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5/30/16 -- CRA: Old National plays hide the ball with Anchor Bank cut backs. Federal Reserve still withholds FOIA documents. Bank Beat: protests of a bank merger.. in India. UN - Global: As Ban Politics in S. Korea, Hankyoreh Notes ICP's Qs About Kim. Enviro: Vermont chainsaws. Bronx: going market rate in Mott Haven, can you say, gentrification?

5/23/16 -- CRA: Looking at Cash America - First Cash (or, Cowboy and Frontier). Federal Reserve continues FOIA delay. Bank Beat: ICP Asks IMF of Protests in Suriname, IMF Supports Cut of Subsidies. UN - Global: UN Censors Q About Ban & Freedom of the Press from Transcript, New Low. Enviro: Metal shredding in Minneapolis. Bronx: Africa films

5/16/16 -- CRA: Huntington FirstMerit documents requested under FOIA still withheld. Federal Reserve questions by ICP, on video. Bank Beat: Franklin Financial Network and Civic Bank & Trust. UN - Global: Press on UN Rape & Genocide Accepted, But Ban's Corruption Triggered Eviction. Enviro: Alabama landfill SLAPP. Bronx: amNY for gentrification

5/9/16 -- CRA: Protest to Huntington Yields “Ex Parte” Notice. Federal Reserve: ICP's Republic Comments Lead to RALs Footnote. Bank Beat: Mergers We Are Watching. UN - Global: ICP Asks UN About Lack of Whistleblower Protections, Miranda Brown, Retaliation. Enviro: EJ Talk. Bronx: Rent Guidelines Board

5/2/16 -- CRA: Challenge to Chemical Talmer, focus on Flint. Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago lists no email address. Bank Beat: On Sri Lanka, IMF Reaches $1.5B Program, ICP Asked in Feb, Accountability. UN - Global: ICP Asks UN of US Bill on Peacekeeper Rapes, UN Doesn't Keep Records. Enviro: Demographics of Flint. Bronx: Et tu, Amazon?

4/25/16 -- CRA: On Huntington - FirstMerit, Comment Extended to May 16 New Date, As Federal Reserve Delays FOIA Response to ICP. Bank Beat: KeyCorp's Mooney Brags. UN - Global: After UN Evicts ICP, Ban's Spox Says "You've Been Afforded A Lot of Courtesies". Enviro: Amid Climate Hoopla, ICP Asks NRDC & Oxfam of ICAO and REDD Offset Scams. Bronx: Webster Avenue Changes, Gentrification Must Be Fought

4/18/16 -- CRA: Huntington is defending closing 107 branches, ICP re-petitions Federal Reserve for hearings. Bank Beat: Goldman Sachs' settlement is a bad joke. UN - Global: Ban Ki-moon Has ICP's Files Thrown Onto 1st Av, Bribery Audit Names His Gallach. Enviro: Hillary in Sunset Park. Bronx: Back to the roots

4/11/16 - CRA: While Huntington proposed to closed 107 branches, Federal Reserve closes its ears? Bank Beat: Mergers large and small. UN - Global: ICP Asks UN of Audit Criticism of DPI's Gallach, Lax on Slavery, Impunity? Enviro: At Apollo Theater, Bernie Sanders Asks Why Kids in South Bronx have to suffer asthma

4/4/16 -- CRA: ICP Zeroes In On Huntington Bank, Shutting Low Income FirstMerit Branches, files request for reconsideration of Federal Reserve approval of Goldman Sachs - GE. Bank Beat: Merger pace sped up in 2d half of 2015. UN - Global: UN's Gallach Says ICP Covers Wrong Things After Orders Eviction by April 6. Enviro: NYS Environmental Protection Fund boosted. Bronx: Evicton Pending for Chronicling the UN “Country Club”

3/28/16 -- CRA: On Huntington, ICP Expands Protest to FirstMerit, Akron Data Here. Federal Reserve: After Taking Goldman Sachs Calls on Sunday, Fed Approves GE, ICP FOIAs. Bank Beat: Anger in Canada at RBC branch closing. UN - Global: On Western Sahara, UN DPI Bans ICP From UNSC Stakeout March 21, Minders March 24. Enviro: Airborne lead north of Minneapolis. Bronx: Gentrification on E 144th Street

3/21/16 -- CRA: Protest to Huntington - First Merit filed by ICP with Federal Reserve, more than 100 branch closings. Bank Beat: ICP Asks IMF of Zimbabwe - Loans Not Sure - & Vultures Dart & Singer. UN - Global: ICP Asked About Lorenzo's Bribery, US Cites UN Audit, Not South South News. Enviro: Australia action on Peabody Energy / coal. Bronx: After Ousting Press, Ban Tells Bronxites To Rise Up For Rights, Hypocrisy

3/14/16 -- CRA: Good news in KC, Federal Reserve protest to BNC, Sandy we hardly knew ye. Bank Beat: Merger snafus we use social media to track, list of deals. UN - Global: UN Jan 29 "Incident" Had UNCA Hiding Ng Lap Seng Info, UN Staff at Pioli's Open Bar. Enviro: ICP asks Segolene Royal of Global Compact at UN. Bronx: HPD's Bean in S. Bx, will the Bean bear fruit?

3/7/16 -- CRA: Amid ICP Protest to BNC - Southcoast, Federal Reserve Gives ICP Memo of BNC Meeting, from Jan 28, Faux Ex Parte. Bank Beat: Conciliation deal in Kansas City. UN - Global Exclusive: UN Yemen Envoy Told Feltman Houthis Ready to Meet in Jordan, Saudi Low-ball. Enviro: St. Louis lead. Bronx: South Bronx Love Letter.

