City Press Asked UN's Zeid Before Being Banned Now A Belated Statement With Guterres Silent. Enviro: Heat wave and pollution in France. Bronx / Legal: As UNSG Guterres Bans Inner City Press 24+ Days His Spox Hopes Kafka Probe by GA and Goes on Vacation

7/23/18 -- CRA: Kathy Kraninger dodges on Puerto Rica, Hurricane Maria. Federal Reserve ends enforcement against Community Banks of Georgia. Bank Beat: In SDNY, UN Briber Patrick Ho of CEFC Loses Motions to Dismiss on FCPA and HSBC Money Laundering, UN Bans Press. UN - Global: Cameroon Not Seen By Human Rights Watch As Top 90 Problem But Now Spun For Money with UN Censorship Alliance. Enviro: Emissions in Punjab. Bronx / Free Press: UNSG Guterres Had His Guards Rough Inner City Press Up Then Banned It As Heads On 2 Week Vacation of Corruption

7/16/18 -- CRA: First Republic Bank Excluding All Bronxites But Slumlords Wants 9th Manhattan Branch, OpposedFederal Reserve ends enforcement action against Pakistan's United Bank in NY. Bank Beat: Mergers we are watching. UN - Global: On Cameroon Inner City Press Asks UNSC Members About Videos of Abuses and UN Ban, Sweden 1st ReplyEnviro: Plastics in India. Bronx / Legal: UN Bans Inner City Press Then Tells UK Independent Claim of Targeting Is Ludicrous and Saunders Innocent

7/9/18 -- CRA: Leandra English is leaving CFPB, Kathy Kraninger on tap. Federal Reserve drops enforcement action against Amboy Bancorporation from 2009. Bank Beat: In Cameroon Lagarde's IMF Pays Out $78 Million Amid Biya's Killings in Anglophone Zones But Citing ACN. UN - Global: UN Guterres Snubbed #MeToo Club in Vienna and Beagle and Haq Ignore Since While Banning Press. Enviro: Pollution in Guam post Hurricane Maria. Bronx / law: UN Review of Practices It Authorized from Inner City Press Video in Hall to Working Late Is A Scam, Censorship

7/2/18 -- CRA: Bank of America Gets Sued For Discriminatory Maintenance While Citigroup Brags At UN About Renewables. Federal Reserve fails Deutsche Bank on stress test. Bank BeatUN - Global: In Cameroon Macron Envoy Lemoyne Unfurls French Banner in Anglophone Buea With SoldiersEnviro: On Libya Fighting in Oil Crescent Inner City Press Asked UN Which Speaks After UK, US, Italy and France  Bronx / Courts: In 1st UN Bribery Case Ng Lap Seng Is Denied Bail on Appeal As Argues UN Not Covered, Not Audited

6/25/18 -- CRA: In NY Court CFPB Deemed Unconstitutional and Dropped from Case, Hold on Kraninger.. Federal Reserve's stress tests. Bank Beat: mergers we are watching. UN - Global: At UN 5 Guards Eject Inner City Press As It Covers Guterres Talk, Noting His Inaction on Corruption and Cameroon. Enviro: the scam of biomass, that burning wood is good for the environment. Bronx: UN Guterres Told Pompeo About Mali But Not UN's Child Rape, After His Guards Eject Inner City Press

6/18/18 -- CRA: In DC to Head CFPB Mulvaney OMB Staffer Kathy Kraninger Is Nominated, Experience Questioned. As Federal Reserve Rubber Stamps Merger By Ameris Jerome Powell Omits Regulatory Duties. Bank Beat: Citigroup LIBOR Scam Yields $100M Settlement to 42 States While Deutsche Did $220M to 45. UN - Global: On Cameroon Inner City Press Asked of UN DSS Staff in Buea and UN Says UNaware of Reports. Enviro: Dispute about cap and trade. Bronx / sports: World Cup Opens on Big Screens in UN With Russia Trouncing Saudi 5-0 and Ambassadors in Jerseys

6/11/18 -- CRA: In DC at CFPB Mulvaney Disbands Consumer Advisory Board As OCC Cuts CRA, FOIA. Federal Reserve solicits comments on its move to weaken the Volcker Rule. Bank Beat: Redliner BancorpSouth Wants Icon Bank of Texas Amid Deregulation at CFPB and Fed, FFW Challenges. UN - Global: On Cameroon UK Told Inner City Press Monitoring But Brags Of New Age Oil Deal. Enviro: pollution in South Delhi. Bronx / Courts: UN Accessed By Diplomat Who Helped Briber Ng Lap Seng Pay Lorenzo and UN Covers It Up Like Ho, CEFC

6/4/18 -- CRA: Weakening of Volcker Rule Promoted By Federal Reserve's Powell and Quarles Without Wells Fargo Recusal. Bank Beat: Citizens Bank Wants to Buy Franklin American Mortgage. UN - Global: As North Korea's Kim Yong Chol Heads to DC, Pompeo Cites 72 Hours of Progress in Presser. Enviro: Protests shot in Tamil Nadu. Bronx / World Cup: UN Guterres To Travel To See Portugal Play Morocco in Moscow, Refuses Qs on Price Tags

5/28/18 -- CRA: Enforcement on mergers ignored by Federal Reserve governor Brainard. Bank Beat: Fifth Third trying to buy MB Financial will be closely watched. UN - Global: After UN Discloses Rape Case in Mali, Inner City Press About Accountability, Cut Off, Guterres May 29. Enviro; India cracks down on protesters in Tamil Nadu. Bronx: UN Security Blocks Inner City Press From 7 - 7:55 pm After Trump, Escorts It To Get Laptop and Leave

5/21/18 -- CRA: Payday Lending Scrutiny Survives Capitol Hill Review Period, US Comptroller Otting Eyes CRA. Federal Reserve's Quarles Pitches De-Regulation of Global Banks After As IMF Ignores Predatory Deutsche. Bank Beat: UN Bribery Indictee Patrick Ho Paid Through HSBC, Stanbic, Mashreq and Deutsche Bank, UN To Charge? UN - Global: At UN, Guterres To Move NYC Jobs to Mexico City, Budapest and Nairobi, 290 From Uganda, ICP Asks. Enviro: UK faces fine. Bronx: Metro North Still Disses the Borough

