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     Inner City Press/Community on the Move, and the more recently formed Inner City Public Interest Law Center, are engaged in cutting edge advocacy and litigation for increased access to credit and financial services for low- and moderate-income people, and for greater government and corporate accountability.  Below is a sample of news links about our work, to the end of 2000: articles that are available for free on the Internet.  A more complete, and updated, list of articles is available on ICP's For the Media page.  If you are looking for ICP's own reporting on the issues, check out Inner City Reporter. For more information, contact us.  And, thank you for your interest.

Some articles available free on the Internet (links -- note: the use of "frames" is making this type of direct link more difficult.  See below):

"Fleet Fingered Over Minority Lending Patterns: Inner City Public Interest Law Center Also Warns of Loss of Access to Banking Services,", December 12, 2000

"Minorities Might Pay Cost of Firstar Merger, Group Says," by Paul Gores, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, December 5, 2000

"Citigroup - Associates Gets Regulatory OK's," by Marcy Gordon, Associated Press, November 30, 2000

"Consumer Group Seeks to Block Chase Purchase of J.P. Morgan," Reuters, November 6, 2000

"Bid to Rein In Lenders," by Tatiana Boncompagni, Legal Times, September 25, 2000

"WebVan Puts Stock in the South Bronx," by Carol King,, September 22, 2000

“Wells Fargo Merger Target of Las Vegas, N.Y. Critics,” by Richard N. Velotta, Las Vegas Sun, August 15, 2000

“Group Challenges Wells Fargo Merger,” by Max Knudson, The Deseret News (Salt Lake City), August 7, 2000, Pg. D6

“Citigroup to Face Protests at Political Conventions,” by Rob Wells, Bloomberg, July 12, 2000

"Money Maximizers: Borrowers Beware," by Karen Cheney,, May 23, 2000

“Biased Business Lending?” by Rick Green, Business Week, May 26, 2000 (via Lycos)

“Lenders Defy Credit Reporting Crackdown, Hoarding Data That Could Save You Money,” by Lucy Lazarony,, April 28, 2000

“Low-Income Concerns Stall Schwab's Effort to Reach Wealthy,” Faulkner & Gray’s Electronic Accountant, March 17, 2000

“Banks Let Spin-Offs Gouge Prime Customers,” by Michael D. Larson,, Top Story, February 24, 2000

“Group Opposes Hudson United Deal,” by Louis Lavelle, Bergen Record (Hackensack, NJ), January 12, 2000, Pg. B1

“Banks Unchained,” by Barry Flynn, Orlando Sentinel, December 12, 1999

“How financial services ‘reform’ will change consumers' lives -- for the worse,” Hartford Advocate, December 2, 1999

“E*Trade-Telebanc Deal Taking Its Own Sweet Time,” by Caroline Humer,, November 8, 1999 (On Yahoo!, November 9, 1999)

Bank settles 'unfair lending' claims,” by Getahn Ward, The Tennessean (Nashville, TN), September 30, 1999

"Borrower beware: Bad home equity loan can lead to foreclosure," by Michael D. Larson,, September 29, 1999

“Public interest group fights proposal for savings bank,” Cincinnati Post, August 5, 1999

“Groups Say Loan Denial Rates High,” by Getahn Ward, The Tennessean (Nashvile, TN), July 27, 1999

“AmSouth's lending record criticized,” by Russell Hubbard, Birmingham (AL) News, July 27, 1999

“Civil Rights Groups Protest Bank Merger: Blacks Are Denied Loans -- Report,” by Bill Brewer, Knoxville (TN) News-Sentinel, July 27, 1999

“Group Opposes Wal-Mart Bank Venture,” Lubbock (TX) Journal, July 24, 1999

"Wal-Mart’s Banking Plans Opposed,” Tulsa (OK) World, July 24, 1999.

"Wal-Mart Thrift Deal is Opposed," by Marcy Gordon, Associated Press newswire, July 23, 1999, 16:39 EDT

“Acquisition of Republic Could Face Court Challenge,” by Tom Hartley, Business First Buffalo, July 5, 1999

“Don’t Bank on It: How the Merger of Fleet and BankBoston Will Likely Hurt the Poor,” by Jarrett Murphy, Hartford Advocate, June 17, 1999

“Community Group Tries to Block Merger of Fleet, BankBoston,” by Melissa B. Robinson, Associated Press, June 8, 1999 (c/o

“CIBC Bid for U.S. Bank Challenges,” Radio CFRA (Canada), May 12, 1999

Not So Fast, Group Tells Potential Internet Bank,” May 12, 1999

"Fleet’s Messenger" (and ICP data) - April 12, 1999

Conseco/Green Tree Thrift Application Challenge - March, 1999

T. Rowe Price Thrift Application Challenge -November, 1998

Charter One CRA/Fair Lending Agreement- September, 1998

Bank of America/NationsBank Merger Challenge-June, 1998

Critics Attack Citi-Travelers Merger - June, 1999

The U.S. CRA -- to Canada? NOW Magazine, Ottawa, May 1998

Bank One/First Chicago Merger Challenge-April 1998

American General Insurance Company Thrift Charter Application Challenge-March,1998

NationsBank/Barnett Banks Merger Challenge-November 1997

“Advocacy groups oppose Banc One acquisitions,” Associated Press, March 12, 1997

First Union/First Fidelity Merger Challenge Aftermath-January, 1997

Chase Manhattan/Chemical Bank Merger Challenge-January,1996

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