2/29/16 -- CRA: On First Niagara, Key Says It'll Address Branches Later, Withholds to Federal Reserve, ICP FOIAs. Bank Beat: Lawsuit against Deutsche Bank National Trust Co for negligence. UN - Global: UN's Ouster of ICP Opposed from Yemen, Burundi, NY, Nigeria, Dominica, Geneva. Enviro: Bridgeport deal. Bronx: Sedgwick Avenue gets its name

2/22/16 -- CRA: Regions Bank Rating Is Cut to Needs to Improve. Federal Reserve: ICP Protests Republic Bank, Key - First Niagara. Bank Beat: Merger blues in F.N.B. Metro glitches. UN - Global: UN Security Ejecting ICP Wouldn't Give Name, Grabbed ID Badge, Pushed Out Gate. Enviro: Spill prevention win in Southern District. Bronx: Taqueria gentrified out of South Bronx reappears in Brooklyn.

2/15/16 -- CRA: Second protest of NYCB - Astoria to Federal Reserve, Which Asks More Questions, to Feb 26. Bank Beat: IMF Tells ICP Negotiating Mission to Sri Lanka Late March, Burundi, Romania Qs. UN -Global: As New UN Rapes In CAR Revealed in Feb 11 Emails, UN Says DRC Troops Still In Place. Enviro: Hats off to the Moral March. Bronx: Where does NYCB have no branches?

2/8/16 -- CRA: Huntington would close 100+ branches if allowed to acquire FirstMerit. Federal Reserve fines HSBC, belatedly. Bank Beat: Chemical - Talmer flying stealth? UN - Global: SG Ban Claims He's a Scapegoat, Press Qs on CAR Rapes, Corruption Ignored. Enviro: is there a global EJ movement? Bronx: Is Chase Bank branch on Arthur Ave closing? Because it is much reduced

2/1/16 -- CRA: Comments on Key / First Niagara; Federal Reserve didn't reply under FOIA in time, asks Republic Bank questions. Bank Beat: Deals in Ohio and Michigan. UN - Global: After Vote, ICP Asks Colombia's Holguín About Urabeños, She Calls Them a Gang. Enviro: On Coal, ICP Asks UNFCCC's Figueres Of Funding by Banks in Global Compact. Bronx: State of the City by de Blasio at Lehman

1/25/16 -- CRA: After ICP's Protest of NYCB - Astoria Bank, Comment Period Extended to Feb 16 by Federal Reserve, where Goldman Sachs Blacks Out Most of Its Jan 18 Fed Submission, ICP FOIAs. Bank Beat: Mergers, mergers. UN - Global: In Burundi, Shingiro Spoke for US Power, Censorship Not Mentioned. Enviro: At UN, Fake Recycling Can Mixes Glass, Paper & Waste, Ban Ki-moon and Scribes Say Nothing. Bronx: Africa art connection, 149th and the Concourse

1/18/16 -- CRA: After ICP's Protest of NYCB - Astoria Bank, FDIC Denies Expedited Processing. Federal Reserve: Goldman Sachs Tries to Withhold GE's Deposits by State, ICP FOIAs Fed. Bank Beat: IMF Answers ICP on Burundi, Had Said Peacekeeping Income in Budget, Off Track. UN - Global: To Burundi, UN Cites Small Plane From Addis to Ban Press, No Deployment Answers. Enviro: Comment on USDA environmental justice plan, to Feb 14. Bronx: Silvercup to Port Morris, Good or Bad?

1/11/16 -- CRA: Protest of NYCB - Astoria Merger to Federal Reserve, Which Asks 14 Qs, Extends Its Time on Goldman Sachs. Bank Beat: Kentucky's Republic Bank Tries to Withhold, ICP Challenges Under FOIA. UN - Global: Online Censorship Opposed by ICP, Under EU "Privacy" & DMCA in US. Enviro: Michigan declares emergency about poisonous water in Flint - after playing a role in it. Bronx: No room at the Inn (hotels slated for Gerard and Exterior Streets)

1/4/16 -- CRA: Republic Bank's high-cost cards raised to Federal Reserve by Fair Finance Watch. Bank Beat: Criticism of NYCB - Astoria, more to come. UN - Global: UN Won't Name Staffer Who Was Told of CAR Rapes, Won't Answer on Ban's Travel. Enviro: Hotspots in Denver, and the Mousetrap. Bronx: The Get Down

12/28/15 -- CRA: Bank of the Ozarks inquiry; Federal Reserve Asked BNC for CRA Info, Which Withholds It. Bank Beat: Mere extension on KeyCorp - First Niagara not enough. UN - Global: On Burundi, As Imbonerakure Rally, PR at UN Mocks Countrymen, Bans Press. Enviro: Waste transfer stations, NYC. Bronx: Et tu, Zaro's? Closing in Parkchester amid “cretzel” pitch

12/21/15 -- CRA: Challenge filed to Bank of the Ozarks - C&S with Federal Reserve Bank of St Louis. Bank Beat: On ISIS Finance, Talk of Oil and Turkey, Paris Pre-Paid Cards, No Bitcoin. UN - Global: ICP Asks UN & CAR Panel of Ladsous Failing to Respond on Rights, Ban's UN. Enviro: Critique of Jerry Brown in Paris. Bronx: Whose Streets? NYPD Officer Paid by Deutsche Bank To Empty Atrium Early

12/14/15 -- CRA: Challenge to Kentucky-based Republic's Florida move, Federal Reserve accepts timely comment. Bank Beat: IMF Answers ICP on Malawi Retrenchment, Global Fund Steps In. UN - Global: UN Corruption Association Sells Seats with Ban, Paparazzi Pioli. Enviro: On Paris Agreement on Climate, Grumbles Even at COP 21, of TPP and Ban's Travel. Bronx: Queens businesses to Hunts Point.