5/14/18 -- CRA: Redlining case against Klein Bank dropped for new assessment area. Federal Reserve recites but misses on Ameris. Bank Beat: Another merger, another recent Needs to Improve CRA rating. UN - Global: UN Guterres Met Finland FM, His Security Ordered Inner City Press To Not Periscope. Enviro: Smog into ink in India. Bronx: UN Guterres Banned Press From His Al Sharpton Meeting, Dujarric Refuses Read Out; In 1st UN Bribery Case, UN Claims Cooperation After Ng Sentenced to 4 Years, 2d Ho Case UNacted On

5/7/18 -- CRA: US Comptroller Otting Moves To Strip Community from CRA, FOIA Docs Withheld. Fed Watch: Small fine on Goldman Sachs, ineffectual. Bank Beat: Some mergers we are looking at. UN - Global: At UN Press Restricted From Covering Guterres' Lusophone Garden Party, Kids Climb Slavery Memorial. Enviro: Indonesia River. Bronx: In SDNY, UN Bribery Indictee Patrick Ho Fails To Get Bail, Said China's Belt and Road, CEFC On Trial

4/30/18 -- CRA: US Comptroller Otting Bought Bank Stocks While Regulating Banks, FOIA Docs Withheld. Federal Reserve unwisely urged to follow OCC in removing one of CRA's few teeth. Bank Beat: On UN Pension Fund, Investments in HSBC and Shell Smell Bad, SG Passes Buck to GA, UNanswered. UN - Global: UN in DRC Drone Procurement Ousts Low Bidder, Lets In Firm Under Probe, ICP Asks, Dodge. Enviro: 7 billion with air pollution. Bronx: The Outrage of Shutting the 4 Train from Manhattan to The Bronx

4/23/18 -- CRA: Wells Fargo Fined $1B By Otting's OCC and Mulvaney's CFPB, End of An Era? Federal Reserve's stress capital buffer. Bank Beat: At IMF Spring Meetings, Inner City Press Asked About Yemen and IMF Response, Here. UN - Global: On North Korea Talks, Kim Talks Freeze, UN Stonewalls From Margins, Amid Mis-Reporting. Enviro defenders in Mombasa Kenya. Bronx/NY: UN Briber Patrick Ho of CEFC Asserts "Blame HSBC" Defense from MCC, Could Have Wired Other Ways

4/16/18 -- CRA: US Payday Lending Protections Sued by Industry Group, Otting and ACE. Federal Reserve poses Bank Beat questions to Ameris, no action on its prior false statements. UN - Global: On Syria, After Trump Strikes and Russia Draft Fails in UNSC, Sullivan Calls Iraq, Turkey, Kuwait and Czech. Enviro: Duke gets off cheap in NC. Bronx/NY/DC: On Cameroon, Inner City Press Asked US State Dep't of 47 Illegally Deported By Nigeria, US Statement Here

4/9/18 -- CRA: Mulvaney to testify on CFPB on April 11. Federal Reserve picks insider Williams for New York Fed. Bank Beat: As BancorpSouth Pays $13M To Shareholders Misled on Redlining & Money Laundering, Pay To Play. UN - Global: Amid UN Bribery of Ng Lap Seng and CEFC China Energy, Guterres Spun Xinhua, ICP on Xi's Vase to Kim. Enviro: Pollution cancels 3 South Korea baseball games. Bronx/NY: In 1st UN Bribery Case, Vivi Wang Pleads Guilty, Cooperation Deal, UN Corruption Continues

4/1/18 -- CRA: US Senate Bill 2155 Mis-Represented As Only for “Small Banks” by Federal Reserve Bank of NY's Dudley, Murky Process to Replace Him Called Out. Bank Beat: ICP Asked IMF About US - S Korea Bilateral Deal on Foreign Exchange, Here, Myanmar Q; Renasant tried to move in on Atlanta. UN - Global: After UN Guterres Refused Press Question on UNAIDS #MeToo, To Lisbon For 4 Days, Slow. Enviro: Censorship and pollution in Thailand. Bronx/NY: In First UN Bribery Case, US Wants 6 Years and $2M From Ng Lap Seng, UN Corruption Continues

3/24/18 -- CRA: Payday Lender Invited Back As Banks' Predatory Partner by OCC's Otting, OneWest Echo. Federal Reserve spins on Schwab, citing ERISA. Bank Beat: In Florida, another one bites the dust. UN - Global: On Cameroon, ICP Asked Nigeria's Ambassador About the 47 Taken, UN Not Sure DSG Will Raise. Enviro: At UN As Inner City Press Covers Guterres on Water, UN Requires Minder, Cage, Lake Chad Dying, Pitbull Cancels. Bronx: To DC; On Cholera In Haiti, Sen Leahy Calls UN Reckless, $10M in Omnibus Budget, UN Silent

3/19/18 -- CRA: As US Senate Passes S.2155 Which Serves BOT Mitsubishi, North Korea Sanctions Evader, Ironic Praise. Federal Reserve, as Ameris' Mis-statements on Atlantic Coast, to Mull Hamilton State's 100% denial rate. Bank Beat: mergers we are watching. UN - Global: As Cameroon's Biya Vows Crackdown in NW and SW Regions, ICP Asks UN, Prober of Press. Enviro: Scrutiny in Tamil Nadu. Bronx: Gentrification watch

3/12/18 -- CRA: Banking on the Bomb Are Citi, Chase, BofA, Wells and Goldman Sachs, ICP Asks Why In UN Global Compact? Federal Reserve Won't Object to Objectionable Capital One. Bank Beat: On North Korea Sanctions Violations, Ship Was Funded By Bank of Maldives, Ex-Prez Nasheed Says. UN - Global: On North Korea Talks, Location Ideas Range from Pyongyang to Mar-a-Lago. Enviro: When UN Guterres Did Q&A With Bloomberg, Questions Pre-Picked, CEFC UN Bribery Ignored. BronxUN's Ex-Gender Adviser Mayanja Is "Slumlord," Tenants Say, Inner City Press Asks UN

3/5/18 -- CRA: Capital One, getting sued for discrimination, tries to sell deposits to Whitney Bank. Federal Reserve's Powell Questioned about fair lending as if he hadn't already shown his hand. Bank Beat: Business booming in Africa. UN - Global: In Cameroon, Visiting UN's Fall Didn't Witness Biya's Deployment, Didn't Mention Refoulement. Enviro: UN Environment Pays EUR 500,000 To Be in Volvo Ocean Race, For Dee Caffari, ICP Asks. Bronx / Haiti: On Cholera, UN Tells ICP "Transformation Retreat" Canceled, Dinner Photo Gone