12/7/15 -- CRA: Fight against Goldman Sachs - GE Continues, After Federal Reserve Gov Powell Acknowledges Wrongful Withholdings. Bank Beat: BNC Is Asked, Again, for Information. UN - Global: IMF Answers ICP on Burundi, Program Off Track, & Zambia, No Request. Enviro: Brownfields blown off for South Bronx hotel

11/30/15 -- CRA: Supplemental ICP Comments on Goldman Sachs to Federal Reserve, Which Declines Comment. Bank Beat: Redliner Evans Bank revved up by Key - First Niagara. UN - Global: With Saudi Set to Stone Sri Lankan Maid to Death, Threats to Sue for ISIS Comparisons. Enviro: EJ in Baltimore, and Paris. Bronx: With so many lanuages, no UN in sight

11/23/15 -- CRA: Goldman Sachs Uses Small Bank Relief to Defend Pre-Review of GE Capital Deal by Federal Reserve, Which Tries to Close Ears to Comments. Bank Beat: BNC wants to buy High Point Bank. UN - Global: In UN Rights Com'te, Syria, Iran and N. Korea Resolutions Pass Amid Complaints & Quibbles, On Syria Burundi Votes No, Sudan Abstains. Enviro: On Climate Change, ICP Asks UN's Pasztor of Adaptation, GCF & HSBC. Bronx: Thanksgiving on Walton Avenue

11/16/15 -- CRA: More sleaze by Goldman Sachs; Federal Reserve has yet to rule on ICP's Oct 24 FOIA appeal. Bank Beat: Acquisitive Ozarks; IMF Answers ICP on Iraq and Mozambique, Not on UN Antigua Corruption Case. UN - Global: On Libya, ICP Asks For Whom Leon Queries UAE (Himself), No Answer on Feltman. Enviro: Bill to test near marine waste transfer stations in NYC. Bronx: Improvement like bike path, but for who? Latin restaurant evicted

11/9/15 -- CRA: Key Bank - First Niagara Would Trigger Branch Closing, Lending Disparities, FFW Says. Federal Reserve acts on a Goldman Sachs staffer, but still no extension or hearing on GE Capital. Bank Beat: NYCB - Astoria? We think not. UN - Global: Dead in Lahore, Haider Rizvi Covered Corporatization at UN, Opposed “Mafia”. Enviro: More Pennsylvania. Bronx: Rip off on top of rip off

11/2/15 -- CRA: ICP Comments on Goldman Sachs, As Will on Key & NY Community Bank, Federal Reserve staffer gives Goldman info. Bank Beat: IMF Answers ICP on Austerity in Jamaica, Not on Antigua Corruption Case. UN - Global: ICP Asks Heyns About Lankans Killed in Sri Lanka & Saudi, Killer Robots Talk. Enviro: Pennsylvania's EJ director is lawyer Carl E. Jones. Bronx: Gentrifiers' ball, first reported by ICP on Sept 14, happens: disgusting

10/26/15 -- CRA: FOIA Response to ICP Shows Goldman Met Federal Reserve in May on GE, Pre-Reviewed. Bank Beat: BNC - Southcoast. UN - Global: ICP Asks DESA About UN Rapes, Stats for Disparate Lending to Women Like HMDA in US. Enviro: Pennsylvania's moribund EJ office restarts, but can it review fracking? Bronx: The Moth at the Museum.

10/19/15 -- CRA: On Goldman Sachs - GE Capital Bank, Federal Reserve Ignores Oct 16 FOIA Deadline, Collusion Like CIT? Bank Beat: Another merger we're looking at. UN - Global: On Scandal, ICP Publishes GSF, Kutesa & ITU Awards to Bongo & Hasina, Murky. Enviro: On Climate Change, ICP Asks UN's Pasztor of Carbon Tax, Critiques of OECD. Bronx: Tour de

10/12/15 -- CRA: Fed Re-opens Comment on Goldman Sachs-GE to Oct 30. Federal Reserve Rubber-Stamps RBC - City National Which Bragged of Collusion, FOIA Finds. Bank Beat: Predator Republic eyes Florida. UN - Global: On Scandal, ICP What Ashe's & Kutesa's Guards Saw, ITU, UNCA & South South. Enviro: Port City disclosure ordered in Sri Lanka. Bronx: MetroNorth in Coop City is good, but excluding passengers at Fordham Road must end.

10/5/15 -- CRA: Fed Won't Answer ICP's Goldman Sachs FOIA Request Until October 16. As Federal Reserve Blesses Hudson City Discrimination, Silent on Goldman Sachs. Bank Beat: RBC Met Fed Before City National Disclosed, ICP FOIA Shows, UNreal. UN - Global: UNGA Ends Empty, Eritrea on Sanctions, Burundi Not Present, 4 Replies. Enviro: After Rousseff Lays Out Brazil's INDC, ICP Asks of Deforestation, Livestock. Bronx: El Maestro

9/28/15 -- CRA: At UN, Financial Inclusion, Now Pitched by IMF, UNsolved in US, SDGs Reviewed. Federal Reserve silent on Goldman Sachs - GE Capital. Bank Beat: NYS Regulations tells ICP of 30 days extension. UN - Global: At UN, ICP Asks Bolivia's Evo Morales About Sovereign Debt Restructuring in UNGA. Enviro: At UN, ICP Asked Peru's Humala If TPP Investors' Rights Provision Undercut Environment. Bronx: NYT pushing gentrification is despicable.

9/21/15 -- CRA: Goldman Sachs, In Reply to ICP, Brags of Releasing Some Withheld Info, Tells Federal Reserve to Ignore Segarra Leak & Settlements. Bank Beat: IMF Answers ICP on Refugees and Tunisia. UN - Global: On S. Sudan, ICP Asks of Fighting in Maridi, Malakal, Leaked Sit-Rep of UNMISS. Enviro: On Climate Change, ICP Asks Pasztor of 3 Degrees C, Murky Climate Finance. Bronx: Child poverty rate 43%, UNacceptable.

9/14/16 -- CRA: M&T settles on fair lending - but Hudson, not yet. Federal Reserve won't issue a FOIA ruling, or say when comment period closes. Bank Beat: Sterling unreformed. UN - Global: Ladsous Links Rapes to "R&R," Ban & France Do Nothing, Scribes Cover Up. Enviro: Demolition in Madison, Wisconsin. Bronx: Gentrifiers prepare Halloween ball on river bank

9/7/15 -- CRA: Goldman Sachs Blacks Out Basic Parts of Application to Buy $16B from GE. Federal Reserve will be put to the test. Bank Beat: Community Bank System is asked about job loss. IMF Tells ICP of Lagarde on SDGs, Q of Financial Inclusion, Indonesia. UN - Global: Nigeria's UNSC August Had Six Stakeouts, 2 Shakespeare Cites, E10. Enviro: EPA too slow on environmental justice. Bronx: As legionella re-appears at Melrose Houses, how can the UN with its cooling towers say it's exempt from NY law?

8/31/15 -- CRA: Merger fallout hurts consumers. Federal Reserve spins CRA with no word on enforcement. Bank Beat: BNC thinks easy sailing into Georgia and Florida? UN - Global: From UN, Trump Ousting Ramos Echoes Ladsous & CAR Rapes. Enviro: Gulf South Rising marks #Katrina10. Bronx: Flashback to Young Lords' occupation of Lincoln Hospital - on Periscope?

8/24/15 -- CRA: Gerrymandering of Assessment Area by Community Bank System. Federal Reserve chooses a Goldman Sach alum for Dallas. Bank Beat: So, looking at Texas. UN - Global: In Buffalo, Ban Spins for M&T Bank Accused of Discrimination and Money Laundering. Enviro: EPA has no comment. Bronx: the BP's video, the brewery

8/17/15 -- CRA: Responsible Banking Act of NYC opined to be preempted: will NYC appeal? Julian Bond called Predatory Lending "Legalized Extortion;" Rest in Peace. Federal Reserve Bank of NY's Dudley in Rochester. Bank Beat: in South Carolina, Southcoast. UN - Global: On UN Rapes, ICP Asks of CAR Spox Quote, Whistleblower, US Power. Enviro: US sued on climate change. Bronx: Amid Legionnaire's Disease, UN Says It Is Exempt From NY Laws, Drains Fountain

8/10/15 -- CRA: Community Bank System - Oneida Asked by Federal Reserve To Drop Two Merger Agreement Provisions. Bank Beat: Proposed mergers we are looking at. UN - Global: UNSC OKs Syria Chemical Weapons Deal, Talk of Khan al Asal, Hiroshima, PRST. Enviro: EPA delays EJ complaint since 2002. Bronx: Legionnaires' Disease Update

8/3/15 -- CRA: Community Bank System's request to withhold 8 of 9 response rejected by Federal Reserve, whose Gov Powell rubber-stamps FOIA appeals. Bank Beat: IMF Board Funds Ukraine & Jordan, Short-changes Nepal, No Answers. UN - Global: Small Islands in UNSC, Niue's Nameplate & Sharks in Palau, ICP Asks of Drones. Enviro: FERC's environmental scoping on Tennessee Gas Pipeline Co.’s proposed Northeast Energy Direct project. Bronx: Legionnaires’ Disease Cluster Update - but who can see the plans?

7/27/15 -- CRA: Community Bank System - Oneida, in arrogance, try to withhold 8 of 9 answers to Federal Reserve, ICP challenges under FOIA. Bank Beat: IMF Board to Meet on Ukraine July 31, No Answers on Africa, Madagascar, FfD. UN - Global: Iran Deal Sold by Kerry at CFR in NY, Called Out in Times Square. Enviro: SDNY case on hazardous waste spills. Bronx: Women of the Young Lords... on Periscope

7/20/15 -- CRA: Now LA Times covers ICP's UNcovering of Royal Bank of Canada's CNB gun-jumping. Federal Reserve on that; Bank Beat on CBSI - Oneida. UN - Global: On Iran Deal July 20 Vote, After ICP Reports, Reuters Blurs US Spox. Enviro: Crude oil by rail. Bronx: Free high-speed Internet in the Mott Haven Houses

7/13/15 -- CRA: On Dodd-Frank, ICP Asks IMF Of Redefining SIFI to $500B, Of Somalia Remittances. Federal Reserve notes BB&T commitment to FDIC. Bank Beat: Proposed mergers we are watching. UN - Global: On Yemen, Ban Ki-moon Was Urged Not to Announce Dubious Pause. Enviro: That time France sunk Greenpeace's “Rainbow Warrior.” Bronx: Multicultural Bronx in display on Allerton Ave

7/6/15 -- CRA: After ICP Raises Royal Bank of Canada - City National Gun Jumping, Federal Reserve Asks Banks about it. Bank Beat: BancorpSouth has to extended on SSB and Ouachita, after ICP comment. UN - Global: To Pick Next SG, ACT Event, Why Not Debates, Disclosure Needed? Enviro: ICP Asks UN of Climate Finance Shortfall & the Pope, No TPP to Redford. Bronx: As UN Food Workers Face Layoff, IDNYC Pop-Up Not For Them?

6/29/15 -- CRA: ICP Asks Of Tax Evader HSBC & Remittance Cutter Westpac In UN Global Compact. Federal Reserve: No Explanation by Royal Bank of Canada About Jumping the Gun - only bragging another comment withdrawn: lawless. Bank Beat: IMF Tells ICP Nepal Not Eligible for CCRT, Says Flexible with Jordan. UN - Global: In Syria Open Meeting ICP Is Told To Stop Periscope By France, Controls UNTV. Enviro: Disparate impact decision on fair housing has impact for environmental justice. Bronx: ICP's UN Bed Bugs Scoop Pilfered by amNewYork, Haq Spin, Vox & HuffPo Credit

6/22/15 -- CRA: Sterling Bancorp calls 14% “immaterial;” Federal Reserve accepts spin, as CBSI violates the law. Bank Beat: First Republic Bank SAYS it's buying Constellation Wealth Advisors. UN - Global: UN Schools in Censorship, Press Ejected by Ban's Guards For Ladsous Commanders. Enviro: On Climate, ICP Asks UN of LDC Fund Under-Funded, South Korea Backsliding. Bronx: Valley National Bank is outed as redliner

6/15/15 -- CRA: More timely comment filed against Royal Bank of Canada - City National; Iowa branch closure games. Federal Reserve: Do any revolving door rules apply? Bank Beat: CBSI - Oneida delay explained. IMF Tells ICP Nepal Applies for RCF, $124 M, Ghana Eurobond Envisioned. UN - Global: From Burundi, Journalists Write to Ban & FUNCA of Crackdown, DSG at AU. Enviro: EPA's EJSCREEN. Bronx: Scam on Tinton Avenue

6/8/15 -- CRA: Royal Bank of Canada - City National Comment Period Extended, Banks Jumped the Gun, Federal Reserve Is Told by ICP. Bank Beat: Mergers we are looking at: Heartland, Valley National, etc. UN - Global: Ban Ki-moon Tells Four States of “Independent” Panel on Central African Republic Abuse. Enviro: ICP Asks UN Why Of CDM's UNspent Funds, South Korea Backsliding. Bronx: River talk and brownfields.