2/26/18 -- CRA: After ICP Protest to Ameris Bank Merger With Atlantic Coast, Ameris Admits to Federal Reserve Its Application Was and Is False. Bank Beat: Amid New US Sanctions, UN Let N Korea Take EUR 4M from Sputnik Bank, US Asks UN to List, Japan 3. UN - Global: In Cameroon, UN's Mueller Congratulated Biya Despite Crackdown & Corruption, ICP Asks Why. Enviro: Minnesota let 3M off the hook. Bronx: HBO rents on 135 St for The Deuce, Echoes of Wedtech

2/19/18 -- CRA: On CFPB, Mulvaney Dodges on Equifax Probe. Federal Reserve slaps US Bancorp for money laundering. Bank Beat: After ICP Protest to Ameris Bank Merger With Atlantic Coast & Hamilton, Fed Asks 10 Qs. UN-Global: On Cameroon, UK Denies Inner City Press FOIA Request After 170 Days, Yemen Too, Appeal. Enviro: free transit to fight pollution? Bronx, Guns: In UN, Weapons Advertised After Florida Shooting, Inner City Press Asked, UN Takes Down

2/12/18 -- CRA: FDIC Deems Challenge to Ameris Bank Merger With Atlantic Coast A Formal Protest, Radio Silence. Federal Reserve leaves H2A broken - on purpose? Bank Beat: Mergers we are watching. UN - Global: In UN Bribery Case, Ho Was Denied Bail, Inner City Press Asks 3 Why CEFC Still in ECOSOC. Enviro: “Chinese” pollution in Ghana. Bronx: Killing investigated

2/5/18 -- CRA: ICP Challenged E Trade-Trust Co of America, Banks Scoffs at Needs to Improve, FINRA Settlement. Federal Reserve Imposes Cap on Wells Fargo's Growth For Abusing Consumers, After OCC Apologized for Double Downgrade. Bank Beat: New Low for Pinnacle. UN - Global: On Cameroon & Nigeria, UN Hides Behind Belated UNHCR Statement to Inner City Press, DSG Avoids Qs. Enviro: On Climate Risk, ICP Asks of CEFC, DSG Rosewood Signings, Panel Cites Transparency, UNseen. Bronx trial for killing of Deborah Danner has echoes of Eleanor Bumpurs

1/29/18 -- CRA: Bank Of America To Raise Fees on Low Income People, Critics Cite Predatory BofA. Federal Reserve Asks Schwab About Community Reinvestment Act After Fair Finance Watch Protest. Bank Beat: Worm turns in Charlotte NC. UN - Global: On UN Bribery, Inner City Press Asked Guterres of CEFC, Now Suspended From Global Compact. Enviro: Pollution in Thailand. Bronx: Bank robbery, or, banks rob The Bronx

1/22/18 -- CRA: In DC, Mulvaney Says CFPB To Reconsider Payday Rule, Critics Cite Predatory Lending. Federal Reserve looks at little merger in Michigan. Bank Beat: ICP Asks IMF of Tunisia, Yemen Central Bank, Somalia Debt, and Cameroon, Some Answers. UN - Global: At UNSG Guterres Presser, Inner City Press Asks of Cameroon & UN Bribery for CEFC, Here. Enviro: Smog in Seoul. Bronx: Profiles in de-industrialization

1/15/18 -- CRA: In DC, Mulvaney Still at CFPB, Fair Finance Watch Challenges E Trade-Trust Co of America. Federal Reserve: Ends Enforcement Actions on 10 Including Citi & Chase After Micro-Fine of Goldman Sachs. Bank Beat: Mergers we are looking at. UN - Global: After Nigeria "Disappears" 10 in Abuja, Amina J. Mohammed Tours with Gov't, ICP Asks UN, Nothing. Enviro: Black snow in Kazakhstan's Temirtau. Bronx: RIP Tim Rollins

1/8/18 -- CRA: Misreporting on CFPB litigation by New York credit union, looking into trust. Federal Reserve takes comments big banks to March 15. Bank Beat: merger watch-dogging, deep in the heart of Texas. UN - Global: In UN Bribery Case, Ho Again Seeks Bail, Saying CEFC Is With UN Like Salvation Army. Enviro: Protesting pollution in Nepal. Bronx: Mensah as hero, from Ghana, UN silent

1/1/18 - CRA: After Covering Up Sterling Bank Scam, OCC Withholds Records, Inner City Press' FOIA Appeal. Federal Reserve held Sterling call with OCC. Bank Beat: BancorpSouth brags of evading accountability for redlining. UN - Global: In 2017 UN's Guterres Failed in Myanmar, Yemen & Cameroon, Amid Corruption, Censors Press. Enviro: Delhi pollution. Bronx: As Dozen Killed By Fire On Prospect Ave, Of Happy Land & Woodycrest, Blame-Games

12/25/17 -- CRA: After ICP Fair Finance Watch Bank Merger Challenge, Fed Asked Associated of Green Bay Market, Reply Here. Federal Reserve deregulation views. Bank Beat: First-Citizens Bank & Trust Co says it'll buy Tampa-headquartered HomeBancorp. UN - Global: UN Over $5 Billion Budget Passed by UNGA With No Public Present, Holiday Tree and Carol, Here. Enviro: Superfund by NYC. Bronx: Apartment Misused

12/18/17 - CRA: After ICP Bank Merger Challenge, Fed Asks Associated About Green Bay Market. Federal Reserve's Quarles recused from dealing with Wells Fargo. Bank Beat: Mergers we are looking at. UN - Global: On Cameroon, Inner City Press Asks UN If Guterres Has Done Anything on Press Freedom, No, Failing Fall. Enviro fail in Nigeria. Bronx: history of 477 Gerard Avenue

12/11/17 -- CRA: In DC, Battle for CFPB Continues As English Sues Again, ABA Cheers OCC Undercutting CRA. Federal Reserve signs on to Basel III capital standards. Bank Beat: looking to Michigan. UN - Global: North Korea Said UN Feltman Agrees With Them On Sanctions, Now He Cites Funding Gaps. Enviro: Rosewood Scandal of UN Deputy Amina J. Mohammed Reported by France24 With Amina Omitted. Bronx: Trials we're watching

12/4/17 -- CRA: Trump Taps Fifth Third Bank Lawyer For FDIC Amid OCC Scams on CRA & Sanctions, CFPB. Federal Reserve “fixes” merger listing, does not extend any flawed comment periods nor explain. Bank Beat: Chile seeks to buy Spain in Florida, is it really local? ICP Asks IMF of Caribbean Critique, No Reclassification, Yemen & Zambia Answered, Kenya Not. UN - Global: In Cameroon, ICP Asked UN of Biya Calling Secessionists Terrorists, Now He Orders "Relocations.Enviro: Entergy nuclear spin. Bronx: On UN Bribery, Patrick Ho Is Denied Bail, CEFC Bribes Cited, Entries Into UN Questioned

11/27/17 -- CRA: Amid OCC Scams on Sanctions & CRA, Cordray Taps English, Trump Mulvaney, Showdown? Federal Reserve stopped notifying public of mergers, ICP / FFW complains.  : Lew cashes out to private equity firm Lindsay Goldberg. UN - Global: On UN Bribery Case, ICP Asked of Guterres Use of CEFC Funds, Kutesa Travel, UN Half-Answers. Enviro: #BlameBiya for Cameroon pollution. Bronx: In UN Bribery Case, Senegal's Gadio Seeks Bail But Fails, Thanksgiving in MCC Jail

11/20/17 -- CRA: Amid OCC Scams on Sanctions & CRA, Withhold Otting Documents, ICP & CRC Sue. Federal Reserve accepts South State Bank disparities on Park Sterling. Bank Beat: Japan's Bank of Tokyo - Mitsubishi Skirts North Korea Sanctions With "Incorrect" Application to US OCC, Public Excluded. UN - Global: UN Spox Runs From DSG Rosewood Qs, Now Guterres Is Petitioned by 62,000 to Probe, Recuse. Enviro: Health disparities in Detroit. Bronx: RIP Mel Rosenthal

11/13/17 - CRA: Now it's even easier for Needs to Improve national banks to get OCC rubber stamp approvals. Federal Reserve nominee for chair on Hill Nov 28. Bank Beat: Branch closures in India. UN - Global: Rosewood Racket Signed Off On By UN's Amina J. Mohammed Has Cameroon Smuggling. Enviro: Protest at refinery in Detroit. Bronx: On UN Reform, SG With Rosewood Scandal DSG, Press Confined to Minders

11/6/17 -- CRA: Anticompetitive merger, BancorpSouth evades Federal Reserve, would Jay Powell still be in charge of (denying) FOIA appeals? Bank Beat: mergers we are looking at. UN - Global: ICP Asks UN If Guterres Doctrine Is Quelling Secessionists for Old Rulers, Restricting Press. Enviro: ExxonMobile pays (too) small fine for gas flaring. Bronx: At UN $50,000 Charge For Biden Talk, Guterres To Be Sold on Wall St, Public Funds to Lisbon

10/30/17 -- CRA: Shameful impunity for  Mid America Bank & Trust Co as pays to play with Needs to Improve rating, Federal Reserve approves merger with Reliable Community Bancshares. Bank Beat: Looking at Granite Bank and Bangor Savings Bank. UN - Global: As UNSG Guterres Stopped in Cameroon, Now UN Read-Out, Here, Destination UNdisclosed. Enviro: Pollution in Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Bronx: ICP Asked David Kaye About a FOIA for UN, Smale's Threat to ICP, Then Asks UN Which Dodges

10/23/17 -- CRA: Wells Fargo Was Dropped 2 Levels by OCC, Which Now Says Only 1 Level Is Its Policy, Sop. Federal Reserve sends part of Associated's application, not protests. Bank Beat: Bank Mutual numbers down. UN - Global: In Cameroon, Opposition March Banned in Douala as UN Parades in Yaounde, UNheard. Enviro: As Mugabe's A Goodwill Ambassador of WHO, Guterres Silent, Echo of Biya & North Korea Cyanide. Bronx: UN Threatens Review of ICP's Accreditation For Audio Report While Staking Out on Cameroon

10/16/17 -- CRA: Fair Finance Watch files challenge with Federal Reserve to Associated - Bank Mutual. Bank Beat: On Cameroon, IMF's Superficial Answer, After Telling ICP Internet Cut Off A Financial Risk. UN - Global: In Cameroon Anglophones Tortured, ICP Requests UN Action, UNder Restrictions. Enviro: Death by pollution in South Sudan. Bronx Zoo kills, in the DR Congo

10/9/17 - CRA: In Puerto Rico, Disparate Bank Lending, Predatory Investors, UN's Maria Photo Ops. Federal Reserve former Gov Duke cashing out to Wells Fargo is an outrage. Bank Beat: Mergers we are looking at. UN - Global: As Cameroon Kills Civilians, ICP Asks UN & UK, Crackdown Continues, Failing Fall. Enviro: For UN Guterres Trip to Caribbean, 4 Qs All on Climate, No Pool UNlike Sisi Scam, Cameroon Ignored. Bronx: Legit help to Puerto Rico.

10/2/17 -- CRA: More than 300 protests to Federal Reserve application of Association - Bank Mutual. Bank Beat: ICP Asks IMF of Talks with "Money Launderer" in Congo, Pakistan Minister Dar Charged. UN - Global: Angered at UN Praise of Cameroon's Biya, Letter to UN Cites Genocide Threat, UN Corruption. Enviro: Hurricane Irma impunity. Bronx: Support to PR victim of Hurricane Maria

9/25/17 - CRA: South State Corporation tells Federal Reserve the dog ate its homework in Atlanta. Bank Beat: BB&T closing branches. UN - Global: North Korea's Ri Yong Ho Meets UNSG Guterres, Asks For Impartiality, Conference. Enviro: Socializing harm. Bronx: Inner City Press Asked Trudeau of Canada Arms Sales to Saudi, He Called The Question Bad Behavior

9/18/17 -- CRA: Second comment against SoFi Bank from FFW. Federal Reserve laxity on mega-mergers challenged. Bank Beat: Mergers we are watching. UN - Global: On Myanmar, UNSG Guterres Resisted Calls To Act, Officials Tell ICP, Deference to "The Lady.” Enviro: On Hurricane Irma, UN Spox Cuts Off Press Q on Debt Moratorium, Gives 3 Minute Notice. Bronx, NYC: UN General Assembly Week Bans Press on Day One on Refugees, UNprepared & UNfair DPI of Smale

9/11/17 - CRA: On Synovus - Cabela, Fed Rubber Stamps Despite "Confidential Matter," Cap One Scam. Federal Reserve: Faux regulator Fischer resigns. Bank Beat: Mock crackdown on Regions Bank. UN - Global: For UN General Assembly Week, List Here, UN Both UNprepared and UNfair. Enviro: Pollution in Los Angeles. Bronx: UN Encourages Hecklers of Haiti Cholera, Corruption and Censorship Qs in UN Bookstore Event on NYC and UN

9/4/17 - CRA: Regulators Said Sterling CRA Data Unreliable, Now Covers It Up To Approve Astoria. After ICP/Fair Finance Watch Protest, Federal Reserve Asks South State 5 Park Sterling Qs. Bank Beat: Associated branch closings proposed. UN - Global: As ICP Pursues N Korea Story, UN Security Orders It To Stop, UNlike Others, Censorship for Corruption. Enviro: Dow and Shell plants after Hurricane Harvey. Bronx: Facility to be closed?