6/1/15 -- CRA: First Tennessee after protest says it will up low and moderate income lending, plan in August, no approval until then? Federal Reserve closed Royal Bank of Canada comment period, now RBC admits information wrongfully withheld. Bank Beat: IMF Tells ICP "No Time Line" on Yemen or Burundi, Is Nepal "Qualified"? UN - Global: In UN's NGO Comt'e, Freedom Now Voted Down 11-4, Move to ECOSOC Predicted. Enviro: ArcelorMittal is asked for document under Promotion of Access to Information Act. Bronx: On the road to Albany and The Egg

5/25/15 -- CRA: As Senate debated deregulation, bank branches closing. Federal Reserve belated releases CIT docs under FOIA. Bank Beat: Looking at CBSI. UN - Global: UN Is OK with Censorship In Burkina, Silent on Killed Journalist in South Sudan. Enviro: New EJ site. Bronx: Waiting for de Blasio explanation

5/18/15 -- CRA: Unenforced but spun by the regulatory captured. Federal Reserve Governor Powell Revealed as Rubber Stamp on FOIA Denials. Bank Beat: Bid to lift SIFI definition to $500 Billion: Predatory Bender II? UN - Global: IMF Tells ICP of Burundi On Hold, Nepal On Ground, Ghana & Jamaica. Enviro: Canada illegal shipping toxic garbage to the Philippines, which... buries it. Bronx: Dudley Do-Wrong

5/11/15 -- CRA: Internet Deposit and Branch Closing Information of CIT and OneWest Withheld by Federal Reserve: ICP Appeals Under FOIA (story here). Bank Beat: Mergers of the week. UN - Global: On CAR Alleged Rapes, ICP Asks Samantha Power of CAR Untold, Ladsous v Leaker. Enviro: ICP Asks UN Why Green Climate Fund Will Finance Coal, Of Pension Fund. Bronx: Four pols named at Lehman for MBK

5/4/15 -- CRA: Royal Bank of Canada / City National Bank challenged now from both coasts. Federal Reserve hits new low in FOIA delay on RBC. Bank Beat: Hudson City earnings down, CEO doesn't mention his bank's fair lending problems. On Nepal, ICP Asks IMF If Any Debt Relief, New CCR Trust "Possible.” UN - Global: On Rapes in CAR, Transcript of UN Refusing Say Why Never Told CAR. Enviro: Bushwick Gardens. Bronx: Tish James at C-Town, Obama at Lehman College then fundraisers

4/27/15 -- CRA: CRA Protest to RBC - City National, FFW on Lending Disparities. Federal Reserve waits until 11th hour to extends its time on RBC on FOIA. Bank Beat: Deutsche Bank hammered on LIBOR, not yet predatory lending. UN - Global: As Talk of Next SG Starts, ICP Asks of USG Set-Asides, Ladsous As Nadir. Enviro: Chevron case proceeds. Bronx: the Week kicks off, but who is YoungWoo?

4/20/15 -- CRA: After FFW Protest, Hudson City Probed, M&T Slowed, Updated Data Here. Federal Reserve Ask Sterling More Questions, Whither RBC? Bank Beat: On Yemen, ICP Asks IMF of Impact, Ahmed Cites Delay, Hadi Gov Efforts; Deutsche Bank sleaze spreads. UN - Global: For Yemen UN Post, Saudis' Fisherman No Disclosure, UN Vows to Check, A Female? Enviro: EJ 2020 Action Agenda, comment on it. Bronx: Quinoa spells gentrification.

4/13/15 -- CRA: Will more delay for M&T - Hudson City put an end to the ill-fated deal? Federal Reserve failed to instruct or release wrongly-withheld CRA plans. Bank Beat: Focus on Cathay General - Asia Bank, branch closings? UN - Global: In CAR, Ladsous' DPKO Uses Live Fire, Death As In Mali, Withheld As In Haiti? Enviro: Pope Francis set to chime in with encyclical before COP21. Bronx: Eye on the Broadband Taskforce on digital divide

4/6/15 -- CRA: Protest by ICP to Royal Bank of Canada / City National, eye on Pac West - 1 Square. Federal Reserve plays dumb on previous comments. Bank Beat: IMF answers IMF on Ghana program. UN - Global: For Yemen Aid Access, Saudis Want UNSG Support for Offensive, ICP Learns: 2 Hours for a Statement. Enviro: Sunset Park watches Jamestown's Industry City. Bronx: Amid gentrification, public funds for (Trump's) Bronx golf course in Ferry Point Park: priorities?

3/30/15 -- CRA: As branch closings accelerate, they are left murky by FDIC and Federal Reserve: “Public Interest” directors of Reserve Bank all corporate, at least in Cleveland. Bank Beat: When Popular acquired Doral Bank, no comment perior or review: UN - Global: On Yemen, State Dept in Contact with Benomar, Who's Engaged With Houthis, IMF Postpones First Review (and No Answer on Haiti). Enviro: Bakken oil train cars in Houston. Bronx: Unclaimed funds.