8/28/17 - CRA: Fair Finance Watch challenges BancorpSouth application to evade Federal Reserve scrutiny. Bank Beat: Alabama - Florida merger. UN - Global: After UN Sold Itself to Ng, Stonewall on Event By Guo Xiangang, Censors Demand, Canceled. Enviro: Dutch lawsuit. Bronx: At NYC City Hall, de Blasio Talks Lisbon & SDGs With Guterres, Mark-Viverito on Columbus

8/21/17 - CRA: Fair Finance Watch challenges South State to Federal Reserve, here. Bank Beat: Baltimore merger. UN - Global: On Kenya, ICP Asked UN of Monica Juma Job, Blogger Alai Locked Up, UN Censors Enviro: Pollution in Baltimore. Bronx: Censorship at Bx Community College, After Ng Bribery Conviction, ICP Asks Of UN Rewarding Ng For SSN Coverage of Ban Trip

8/14/17 -- CRA: Comment on small business lending data. Federal Reserve: Passing the buck of bank boards' duties? Bank Beat: Mergers we are watching. UN - Global: On Yemen, UN Envoy IOCA Tweets of Churros Amid Airstrikes on Taizz & Sa'ada, Censorship. Enviro: Cities ranked on pollution. Bronx / NY: In UN Guinea Bissau Holds Night Event With Chinese Art, MOU With UNCG, Ng Echo

8/7/17 - CRA: Challenge to Sandy Spring / WashingtonFirst filed with Federal Reserve by Fair Finance Watch. Bank Beat: Mergers we are looking at. UN - Global: After Ng Bribery Conviction, ICP Asks UN of Carlos Garcia, Helped Bribes, Still In UN. Enviro: Pollution on New Delhi. Bronx: UN Allows Censorship by N Korea of Art Show, Leaves It & Press Restrictions UNexplained

7/31/17 -- CRA: Amid Fed & OCC Sterling CRA Scam, Otting & Quarles In Senate July 27, FOIA. Federal Reserve and Synovus Talked "Confidential Supervisory Matter" July 21, on Cabela Application. Bank Beat: Wells Fargo Stole 25,000 Cars By Imposing Unneeded Insurance, CRA Downgrade Should Continue. UN - Global: After Bribery Conviction, UN Told Reuters It Wants to Get Paid, ICP Asks Why, Video Here. Enviro: Plastics in Cameroon. Bronx: Piano District Scam

7/24/17 - CRA: While Office of the Comptroller of the Currency and Federal Reserve Paper Over Sterling's CRA Scam, Otting and Quarles In Senate July 27. Bank Beat: Associated Bank's July 20 proposal to buy Bank Mutual. UN - Global: In UN Bribery Case of Ng Lap Seng, South South News Paid Ashe Wife, UN Staff & Contractors. Enviro: Denmark complains about EU. Bronx/DC: Brownfields; As Reuters Live-streams Spicer's House, Got Press Evicted From UN For Streaming Formal Meeting

7/17/17 - CRA: Quarles Nominated to Federal Reserve Board As It Papers Over Sterling's CRA Scam. Bank Beat: Royal Bank of Scotland in 1st Settlement, UN Sends to Greece Nimetz, Adviser to Firm Invested in Greek Bank Saxo, Conflict of Interest. UN - Global: On UN Bribery Case of Ng Lap Seng, UN Won't Answer on DGACM, Says DPI "Issue of Judgment.” Enviro: India legal complaint. Bronx: Shelter abuse, flight to Honduras

7/10/17 -- CRA: Regulators Said Sterling's CRA Data Unreliable, Under FOIA Federal Reserve Blacks-Out Most of 400 Pages, Patreon. Bank Beat: ICC Slams South Africa For Not Arresting Bashir, IMF Cites “Weakening Governance,” Corruption. UN - Global: On Burundi, After ICP Asked UN Repatriated Mayuyu, Now to Somalia, DSG to Act or Not? Enviro: Landfills in Malaysia. Bronx: In 1st UN Bribery Case, Lorenzo Admits $20,000 a Month from Ng's South South News, in UNTV

7/3/17 -- CRA: Regulators Said Sterling's CRA Data Unreliable, Now Admits to Federal Reserve It Needs to Improve 2017, Denial? Bank Beat: Like UN's Haiti Impunity, ICP Asks of New Srebrenica Decision, BNP Paribas Bank on Rwanda. UN - Global: On Haiti, ICP Asks Guterres Spox If New Cholera Envoy Against Reparations, No Answer. Enviro: Tunisia protests. Bronx Lebanon Hospital shootings

6/26/17 -- CRA: Branch closings by the Big Four; mergers we're looking at. Federal Reserve extends its FOIA time again on Sterling. Bank Beat: IMF answers ICP on Zambia but not Haiti. UN - Global: In Haiti, UN Sweats How To Phrase Evasion on Cholera It Brought, Its Victims UNheard. Enviro: Catastrophe the UN Ignored. Bronx: Bring on the Bike-Share

6/19/17 -- CRA: As SoFi Applies For Bank, FFW Opposes Evasion, Interest Rate North of 20%, FinTech. Federal Reserve new low: Regulators Said Sterling's CRA Data Unreliable, Sterling Response Here. Bank Beat: Wells Fargo Quoted UN IFAD Official In Its Press Release, IFAD Tells ICP No Partnership. UN - Global: UN Killed 10,000 in Haiti, Spox Claims UN Listens, ICP Asks of UNSC Visit. Enviro: Plastic waste from Haiti re-used. Bronx: Bathgate brownfield and Low Income Housing Tax Credits
6/12/17 -- CRA: While OCC Papers Over Sterling's CRA Scam, Otting Nominated as Head, Resume Fraud. On Brazil Land Grabs & CRA Flaws, Federal Reserve Parrots TIAA, Which Alludes To Confidential Info. Bank Beat: After FFW Protested on Cabela, Synovus Snail Mails & Withholds Response, Here; ICP Asks IMF About South Sudan, They'll Meet in Kenya June 12, Need Peace for Program. UN - Global: On Cameroon, Failing Fall's UNOCA Site Out of Date and Broken, Inaccurate Report Here. Enviro: UN Ocean Conference Ends on River Balcony, Guterres On Junket, New Envoy in the Works? Bronx: If you replace Sheridan Expressway, it should be with parks

6/5/17 -- CRA: Wells Fargo Gets Cut Off from New NYC Business After CRA Downgrade, Sterling Next? Federal Reserve Expedites Now Delays Press FOIA on Bank Beat, Sterling - Astoria. UN - Global: Cameroon Visit of UN's Fall Cites Human Rights Concerns, UN Tells ICP, After 4 Days' Questions. Enviro: Plastic from Mich to Africa. Bronx: MTA failing

5/29/17 -- CRA: After Fair Finance Watch Protested Synovus - Cabela, Federal Reserve Asks Synovus 7 Questions. Bank Beat: WashingtonFirst / Sandy Spring Bancorp; ICP Asks IMF About Saudi - Blackstone Deal, and Possible Extension for Ghana, Cameroon. UN - Global: ICP Asked UNSG Guterres for Speech, Haiti Read-out, None Provided, Now S Korea - Japan, Money Talks? Enviro: Pollution in NYC. Bronx: The GlobaLocal seen, just south

5/22/17 - CRA: Regulators Said Sterling Bank's CRA Data Unreliable, Sterling Mis-Sends Response, Federal Reserve Expedites ICPs FOIA. Bank Beat: Mnuchin says OCC head is picked, banks to big to succeed. UN - Global: After ICP Asked of WIPO's North Korea Work, Nikki Haley Calls WIPO UNtransparent and Dangerous, Cyanide. Enviro: UK worse pollution than US. Bronx: UN Federal Credit Union Solicits North Korean & UNA-USA Funds, After NK Missile

5/8/17 - CRA: After Capital One Failed on Cabela, Synovus Applies to Federal Reserve & Fair Finance Watch Protests, Here. Bank Beat: Mergers We Are Watching. UN - Global: From Cameroon to UNSC, "Urgent & Confidential" Memo About Weapons, Copter, via Patreon. Enviro: UK pollution. Bronx: At UN's World Press Freedom Event, ICP Asks of UN Censorship, WIPO & FAO, 1-Line Response5/15/17 - CRA: Regulators Said Sterling Bank's CRA Data Unreliable, ICP Exposed It, FFW Demands Hearing from Federal Reserve, Files FOIA. Bank Beat: ICP Asks IMF About Sri Lanka Inland Revenue Act, Here, and For Cameroon Silicon Mountain Update. UN - Global: ICP Asks UN Of WIPO Using Criminal Defamation Law, Spox Says “Not A Responsive Choice.” Enviro: Pollution in Nepal. Bronx: Of Souleymane Porgo; At UN, Press Coverage of Biz Event Praising Goldman Sachs Hindered by DPI Censorship

5/8/17 - CRA: After Capital One Failed on Cabela, Synovus Applies to Federal Reserve & Fair Finance Watch Protests, Here. Bank Beat: Mergers We Are Watching. UN - Global: From Cameroon to UNSC, "Urgent & Confidential" Memo About Weapons, Copter, via Patreon. Enviro: UK pollution. Bronx: At UN's World Press Freedom Event, ICP Asks of UN Censorship, WIPO & FAO, 1-Line Response

5/8/17 - CRA: After Capital One Failed on Cabela, Synovus Applies to Federal Reserve & Fair Finance Watch Protests, Here. Bank Beat: Mergers We Are Watching. UN - Global: From Cameroon to UNSC, "Urgent & Confidential" Memo About Weapons, Copter, via Patreon. Enviro: UK pollution. Bronx: At UN's World Press Freedom Event, ICP Asks of UN Censorship, WIPO & FAO, 1-Line Response5/1/17 - CRA: After FFW Protests Sterling's Application To Buy Damaged Astoria, Fed Confirms Receipt. Federal Reserve After FFW Protest Cites Community Bank OCC Deal & Disparities, Rubber-stamps Merger. Bank Beat: We're looking at South State saying it'll buy Park Sterling. UN - Global: Google Hinders Publication of ICP Video of UN Defending Abuse by Peacekeepers, DPI Deal So Patreon. Enviro: At UN, Indigenous Tells ICP Guterres Hasn't Met Them, Of Norway & Dakota Access Pipeline. Bronx: History in the soil in Mott Haven.

4/24/17 - CRA: Belated fines against predatory Deutsche Bank by Federal Reserve, now what? Bank Beat: On Yemen, IMF Tells ICP Central Banks in Aden & Sana’a Should Cooperate to Avoid Famine. UN - Global: On Burundi and ICP's Scoop of Kafando as UN Envoy, Shingiro Tells ICP Gov Comfortable With. Enviro: AMA on light pollution. Bronx: At UN, DPI Prejudice Against Critical Press UNanswered, Bello Wiffs on Haiti and Roma

4/17/17 - CRA: After FFW protest to TIAA-CREF and Everbank, Federal Reserve's Fifth Round of Questions. Bank Beat: Another merger to watch, and Wells Fargo Branch Closing Notices. UN - Global: UN Praised Cameroon Half-Net Pledge as Clergy Prosecuted, Defends RC Rajat Blocking Inner City Press. Enviro: South Korea fears. Bronx: At UN, Request To Explain Censorship of Press Yields 1-Line, Spox Says Criticism Is Harassment

4/10/17 -- CRA: Homage to Kansas City activist Williams. Federal Reserve quietly weakens merger review, rejects challenge without reasoning. Bank Beat: Mergers we are watching. UN - Global: On Syria, After US Airstrikes ICP Asks UN What de Mistura's "Operationally Focused" Means. Enviro: Glasgow pollution. Bronx to UN, Fight for Press Freedom