3/23/15 -- CRA: M&T withholds its answers for more than a week. Federal Reserve must be more transparent. Bank Bank: Eye of Pac West bid for Square 1. UN - Global: On Yemen, Emergency UNSC Meeting After 5 Weeks & Bombings. Enviro: the justice Atlas. Bronx: Gentrification by Chetrit and Somerset in Port Morris.

3/16/15 -- CRA: Fed Belatedly Asks M&T About Discrimination, OCC Asks Sterling on CRA. Federal Reserve more specific on Sterling / Hudson Valley. Bank Beat: IMF Says It Will Answer on Yemen After Stabilizes, As Talks of Calm in Bangladesh; On Sri Lanka, IMF Tells ICP External Debt Cost's Issue for Creditors, Not It. UN - Global: UN Tells Peacekeepers CAR Is Not Dangerous, To Limit Their Pay. Enviro: NEJAC on Clean Power Plan rule. Bronx: Whither Jerome Avenue re-zoning?

3/9/15 -- CRA: Citigroup dumps CitiFinancial on Springleaf, the old American General. Federal Reserve's Tarullo reigns in NY Fed, Eugene Ludwig on complexity. Bank Bank: The Too Big To Fail get bigger. UN - Global: As Bangladesh Cancels Press Accreditations, UN Does Nothing, Not Involved. Enviro: Swine waste case in Carolina. Bronx: What'll Parks & Rec's Silver do with all the Bronx parks ideas?

3/2/15 -- CRA: Testimony against CIT - OneWest. Federal Reserve: More withheld under FOIA, appealed. Bank Beat: Branch closing frenzy, UNnamed financial reporting service. UN - Global: On Bangladesh, ICP Asks UN of Murdered Blogger Avijit Roy, UN-free Press. Enviro: de Blasio in PlaNYC outreach. Bronx: Post Office to be named for Badilla?

2/23/15 -- CRA: CIT's Thain Met Fed 3 Weeks Before OneWest Merger, FOIA Shows, Redactions. Federal Reserve meets insiders, brags of 4 application approvals in a week. Bank Beat: IMF Talks Up Ukraine Program, On Libya No Answer, Of Yemen's Poor. UN - Global: On Bangladesh, ICP Asks UN How Reviews Peacekeepers, If Meet Zia. Enviro: Fight for a creek in Tijuana. Bronx: From “Hunts Point Lifelines” to the Bronx River

2/16/15 -- CRA: Coverage of HSBC money laundering misses Household Finance predatory lending connections. Federal Reserve asks First Horizon questions about TrustAtlantic. Bank Beat: M&T faces pre-trial conference April 7. UN - Global: After Selling UN Jobs in DRC & Haiti, Cote d'Ivoire Deputy Still in UN. Enviro: Tulane EJ conference. Bronx: Why is City opposing waste equity bill?

2/9/15 -- CRA: With CIT OneWest Merger Under Fire, Hearing Feb 26 by Fed & OCC. Federal Reserve belatedly releases its merger schmoozing. Bank Beat: Sterling - Valley National is dubious, highly dubious. UN - Global: UN Jobs Sold By Ivorian Mission in Ladsous' UN Peacekeeping, Leaks to ICP Show. Enviro: Anti-fracking march in Oakland. Bronx: African Advisory Group.

2/2/15 -- CRA: in New York fair lending, Five Star settles, Evans fights. Federal Reserve privatizes FOIA? Bank Beat: Community National in the spotlight. UN - Global: Jan 30 Exclusive: For UN on Middle East, Mladenov to Replace Serry, More Coming. Enviro: Railroad and RCRA case. Bronx: Hand-over of Fulton Correctional Facility.

1/26/15 -- CRA: OneWest tries to spin eviction of widows. Federal Reserve asked of FOIA delay. Bank Beat: RBC - City National, Cathay General - Asia Bank. UN - Global: On Ukraine, NZ Wants More “Purposeful” UNSC Engagement, Including Behind Closed Doors. Enviro: Volatile Organic Compounds. Bronx: In Obama's SOTU Box

1/19/15 -- CRA: So nomination of Lazard's Weiss, which ICP questioned in Nov, was withdrawn - but still a Treasury adviser? Federal Reserve belatedly provides parts of an application, do false withholders benefit? Bank Beat: Mergers in Washington State, Texas and Louisiana. UN - Global: For OCHA Race, Outside Input Banned As UAE Joins Germany, Italy, UK 3. Enviro: In SF, Candlestick will not be imploded. Bronx: Backpacks for the homeless: when and where

1/12/15 -- CRA: With CIT Merger Under Fire, OneWest Asks Wall Street to Lobby Yellen. For Federal Reserve, Obama Taps Landon, Evader of HMDA, Impropriety at FHLB of Seattle. Bank Beat: Fights against ING Vysya Bank in India, Hana and KEB in South Korea. UN - Global: Jailing of Journalists in Myanmar, Saudi Flogging Blogger, Turkey and Kuwait Raised at UN by the Free UN Coalition for Access. Enviro: Critique of Cap n' Trade, from Oakland. Bronx Gentrification Conference.

1/5/15 – CRA: Non-timely notice undermines enforcement. Federal Reserve non-responsive to public inquiries about merger proposals. Bank Beat: RBS under fire for predatory lending. UNGlobal: After ICC Papers In, Palestine Tells ICP Retroactive to Gaza, Nigeria Excused? Enviro: From Chester case, Pennsylvania EJ. Bronx: A Department leaves the public in the cold.

12/29/14 – CRA: Public comments ignored by FHFA on merger of Federal Home Loan Banks of Des Moines and Seattle. Federal Reserve: As CIT Says Wait For Its CRA Plan, Federal Reserve's New Precedent? Bank Beat: Raid on Doral bank. UN – Global: ICP Exclusive: UN Gave Its Staff's Dollars to Sudan, Falsely Blamed on US Sanctions. Enviro: Implosion of Candlestick Park in SF and particulate matter. Bronx: After Killings of Police in NYC & Calls to Curb Protests, "Complex Politics"

12/22/14 -- CRA: CIT Says Don't Worry About Loss Shares, ICP reports. Federal Reserve “disappears” Bank of Kentucky application by BB&T. Bank Beat: OneWest Loss Shares details by CRC. UN - Global: On Sri Lanka, Silva Memories In Front of Ball of UNCA, Run by Kohona's Ex-Landlord. Enviro: RIP to EJ hero Daymon Morgan in Kentucky. Bronx: Brownfield on Exterior Street.