4/3/17 -- CRA: Wells Fargo Paying $110 Million For Fake Accounts, 400 Branch Closures Still On? Federal Reserve loosens merger reviews, ICP Fair Finance Watch requests reconsideration Bank Beat: After Capital One Fails on Cabela's, Synovus Scam Emerges, FFW Will Oppose. UN - Global: Amid Cameroon's 74-Day Internet Cut-Off, UN Refers ICP to UNICEF, Website Out of Date. Enviro: Pollution in South Korea. Bronx: Gentrification watch by 145th Street Bridge

3/27/17 -- CRA: As Nationstar is fined for violating HMDA, how many more? Federal Reserve discourages public comments by listing 450 pending applications, many of them defunct. Bank Beat: ICP Asks IMF About Belarus Letters & Talks, Cameroon Silicon Mountain Internet Cut. UN - Global: ICP Asked UNSG Guterres Of "Power Grab" on Resident Coordinators, His Spox Stonewalls. Enviro: Earth Hour and the UNresponsive UN. Bronx: The fight for Junior High School 145

3/20/18 -- CRA: Amid DC Ideas of Glass-Steagall, Acquisitive Simmons Is Asked by Fed of FFW's CRA Protest. Federal Reserve issues FOIA acknowledgment but not yet records. Bank Bank: After Fair Finance Watch Protest, Fed Sends Community Bank System Lending Qs, CEO Tryniski Trashed CRA. UN - Global: On Cameroon Internet Cut-Off, ICP Asked UN Which Says "Important That People Have Access.” Enviro: Renault's crimes. Bronx: Icy steps, lack of respect

3/13/17 -- CRA: After FFW Protest Stopped NYCB Bid, Astoria Wants To Be Bought By Disparate Sterling. Federal Reserve has more questions for Simmons. Bank Beat: Mergers we are watching, and IMF Tells Inner City Press Risks In Cameroon in 2017 Include "Events" in Anglophone Areas. UN - Global: UN's Cameroon Troops in CAR Accused of Abuse, ICP Asks UN's Haq, No Answers, Failing. Enviro: On Honduras, World Bank Gets Sued. Bronx: Gentrification slated for Mott Haven

3/6/17 -- CRA: After FFW Protest, Fed Sends Community Bank System 9 Questions, CEO Tryniski Trashes CRA. Federal Reserve switching Secretary post from dev. Frierson to Misback. Bank Beat: Merger and job loss in Indiana. UN - Global: As UNSC in Cameroon, Nothing on Anglophones from UN When ICP Asks, Ebute's Letter. Enviro: Talk in South Carolina. Bronx: BP says he supports Home Stability Support plan

2/27/17 - CRA: Overdraft abuse by FNB Bank downplayed by Federal Reserve on merger. Bank Beat: After IMF Tells ICP No Talks with Nigeria of Program, ICP Asks UN About Oslo Fundraising. UN - Global: After Guterres' Press Freedom Meeting, Spox Tells Press "It's Not Your Living Room," Runs. Enviro: Kenya urged to protect EJ activists. Bronx: Amber alert leads to “Foxhurst,” Hagstrom hangover

2/20/17 -- CRA: Of Capital One and Cabela's Bank. Federal Reserve rubberstamps mergers at Reserve Bank level. Bank Beat: Heartland Financial wants to grow in Colorado. UN - Global: Ban Ki-moon Uses UN in Kenya, Kim Won-soo in NY, Spox Calls Press Obsessive A*hole. Enviro: Indian mine in Australia. Bronx: Slumlord or vivero?

2/13/17 -- CRA: Amid DC Moves On CFPB, Acquisitive Simmons Is Asked by Fed of FFW's Protest. Federal Reserve Governor Tarullo to leave, FOIA improvements still needed. Bank Beat: Merger fall-out in Ohio. UN - Global: After PA's Fayyad Blocked, UN Selectively Spins US Green Light, UK Not Mentioned. Enviro: Free speech win in Alabama. Bronx: Catholic schools closing

2/6/17 - CRA: Branch closings by Wells Fargo. Federal Reserve asks United Bankshares about cases. Bank Beat: Mergers we're watching. UN - Global: UN Waste In Dump Caused Malaria in Central African Republic Under Ladsous, Bermann Next? Enviro: Niger Delta. Bronx: Fishing of post boxes, gone

1/30/17 -- CRA: Head of Community Bank System Mark Tryniski calls fair lending baseless. Federal Reserve goes vague on BB&T. Bank Beat: Investors Bancorp, already conditioned by Fair Finance Watch, had deal blow up. UN - Global: UN Wastes Funds Keeping Clinton-Aligned Feltman So His Pension Vests, Draft EO Here. Enviro: Trudeau and indigenous. Bronx: RIP Wayne Barrett - and Bobby Garcia

1/23/17 -- CRA: Fair Finance Watch challenges Community Bank System to Federal Reserve on Vermont proposed merger. Bank Beat: Simmons First tells FFW will close branches. UN - Global: US Has Asked For Ban Ki-moon Brother To Be Extradited, Hearing Reveals As Obama, Power Leaves. Enviro: Entergy in New Orleans. Bronx: UN Again Bans Staff From Women's March, ICP Questions, Gallach at Power's Elex Party

1/16/17 -- CRA: Challenge to Scottrade - Toronto Dominion. Federal Reserve grilled on film. Bank Beat: Proposed mergers we are looking at. UN - Global: UN Referred ICP's Corruption Qs to Ban Ki-moon Seoul Spox, Whom They Have Never Called. Enviro: Mining in the Philippines. Bronx: Outgoing Samantha Power smirks at Haiti, cholera
1/9/17 -- CRA: Cardinal and United plans to close branches, but how many? Federal Reserve after comments asks. Bank Beat: The strange case of Capital One and Cabela's “World Foremost Bank.” UN - Global: As Budget Scrutiny Looms, UN Must Do Better on Press Freedom, Due Process and FOIA under Antonio Guterres. Enviro: Cambodian NGO against sand mining scam. Bronx: NYT promotes gentrification, again

1/2/17 -- CRA: After ICP filed FOIA request, Federal Reserve released entirely redacted fair lending plan in TIAA - Everbank proceeding. Bank Beat: Bank of Hope, closing branches. UN - Global: New UNSG Guterres Calls for Peace, Yemen, Myanmar & Burundi Early Tests. Enviro: EPA Office of Civil Rights. Bronx: For New Year's Eve in Times Square, Ban Ki-moon dropped the ball for the last time.