12/15/14 -- CRA: With FOIA Reforms Blocked by Bank Lobbyists, Silence by NYT, Reuters. Federal Reserve says comments led to it doing a “redlining review” on Midland - Heartland. Bank Beat: With IMF Reform Not in CRomnibus, Lagarde to Fight Back - in January. UN - Global: From Haiti, 2d Video of UN Shooting Protesters, Threatening Media, Censors Award. Enviro: UN censorship at climate talks in Peru. Bronx: After Eric Garner & Mike Brown, Marching in the Streets, UN on the Margin

12/8/14 -- CRA: Aiming for deregulation, OCC tells witnesses not to talk about CIT - OneWest. Federal Reserve asks CIT about GSEs, the answer here. Bank Beat: HEI and NextEra Energy plan to ditch a bank. UN - Global: At UN, 2d Sovereign Debt Restructuring Resolution Passes 128-16-34, ICP Asks Argentina & Bolivia. Enviro (in)justice in Philly. Bronx: After Eric Garner Non-Indictment, ICP Asks UN, Hits the Streets

12/1/14 -- CRA: After Predatory Bender, search for de-regulation under EGRPRA starts again. Federal Reserve Asks CIT of Repos & Risk, Dudley's Spin. Bank Beat: Deals in IA-MN, NC-VA, HI. UN - Global: On Police Brutality, UNCAT Speaks on Chicago, Silent on Mike Brown, Ferguson. Enviro: Secret plans of ArcelorMittal. Bronx: Wi-fi over payphones?

11/24/14 - CRA: Premature OCC report of approving CIT - OneWest is called a mistake. Federal Reserve: As FRBNY's Dudley Spins Regulatory Capture, Of CIT, BB&T, Susquehanna Next. Bank Beat: Florida Bank Group, or Old Florida Bancshares? You decide. UN - Global: UN Rights Chief Zeid Faces Staff Protests, Lack of Transparency in NY, Leaks. Enviro: EPA was at Geneva on CERD, now Berkeley preparing UPR. Bronx: Talk of Ebola's spread in Africa

11/17/14 - CRA: Shameful rubber-stamp of CIT / OneWest by OCC. Federal Reserve faces regulatory capture hearing in Senate. Bank Beat: Beginning of the story on BB&T. In Burkina Faso, IMF Tells ICP Mission Off Until Recognized Govt. UN - Global: On Ebola, IMF Tells ICP Epidemic into 2d Half of 2015, More Funds Needed. Enviro: Of LA and Exide. Bronx: BP starting over, at least with press

11/10/14 - CRA: Comments on the Q&A, branch closings. Federal Reserve: After CIT Is Forced To Release Cash Flow & Risk Mgmt, ICP Slams Both. Bank Beat: New Deals, Massachusetts and Banner / AmericanWest. UN - Global: As Sierra Leone President Jails Journalist for Ebola Reporting, What Will UN Do? Enviro: Ecuador, US State Department and Chevron. Bronx: Brownfield on West Farms Road

11/3/14 - CRA: In LA, CIT admits no loans to African Americans, responds with letter of support from LAPD. Federal Reserve previous regulatory laxity cited as precedent by CIT. Bank Beat: Deals in TN - NC, Wisconsin, Louisiana - Florida (redux), Oklahoma, West Virginia into Pittsburgh, and Tennessee. UN - Global: In Burkina Faso, US Warns Army Against Taking Advantage, UN UNclear. Enviro: EJ group in Brooklyn uses unpaid interns. Who does this exclude? Bronx: In'tl Coquito Tasting Federation

10/27/14 -- CRA: First Niagara closing branches, after regulators let them buy slew from HSBC. Federal Reserve plays coy with online contacts. Bank Beat: Lloyds to close 200 branches in the UK, Fair Finance Watch on the case. UN - Global: On Haiti Cholera, UN Confirms Hearing, Briefing Privatized, Lang Lang No Update. Enviro: Conflictive countries. Bronx: Amid Barnes & Noble News, Is it “Last” Brick & Mortar Bookstore in The Bronx?

10/20/14 - CRA: After CIT Is Forced To Release CRA Plan, ICP Slams It & "Clawback" Redactions. Federal Reserve Withholding “Resolution Plan” for Too Big To Fail CIT. Bank Beat: Toronto Dominion employee scammed on sexual harassment and whistleblower cases. UN - Global: For UNSC Turkey Loses with 60, Spain 132, NZ 145, Venezuela, Angola, Malaysia (more here on Beacon Reader). Enviro: EU Says Sri Lanka Engaged in Illegal Fishing, Western Sahara Ignored. Bronx: Casita Maria's 80th year, Mirian Friedlander remembered.

10/13/14 -- CRA: As Valley National Bank Redlines, OCC Gets Vague Bronx Commitment, Rubber Stamps. After Federal Reserve Exposed, CIT Gives ICP Redacted Letters to FRBNY, Regulatory Capture. Bank Beat: IMF Press Conference Has Syria Questions from USAID, Yemen & Mali Qs Ignored. UN - Global: Somalia & Eritrea Monitor Resigns, Exposed Using UN to Press Regime Change. Enviro: Bridgeport votes against coal. Bronx against Stericycle waste transfer station in Port Morris

10/6/14 -- CRA: After ICP Protest, CIT - OneWest Fed comment period extended to Oct 10, OCC Oct 17. Federal Reserve subject to Senate hearing calls after leaks. Bank Beat: Mergers we're looking at, and IMF Weighs Financial Inclusion in Kenya, But Not Elsewhere, Ghana Update. UN - Global: After French DefMin Le Drian Met UN's Ban & Ladsous, No Read-Out, Used CAR. Enviro: Greenpeace v Obama on fossil fuels. Bronx: Lawsuit on mold in Morris housing project

9/29/14 - CRA: As US Releases 2013 Mortgage Data, Disparities at Citi & Chase, Protests of CIT. Federal Reserve Exposed by Whistleblower Segarra; FOIA Requests Show CIT Capture. Bank Beat: On Ghana, IMF Tells ICP Visit Ongoing, 1/2 Answer on Ukraine. UN - Global: Ladsous Demands Press Stop Filming at Stakeout, FUNCA Says No, Ladsous Walks Off with Scribes. Enviro: At People's Climate March, Bronx Floats & BofA Ban Ki-moon, UN's 2bl Game. Bronx: Brownfields and CPL 240

9/22/14 -- CRA: Redlining promoted by Q&A, branch closures concealed. Federal Reserve delays 15 weeks on FOIA request. Bank Beat: Looking at mergers, sanctions double talk as UN Obfuscates Lack of Debt Relief for Somalia, Eritrea, Sudan, Censors. UN - Global: UN Blames Its Lack of Freedom of Info on Unnamed States, FUNCA Presses. Enviro: For People's Climate March, UN a Backdrop for Corporations, illUmiNations. Bronx: Mother of Ramarley Graham speaks.

9/15/14 -- CRA: Moves by BB&T in Kentucky and Texas, JPMorgan Chase slips the bit in the UNGA. Federal Reserve's Tarullo talks tough, but what? Bank Beat: ICP Asks IMF of Sovereign Debt, It Says Contractual and Market Based on Hold Outs.
UN - Global: In CAR, UN to Use Copters of Sri Lanka, Under UN Probe for 2009 War Crimes. Enviro: Northern Indiana blues. Bronx: Memorial for Bradley Ballard, died in Rikers a year ago

9/8/14 -- CRA: First comments on CIT - OneWest. Federal Reserve withholding basic information. Bank Beat: NYT this week, ICP reported last March, Evans Bank under redlining probe. UN - Global: Amid Darfur Qs, UN Slated to Move Chambas to Djinnit's Dakar Post. Enviro: Malaysia bans EJ activist. Bronx: Shawn Carter / Gilman International Scholarships, including to Morocco

9/1/14 -- CRA: UN Review of US on Race Includes Redlining, Foreclosures & Stand Your Ground. Federal Reserve withholds CRA Plan of CIT & OneWest. Bank Beat: On Valley National, OCC Admits Error, Hides All CRA. UN - Global: In Golan, UNSC Cites "SC-Designated" & Armed Groups, Here's Quneitra Names. Enviro: Abuses in fish industry. Bronx: In memory of James Foley

8/25/14 -- CRA: Settlement on the cheap by Bank of America, untransparent. Federal Reserve moves to repeal Unfair or Deceptive Acts or Practices regulation. Bank Beat: Mergers in Alabama and Ohio. UN - Global: In Central African Republic French Soldiers Kill Five, In NY UN Has No Info, Ladsous Redux. More here on Beacon Reader. Enviro: Syngenta documents withheld. Bronx: Photojournalist comes to town

8/18/14 - CRA: On Valley National, FOIA Games of OCC Continue. Federal Reserve's Fischer Talks Great Recession, No Mention of Subprime or Citi. Bank Beat: Federal Home Loan Banks in Seattle and Des Moines Talk Merger, But What About Public Participation? UN - Global: In Iraq, Turning from Sinjar to Anbar or Accepting Islamic State? Enviro: Avenal Power Shot Down by 9th Circuit. Bronx: NYC Protest of Missouri Police Abuse Closes 42nd Street, "Don't Shoot"

8/11/14 -- CRA: As Valley National Bank Redlines, OCC's Runaround on FOIA, Captured. Federal Reserve Accept Bank of America “fix” of incorrect data: Why not geocode for predatory lending settlement? Bank Beat: BancorpSouth withdraws after FFW protest. UN - Global: On Iraq, Obama Set to "Play Some Offense," ICP on Who Else May Play. Enviro: EJ with tribes. Bronx: Ghana Day in Crotona Park

8/4/14 -- CRA: On Valley National , OCC evades on FOIA, appeal by ICP. Federal Reserve and official corruption. Bank Beat: CIT wants OneWest, its disparate record. UN - Global: UNGA Schedule Has Ukraine & Egypt, Mugabe & Sri Lanka, Abbas & Kiir. Enviro: People's Climate March. Bronx: Bradley Ballard's death in isolation on Rikers Island.

7/28/14 -- CRA: Valley National tries to withhold information, ICP challenges under FOIA to OCC. Federal Reserve superseded on HMDA by CFPB, but where's small business data. Bank Beat: CIT - OneWest needs scrutiny. On Gaza, IMF Tells ICP That PA Needs Help, Israel GDP Down 0.2%. UN - Global: After Ban's Qatar-Funded Plane, UN Won't Say How Got to Iraq, Last 10 Trips. Enviro: EPA on risky chemical facilities. Bronx: High unemployment, Queens too.

7/21/14 -- CRA: Now JPMorganChase's Dimon muses of cutting FHA mortgages. Federal Reserve doesn't update on mergers. Bank Beat: DOJ's Citigroup settlement did let Jack Lew and Geithner off the hook. UN - Global: Ban's Trip Starts in Qatar, No Gaza, UN Won't Confirm Qatari Plane. Enviro: Cities and sustainability as app. Bronx: Police killing of Eric Garner echoes Anthony Baez

7/14/14 -- CRA: Will Citigroup predatory lending settlement do anything for victims? General Electric's discrimination. Federal Reserve deputy Fischer talks reform, without mentioning subprime. Bank Beat: Resolving door, EU edition, per Deutsche Bank. On Mali, IMF Suspends after IBK Plane Buy, UN Partners on Crime. UN - Global: UNSC Statement Issued, Palestine Says More If Israel Doesn't Stop. Enviro: Arsenic in Cali. Bronx: NYC's anti-grafitti program, does it have a carve-out?