12/26/16 -- CRA: Bank Merger Called Off After ICP Protested  NYCB - Astoria on Disparities. Federal Reserve delays on TIAA - Everbank FOIA request. Bank Beat: Next round on Capital One. UN - Global: US Power Abstains on UNSC Settlements Resolution, As UN Talk Turns To Trump. Enviro: Ecuador Chevron case firings. Bronx: Brownfield with “historic fill”

12/19/16 -- CRA: Terms expiring at OCC, FDIC and two Federal Reserve governor vacancies. Bank Beat: Mergers we are watching. UN - Global: On South Sudan, US Draft Passes 15-0, ICP Asked US Power of UN Arming Warlord. Enviro: Coal ash protests in Puerto Rico. Bronx/NYC: UN Thugs Attack ICP Outside Ban Ki-moon's $1200 Wall Street Event, Throw Periscoping Phone

12/12/16 -- CRA: Now TIAA tries to withhold compliance information, Federal Reserve gets FOIA request. Bank Beat: ICP Asks IMF About Guinea Bissau's Bank Bailouts, No Deadline to Unwind. UN - Global: UN's Gallach Pays Public Funds To Call Detroit a 3d Rate Flyover City, Evicted & Restricts Inner City Press. Enviro: NoDAPL. Bronx: After NYC Praises UN, ICP Asks Ban's Spox of Gallach's Violations of Free Press & Due Process
12/5/16 -- CRA: After FFW Challenges TIAA-Everbank, Federal Reserve's 3d Round of Questions. Bank Beat: Mega-merger... in Kazakhstan? UN - Global: Ban Ki-moon To Fly For Anti-Corruption Award from Qatar After Promoting Son in Law to Top UN Post. Enviro: Princess Cruises' intentional pollution. Bronx: Open up North Brother Island - and Hart Island Too

11/28/16 -- CRA: Challenge to Union - Cardinal, Federal Reserve gets FOIA on TIAA. Bank Beat: Merger slides. UN - Global: Ban Ki-moon's Brother Ki-ho Thrown Out of UN Global Compact, Mines in Myanmar. Enviro: NoDAPL news. Bronx: Sin City fall-out

11/21/16 -- CRA: Bank of Oklahoma, despite compliance settlement, gets Federal Reserve rubbert stamp. Bank Beat: Trustmark is at it again. UN - Global: On Myanmar, Where Ban Ki-moon's Brother Mines, US Accepts Outcome-Less Briefing By Nambiar, Who Says Give Them Time. Enviro: UN Passes Buck After Morocco Rejected COP22-Accredited Beiruk's Document. Bronx NYC: Ban Ki-moon NYU Speech Has Prerequisites While $100,000 Speech Withheld

11/14/16 -- CRA: After ICP Challenges TIAA-Everbank, They Submit to Federal Reserve A Defense of Lending, Brazil Land Grabs. Bank Beat: Mergers we are watching. UN - Global: After UN Ban Ki-moon Censors Press, Expresses to Trump Confidence in Cooperation. Enviro: COP 22 and Civil Society Excluded. Bronx: the split electoral district

11/7/16 -- CRA: After ICP Challenges People's United Bank's Suffolk Bid, Federal Reserve Asks 13 More Questions, Layoffs Threatened. Bank Beat: Looking at Genworth. UN - Global: Ban Ki-moon's Brother Ki-ho Involved in Myanmar, Greenwashing. Enviro: COP 22. Bronx: Read-lining by Barnes & Noble

11/7/16 -- CRA: After ICP Challenges People's United Bank's Suffolk Bid, Federal Reserve Asks 13 More Questions, Layoffs Threatened. Bank Beat: Looking at Genworth. UN - Global: Ban Ki-moon's Brother Ki-ho Involved in Myanmar, Greenwashing. Enviro: COP 22. Bronx: Read-lining by Barnes & Noble10/31/16 -- CRA: Challenge to TIAA's Attempt To Buy Everbank to Federal Reserve, Citing Landgrab in Brazil. Bank Beat: ICP Asks IMF of Hadi's Bid to Move Yemen Central Bank, Spox Calls It Complex. UN - Global: Under New SG Guterres, Who Will Head UN Peacekeeping, Public Information? Enviro: ICP on Dakota Access Pipeline Asks UN Expert, Then Ban Ki-moon's Spox, “No Communication,” Like Haiti. Bronx: Gentrification Watch

10/24/16 -- CRA: After redlining settlement, BancorpSouth tells Federal Reserve its merger applications are withdrawn. Bank Beat: Another merger we're looking at. UN - Global: As Ban Ki-moon Conceals DC Speech & Is Protested at UN, Tells Wire Of His South Korea Ambitions. Enviro: Detroit incinerator. Bronx: Where's UN on killing of Deborah Danner?

10/17/16 -- CRA: ICP Challenges FNB's Reach into the Carolinas for Yadkin Bank, Files with Federal Reserve on Disparities in Baltimore & Ohio, Insiders. Bank Beat: Mergers We Are Looking At. UN - Global: ICP Asked New SG Guterres About Yemen, His Transition Team Here. Enviro: EPA to re-examine flares in TX, LA. Bronx: Tour de Bronx

10/10/16 -- Bank Beat: BNC's lending to people of color fell in 2015. CRA: People's United got worse in NYC in 2015 but Federal Reserve calls it “untimely.” UN - Global: On Yemen, ICP Asks UK, France, NZ & Saudi After Airstrike on Funeral, No Draft Yet. Enviro: Trend found in UN report. Bronx: In praise of libraries.

10/3/16 -- CRA: Bank of North Carolina enforcement actions withheld by Federal Reserve, which brags about applications withdrawn, BancorpSouth still in. Bank Beat: Wells Fargo grilled on the Hill. UN - Global: On Next UNSG, Of Kazakh Deputy & Nordic Dreamers, Russia To Get Political Affairs? Enviro: EJ paper tiger. Bronx: Clay Ave Tenants Association head to UN conference in Quito

9/26/16 -- CRA: Bank of North Carolina, still withholding CRA plan from ICP, get more Federal Reserve questions, here. Bank Beat: We're watching TIAA - Everbank. UN - Global: ICP Asks Ban Ki-moon's Mentor Han Seoug-soo of Moonlighting with StanChart & Doosan, He Says Banks Too. Enviro: Proposal shot down in California. Bronx: Gentrification documented